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    Diamond Dust the shy shiny Glaceon (Lilycove, Hoenn)


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    Diamond Dust the shy shiny Glaceon (Lilycove, Hoenn) Empty Diamond Dust the shy shiny Glaceon (Lilycove, Hoenn)

    Post by Kaze Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:45 pm

    Diamond Dust
    Diamond Dust the shy shiny Glaceon (Lilycove, Hoenn) Pictur11
    Text Color #99CCFF color
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult (human early twenties)
    Species #471, Glaceon, the Fresh Snow pokemon
    Height 2’07’
    Weight 57.1lbs
    Pokédex Entry “By controlling its body heat, it can freeze the atmosphere around it to make a diamond-dust flurry. “Pokémon Platinum
    Level 50
    Ability Snow Cloak-Raises Evasion 20% in hail
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Scatters things often
    Moves - Hail(TM
    - Hyper Voice (Tutor)
    - Sand Attack
    - Blizzard (TM)
    History Diamond dust: Small ice crystals twinkle in the air. Found on certain special days in Snowpoint City, Mt. Silver and Icirrus City. Diamond dust, however, does not have the same effect as other snowy conditions in battle and instead has no effect in battle.

    Her mother was a trainer's pride and joy, an Espeon from a far-away place with fur as verdant a green as any forest he had ever seen.
    The pokemon trainer had been expecting to pick up the Sunlight pokemon alone from the Daycare centre and had been surprised to find the pale shelled egg tucked neatly between her paws.
    She had, as the Espeon explained to her kit many months later, gotten very lonely waiting by herself and had jumped the Daycare fence to go out and play with a handsome Leafeon who had been passing by and they had spent a whirlwind night together in the woods. Whenever her mother told the story she would sigh and the Eevee could never tell if it was from the sweetness of the memory or a sigh of despair on looking back and how naïve her young self was.
    The Leafeon hadn’t hung around to see his daughter born, nor did he even know that the green-furred espeon had even had a child.
    Dust the silver-furred Eevee grew up without a father.
    Not that she ever had any lack of love; now not only did her new trainer have an espeon with a coat of green but a rare Eevee with a coat of silver too.
    He named her Dust for the shimmering of her coat and he took mother and daughter both with him when he left the region and traveled to a new one.
    He loved the silver-furred Eevee dearly but seldom would he let her battle because, like all trainers, he was struck by the decision that falls hard upon all Eevee trainers.
    Dust was cute, certainly, and the warmest spirit he had ever come to train but should she come to evolve what form did he wish her to take? The question consumed him for most of his journeys through Unova.
    A unique Espeon he already had in her mother that was for certain, but would the cheerful Eevee thrive as a nocturnal Umbreon or would she miss the daylight?
    Would she disappear beneath the waves as the palest shade of pink or grow chocolate colored flames or a stiff green collar?
    He bought three of the elemental stones for her; a Thunderstone, a Waterstone and a Firestone but Dust seemed disinterested in all three.
    He made sure she was happy, day and night, but she didn’t seem to want to evolve from that either.
    So he battled with the shiny Eevee that seemed to be happy as she was. He could not begrudge her that decision.

    It was a bitter winter at Twist Mountain when Dust’s mother passed away.
    The shored up underground passageways all looked the same and, although the psychic-type had been edgy all day, it was not until she heard the rumbling that the green-furred espeon understood the tragedy she had been sensing was about to happen. A weakened prop twisted in the ceiling and the Sunlight Pokemon just had the time to shove her trainer out of the way before it broke and dumped the weight of the mountain on top of her.
    Dust cried and pawed at the earth in vain but her mother was gone. Her death had been as quick as someone snapping their fingers.
    Now it was just Dust and her trainer.
    The next day Dust evolved from training near a large stone covered in ice to become a Glaceon as pale as snow.
    They fought their way out of Twist Mountain, the newly evolved Glaceon fighting with renewed determination to protect the one bond she had left.
    There was no body to bury but Dust’s trainer engraved a stone for the brave Espeon and rang the Celestial tower bell for her. Dust was always quiet, now she became remote.

    Her trainer taught her new moves; how to make it Hail at her whim from a flat TM disk and saved up battle-earnings for months to earn the expensive Blizzard TM.
    Still Dust kept herself apart as she won battle after battle with an icy determination. Her trainer eventually caught more pokemon but no matter how many battles they fought in together Dust kept her heart cold to them.
    They were no replacement for her mother.
    Dust grew much stronger. Her trainer found for her a smooth egg of grey stone to hold, she could feel the extra strength it gave her for battle after battle but he feared the gentle heart of the Eevee she had once been was lost.
    Appropriately it was another place of ice that eased her sorrows. Bright Iccirus City in the winter, one of the last gyms before the challenge of the pokemon league and, instead of snow, the air was filled with tiny shimmering flakes of ice like specks of gemstone. It was something that made her feel...happier somehow. The Glaceon couldn't help herself. She chased the tiny specks, trapping them between her paws and leaping to snag them from the air and her trainer was at last satisfied she realized the world was not all bad.
    He renamed her Diamond Dust, after the rare wonderful snow that had got her to remember she was still a child.
    He took her with him for many more battles, giving her an egg of grey stone to hold during her battles to increase her strength. Together they fought the Elite Four and won but Diamond Dust's trainer did not even attempt to challenge the Champion. There was no more fire left in dreams of League victory. He was just happy his Glaceon was happy.
    They settled down in a small village in Unova for a while, battling only the passing trainers on their way for league fame and Diamond Dust was happy, happy she still had someone to show her love.
    Until the time came when her trainer had to go somewhere far away and he released her into the wild.
    She put her head on his lap and chimed a soft cry but he could not be dissuaded. He released her back into the wild and once again Diamond Dust was lonely. She had been with humans her entire life, the outside world was strange to her. She could not talk to the wild pokemon with the ease she had talked with her trainer. In fact her chronic shyness with strange pokemon made many believe she was near mute or simply aloof. Diamond Dust wasn't desperate for their company.
    She wanted to be accepted for who she was so she chose the quiet places, the safe places to hide when the epidemic fully started and those strange pokemon became very, very dangerous.
    Appearance An elegant shiny Glaceon, she walks hesitantly through the world surrounded by the shimmering sparks of Diamond Dust snow. Her shyness makes her less likely to approach others, living or otherwise and she keeps her ears pricked up and listening unless extremely relaxed. Those who know her well will notice the way she stiffens when upset or afraid in preparation to freeze her fur into needles. She enjoys freezing the air around her into a Diamond Dust flurry, a harmless tiny ice crystal snow. The way she spikes up her fur when feeling defensive has gained her the nickname “Little Jolteon”
    In snow she is so well camouflaged as to be nearly completely invisible.
    Personality Diamond Dust is very shy and quiet. She prefers to take things carefully rather than be forced into situations she doesn’t understand. She is rather socially awkward, although she always strives to be polite, and others may come to view her as selfish or cold. Her Ice-typing results in a hatred of being too warm and she avoids close contact with living and fire-types for that reason.
    However when she feels safe or is alone she is surprisingly playful, often chasing the tiny snowflakes she creates and rolling in snowdrifts. When she thinks no-one is watching she enjoys sitting down and having a really good (and somewhat undignified) scratch. Diamond Dust is at an awkward age where she still views things with a child-like optimism but she also tries to act grown up and responsible for her own actions. When possible she likes to relax with star-gazing.
    User Notes -Her father is Ciana’s Jude, used with permission.
    -As opposed to regular shiny sparkles Diamond Dust is usually surrounded by a few tiny ice crystals made by freezing her breath, she often chases these.
    -Diamond Dust communicates with a sedate chiming sound, closer to the regular cry of a Glaceon, rather than regular words a lot of the time due to her chronic shyness making her near mute around strangers.

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    I apologize but Drago has already reserved a spot in Lostlorn and taken the last spot.

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    Sorry, there was no place reserved at the time this profile was posted ^^;

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