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    "Pixy" the Aveon [Ace, ILEX]

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    "Pixy" the Aveon [Ace, ILEX] Empty "Pixy" the Aveon [Ace, ILEX]

    Post by R'hia Kyrie Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:46 am

    "Pixy" the Aveon [Ace, ILEX] Aiveon_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8xhdyf_zps2y7zbjde

    Aliah "Pixy" Cauldia
    Theme Crimson Wing Pixy
    Betrayal, suffering... all in vain.
    Lament of the Traitor
    Profession Ex-Assassin & Warrior
    Text Color #B80000
    Item Cherri Berry
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity Fully Gender Fluid (I.E. any pronoun, from he to she to shi)
    Age Adult
    Species #???/ Aiveon, the Nebula Pokemon
    Height 3’8” (112 cm)
    Weight 67.4 lbs (30.6 kg)
    Pokédex Entry Its bones are hollow enough to permit flight. If it has passengers, they are typically small children, since it can't support heavier people.
    Level Level 54
    Ability Cloud Nine: Eliminates the affects of weather.
    Nature Adamant (+Attack,-Special Attack)
    Characteristic Proud of its power (+Attack)
    Moves -Bite (Level)
    -Sand Attack (Level)
    -Aerial Ace (TM)
    -Last Resort (Level)
    Quote "Yo buddy. You still alive?"
    "I've found my reason to fight... I'm sorry for this, buddy."
    "You don't know? here are three kinds of Pokemon these days. Those who seek power. Those who seek pride. And those who can read the tidings of what is to come. No matter what their motivations are, these three are all that remain."
    History Aliah was born into peasantry the beginning of a war between two factions within a clan. A civil war, to be specific. The clan was entirely Eevees and Eeveelutions, and was a monarchy when the civil war started years ago. As with most monarchies, the bloodlines ruled the nobility and leadership, even when this meant there was a degree of tyranny within the clan. Enough was enough, and the lower classes rose. What was surprising, though, is the nearly 50-50 split between the two sides. Less surprising to the lower classes was that many of the nobles were opting to side with the poor, and some poor siding with the nobility out of fear. It began with peaceful demands, for less oppression and stacked laws for the clan. However, as the Monarchs grew tired of this situation, the warriors were instructed to be less and less gentle, until a small group of peasants were murdered.

    So began the war. Each side had their strengths and weaknesses. The monarchy had trained soldiers, but many were simply nobles who knew how to swipe their claws. They also had access to prestigious moves that had been passed down to generations. The lower classmen had much more experience with labour, and even battle, having often been drafted forcefully into clan conflicts. This gave them an advantage in physical strength, and some of the rarest bred moves came from spoils of war for the peasants.

    The clan was once nearly one thousand strong, and a big influence in their general area. The war has taken its toll- each side was down to 200 or so members, the only true non-combatants now being young children. Even then, they were forced to care for one another when both parents were gone, or dead. Men and woman fought on the front lines, where the elderly once did as well- though not a single member of either side has a living elder now, aside from the actual Monarch. The clan is now the laughingstock of the region, and nobody respects them. The war is almost like a show to the other groups.

    The war has lasted for almost nine years. Aliah is now a young adult, around Level 22, still unevolved. and has survived many conflicts, starting to shine as a skilled warrior. She was against the monarchs- or at least, that is how she was raised. She was so young, yet already was so tired of constantly fighting, losing, winning, it mattered not. Bloodshed was bloodshed, either way, it only ever brought dismay. For what, a now meager bit of territory? There were so few left that they weren’t likely to be nearly as capable as the stories he had heard about before the war. All they fought for now was a hollow victory.

    There are times of uneasy quiet, when few lives are lost, sometimes months of this. But on the opposite end of the coin, there were countless weeks of bloodshed.  The Aiveon was given a partner, Alzan. The two were awkward at first, as neither wanted to take the lead. Hell, Alzan, another unevolved Eevee, hardly spoke at all! Over time, the two began to work together without either taking a true lead, synchronizing with each other easily after only a month of comradery, calling one another buddy now. Their defining point was during a small scouting mission gone awry, and the two found themselves in combat with an Aiveon and another Eevee. The Aiveon would be the toughest to take down, but they quickly devised a strategy. Each time the Aiveon came in to attack, Aliah and Alzan would go in to attack in unison. After a mere 10 minutes of evasion, hiding behind trees, and attacking tactically, Aliah told her partner to distract the remaining Eevee. Aliah jumped up against a tree, rebounding off of it and landing on the Aiveon. While the enemy struggled in the air, Aliah used Bite repeatedly. The foe fell, dead from a bite to the neck that cracked its spine. Alzan tackled the other Eevee into a tree, dazing it from the blow. The silent Eevee tackled again- crushing the ribs of the final foe and sealing its fate. Alzan and Aliah were victorious- and both starting to emit light. One had a faint green hue, the other cyan. Aliah had defeated her enemy while still flying in the sky- and near the tree where Alzan had been were some rocks covered in moss. In unison, the two evolved into an Aiveon and a Leafeon.

    Aliah seemed to be a natural at flight, and having defeated an Aiveon in order to become one, earned herself the nickname “Pixy.” She and Alzan would become two of the leading warriors, covering each other effortlessly, earning victory even as the odds stacked against them. Their debut, so to speak, when the opposition noticed them, was during the winter. Pixy and Alzan led a small group of regular Eevees against a small supply group that was bringing rare berries to the front lines. Pixy was the first to strike, and from behind. Three foes were dispatched before the others were aware of what was going on.  It took less than 3 minutes for the ambush to turn into an overwhelming victory. As they all hurried back with the spoils, Pixy looked behind her. For the first time, she muttered “Sorry” aloud as she gazed upon the stained snow. Alzan trailed behind the group, stating bluntly: “You should only be sorry if you don’t know why you are fighting.”  

    The ‘peasantry’ group began to show improvement- taking much less losses, winning more conflicts. It was at this time that a traitor revealed himself to Pixy, as a potential ally. “This war will not end with the Monarchy. New rule will rise, only to fall into chaos once more. You know this. The alpha wants you to join him.” The traitor of the peasants continued to speak, asking questions Pixy had already driven to her core. Why continue the bloodshed? With Pixy on their side, there would be very few deaths, a crumbled morale, and an end to the war… if Pixy stays, the alpha is not going to give up, and almost every life of the Monarchy group will be lost. The conflict at the territorial boundary- Pixy will have until then to decide.

    Pixy and Alzan  lead the largest squadron thus far to head off what appears to be a last-ditch strike against the peasants. The highest level Eevees and Eeveelutions of the opposition were sent to crush their enemy en masse. Pixy sent the warriors she led to either side of the path… knowing it gave an escape route to the enemy. To her.

    As the peasants’ squadron attacked, with Pixy in command of the eastern line, Alzan commanding the left, blood spilled much quicker than it should have. Pixy slaughtered the northernmost five Eevees that saw her as their esteemed leader- and helped to crush the remaining ten with the help of the Monarchy. They all died quickly. Alzan didn’t know what had happened, that Pixy had betrayed him after so long. He fought further until Pixy came to him and stood facing him, fangs bared. “I’ve found my reason to fight… I’m sorry for this, buddy.” The two tangled, displaying a finesse and skill that even the great warriors of the Monarchy had no words for. They were trained knights- this was a duel between brothers. A flareon called back tauntingly as they moved towards their land- “Today’s your new birthday, boy. You get to become someone new.” Pixy didn’t grasp these words when he heard them. After an hour of incessant fighting, the two were almost dead even. Pixy was faster, however… and fled, choosing not to kill her buddy, and instead leave him to live on after the Monarchy is finished.

    Pixy was told her missions- and with a soul filled only with determination to finally end this war, begrudgingly fulfilled them. Political assassinations, largely, as well as killing up-and-coming peasantry soldiers. Pixy would rely on the move Aerial Ace; given to her as a reward for completing missions and proving her loyalty; since it never missed, and sometimes got the job done in one blow. Pixy would attack with an outstretched wing, slicing through her target. The blood would never truly wash out easily by the time her next mission arrived, so from their supply the nobility used one of their old techniques- mixing Cherri berries, crushed, with some mud, long-lasting dye was created and applied to her right wing. This earned her the title “Crimson Wing Pixy” among her new allies. Their tactics were dirty, but as per the information the traitor told him before, avoided bloodshed. Sabotage, Pixy’s assassinations, all of it weakening the enemy’s infrastructure.

    The climax of this war finally came, unexpectedly so. The monarchy had gained control of the Dam, and were drawing it away from the peasantry. This incurred a desperate all-out attack, all but the youngest warriors of the peasantry being sent to the dam… and led by Alzan.

    Alzan barreled through the forest, killing the patrols without mercy and with ease before arriving at the dam with most of his attack force intact. Pixy’s heart dropped when her only friend came to strike her down. The two were given a wide girth… not only was their power feared, they were respected by both parties. “Yo buddy… so you’re still alive?” The question was met with a shaking head. Aliah sighed, looking to the ground. “I’m sorry, buddy…” She truly was sorry, even as she lept at her buddy, ready to kill him.

    The two dueled once again, but bit by bit, Alzan took a clear advantage. Even as Pixy threw sand at him and blinded him, threw super effective attacks at him, she could not keep up against his blows. Pixy had been assassinating lone targets, while Alzan had been desperately fighting off every soldier he encountered- the gap in level had decided the victor before Alzan even arrived. “Come on…!” Pixy shouts, enraged that she cannot fulfill this dream of ending the bloodshed sooner. She uses her Last Resort, putting all her strength into a single blow- and landing it cleanly. But Alzan stood, and sank his fangs into Pixy’s crimson wing, ripping a large chunk of it out and causing the Aiveon to finally faint.

    When Pixy awoke, she was in an unknown land, stranded it seemed. But Pixy knew that Alzan had spared her, and somehow made sure she was banished from the new territories… Her wing was in bad shape, though. She would never be able to fly for more than ten minutes again, but at least she had something. As time passed, she came to regret every decision- not because she failed, but because she betrayed the only friend she had. The only comrade she had truly been close to. She was a fool for becoming a traitor, and she may never be able to atone for what she did.

    Pixy was in the southeastern part of Sinnoh when the infection began. She had no difficulty surviving, no longer knows what she fights for. Her goal in life is to find something, just one thing, for her to fight for again.
    Appearance Pixy is an average-looking Aiveon, with the exception that her right wing is almost permanently stained a deep hue of crimson, due to a combination of being regularly caked in blood as well as tribal markings of Cherri Berries. With time or a good wash, the wing would regain a whiter color. This same wing has a sizeable chunk of flesh and feather missing from it, near the base where it attaches to her body.

    She wears a fake smile when around others, and it is quite obvious just how forced it is. When resting or asleep, she has a poker face, her turmoil only detected by the thick bags under her eyes, and the darkened tone that accompanies them.
    Accent United States Western Coast
    Religion Unsure, believes in none but intrigued by all
    Motivation Peace, Something to fight for
    Personality Pixy is often seen as a brooding, depressed Aiveon. Which, while true, is also not the extent of her personality. When she has something she wants to do, she is determined to do so. She can be distant, but is never cold to others. She seeks to help, as to her this may help atone for her sins.

    Pixy will never divulge her full name to someone unless they become a brother as Alzan was- which is unlikely. She will instead give her name as “Crimson Wing Pixy, but call me Pixy.”
    User Notes -While inspired from a character of the same nickname in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, Pixy is largely an OC.
    -If anyone wishes to create Eevees or Eeveelutions that took part in this war, please feel free to do so and I am very willing to help collaborate their history!
    -Alzan has already been claimed, and plans have been made.
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    Development Notes N/A for now
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