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    Jean Pierre Polnareff the Lucario [Ace, Hearthome]

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    Jean Pierre Polnareff the Lucario [Ace, Hearthome] Empty Jean Pierre Polnareff the Lucario [Ace, Hearthome]

    Post by R'hia Kyrie Sat May 23, 2015 2:34 am

    Jean Pierre Polnareff the Lucario [Ace, Hearthome] A22C2729-B9F7-4B72-876E-06930E4DCCA5_zpsjah3fooc
    Jean Pierre Polnareff the Lucario [Ace, Hearthome] RxyMgAQ_zpslnfpblvq

    Jean Pierre Polnareff
    Theme Stand Firm!
    Sacrifice turned Triumph
    Desperation, Willpower.
    Profession None
    Text Color #B8B8B8, The Silver Chariot
    Item Broken Heart Scale
    HELD ITEM: Focus Sash, worn as a scarf.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #448 Lucario, the Aura Pokemon
    Height 4' (122 cm
    Weight 119 lbs (54.0 kg)
    Pokédex Entry By catching the aura emanating from others, it can read their thoughts and movements.
    Level Level 56
    Ability Steadfast: Raises Speed each time the Pokémon flinches.
    Nature Hasty (+Speed,-Special Attack)
    Characteristic Alert to Sounds (+Speed)
    Moves -Heal Pulse (Level Up)
    -Swords Dance (Level Up)
    -Bullet Punch (Level Up)
    -Sky Uppercut (Bred)
    Quotes "I will slice you to pieces."
    "This is cold annihilation... this is the loss of precious life."
    "I began alone... and now, by my own fault, I am alone once more."
    History Jean Pierre Polnareff, whom prefers to be called by the surname he bears. He rarely divulges his past to anyone, but reveres many from it in high reguard.

    When he was young, Polnareff had a sister, one year younger. She was frail for unknown reasons, and was often a target for unwanted behavior from other Pokemon. Upon his life he swore, he would protect his sister. And so he did. She grew, and under his brotherly wing, strengthened herself. He even grew comfortable enough to have her hunt smaller prey on her own, as he hunted larger targets and defended their home. Time after time, his fears were quelled, as she came back with a meal. She was so proud of her catch, no matter the size or quality. She was happy to be helping. A truly innocent soul- simply wanting big brother to be proud. And proud he was.  

    She had her own pride violently ripped from her, torn asunder, before her life stolen away to the cold depths of the underworld. Pierre knew she was dead before he even knew where she was. The bond between the two stronger than the bond of the mother, they had always had a connection surpassing physical senses. He ran. His legs pumped, to and fro, bounding as he tried to deny the suddenly empty hole that had been so cruelly carved into his soul. Red. Blood Red. A color he had seen hundreds of times before, but not once felt so unwell to lay eyes upon. She lay, her remaining eye twisted into horror, the other crushed into her skull. Her arms sprawled in unnatural directions, and twisted flesh lay, some flayed far from where she had perished. Polnareff wailed. He cried, he bluthered and whimpered. He screeched, his throat raw from the use. Nothing hurt more than his entire being, his very existence. His heart felt as if it were no longer even existent, no matter how hard he felt it beat against his chest.

    Her remains buried a day later, by Polnareff’s own hand. Who had done it? Who was Polnareff to exact a bloody vengeance upon? He wandered the trail to the settlement they came from, a small pack of pokemon gathered together in harmony. Every single one of them pleaded with him to talk to them, but the only words he spoke were “Who was the outsider.” He knew the creature that had pillaged his little sisters loving soul from this mortal realm was here. He never had a single reason as to why, but he knew, the very fabric of life weaving him together quivered with the repulsing fact that he walked in steps behind this monster, and not in trampling stomps atop him. They told him finally. A Hypno, in town with nothing but human bandages draping over his body, wrapped around his head save for a single eye and his maw. He had reeked, the stench of blood following him, an aura of murderous intent surrounding him. His right hand was not his right hand- or so one of the children explained it. Another recalled more specifically- He had two left hands. “Good.” He spoke, moving on to hunt his only remaining prey now. He had a species, a gender, and a remarkable physical trait. The hunter had caught a scent. The prey was to be found, and killed. It was not until after he left that a member of the settlement had went to Polnareff’s den, and found the chaotic disarray that he left it in- bouts of rage had thrashed his body about, wrecking his own home. In a clearing, known as his sisters and his own favorite location to relax and simply be at, he found disturbed soil, and a circle of stones, all pushed firmly into the ground. This was how the settlement taught young to bury their loved ones.

    Polnareff was exceedingly solitary for the beginning of his journey, and eventually was even aggressive and combative with strangers that would dare disturb him for more than he cared to entertain. He left many beaten and abused in his wake, though some of them were asking for it, and he always fought honorably. He finally encountered a small group, including Avdol, a Fire Type, that was displeased with his behavior towards a kind young pokemon. For the first time since his sorrowful path had been started upon, he was beaten. While Polnareff was not happy, humbled, or by any means better off initially by the defeat, he did respect the man’s power. He offered the group a meal that he would hunt as a way to settle their differences- he was not one to simply leave things if he was defeated by an honorable opponent. He told him of his journey’s purpose, and asked if these men had encountered such a man.

    He was known as The Hanged. A wild pokemon, was working under an unnamed Pokemon, whom Avdol’s party was currently after. He stated that he shall join them. Not a request, not an idea, but a fact. He cared not if they made him trail behind them, or blaze the trail ahead. He was going to be in their company. More people to hunt the prey. In the group was Avdol, the Fire specialist, Jotaro the Fighter, Joeseph the Vine, Iggy of the Earth, and Kakyoin of the Stone Rain. Each was named after their style of combat. Each of them made it clear with one another before, and now with Polnareff- if one of them dies, or receives a fatal wound, you keep going forward, you keep hunting. If they are separated, you. Keep. HUNTING. Polnareff understood and even appreciated their manner of thinking and strategy. Each of them were powerful, more than most wild pokemon.

    Just because the dead were left, and the lost were not to be found, did not mean that they fought alone. Polnareff proved his prowess, saving the life of Kakyoin once, and often proving invaluable in battle. He was quick, precice, and fought on with the bitter will of vengeance, pushing his limits every time. He leveled up fast, as did they all, from fighting wild pokemon as well as the well-leveled minions of the group they all sought out.

    It was in a desert that they found the Hypno. The Hanged, sent to kill the enemies of his master. He taunted Polnareff, using the move Reflect in a far more literal fashion than most did. Angling the move right, he revealed glimpses of himself to Polnareff. Against the earnest warnings of Avdol, Polnareff pursued his prey after a heated argument with the fire master. He found a trap, a cowardly thing. The Hypno attacked from the shadows as another underling focused physical attacks on Polnaredd. Just as he understood how The Hanged was attacking him with such accuracy even from the shadows, the Hypno sent an attack towards Polnareff that would have ended his life in all likelihood. “POLNAREFF, YOU FOOL!” A cry of desperation echoed in the warm air, as Avdol dove to protect his ally. He was fully aware that he was weak against the attack- but he took the hit. He took it well, however, only a shallow wound and low physical health being his payment for protecting his friend. He could still live. Polnareff told him to escape as he pursued The Hanged, only to look back to see a claw sticking through Avdol’s chest, and the unsettling crimson pouring to the floor once more. Iggy tore through the sand, slamming into the enemy that had taken Avdol out of the battle. He told Polnareff to flee with him, that with an injured ally they could not win. Polnareff hesitated… but the last time he ignored a comrade… this happened. They had no chance to retreat, however, with their foes giving them no chance for grief. They retreated, and even then Polnareff knew. A void filled his chest once more, and this time wracked with guilt. Avdol could not have survived such a blow.

    After getting a chance to regroup, Iggy and Polnareff found them squaring off with The Hanged and his comrade once more. Polnareff was prepared with knowledge this time, though, and quickly slashed through The Hanged’s ruse- as well as his body. The Hanged was dieing, but Polnareff was not done. He tore at, bludgeoned, tortured the remaining life out of his prey, and made sure to slam and brutalize death into him long after his heart was no longer beating. Iggy watched, the other enemy defeated by his own hand, and letting Polnareff do as he needed. Afterwards, when Polnareff finally stood still, he landed a Sucker Punch against him. “He died saving you. Take your guilt and aim it somewhere, with your new vengeance.” Iggy walked off, towards their next destination. “Avdol came to find you, after our enemies found and attacked us, claiming you to already be in death’s grasp. Damn hypocrite… he was supposed to leave.” Iggy meant no ill will by this, he simply cursed the good nature of Avdol. “Now we do what he did not- we hunt, as you say. I assume that Jotaro, Kakyoin and Joeseph live, but are already en route to our destination. Let us follow suit.”

    In reality, the other half of the group was licking their wounds… as well as Avdol’s. The Fire type had seared his own wounds shut to some extent, and was alive… and would continue to live, thanks to his comrades treatment. They would depart two days after Polnareff and Iggy, following at a relatively even pace of the two leading pokemon. Iggy and Polnareff fought the brunt of the enemy, having to lead the way and carve a path without realizing it. They had a dislike of one another, but held each other in high respect. They protected one another, for in comradery, opinions are nothing compared to the honor of an ally guarding your back. Eventually, they reached a destination beaten out of a minion- and one that certainly looked as though it would fit the bill. A large human city, with the enemy’s enclosure being underground somewhere. In the time it took to thoroughly search the city, Jotaro, Avdol and company caught up, and encountered a surprised Iggy and Polnareff. The latter of the two was moved to tears, his guilt lifting from his shoulders as he bounded to Avdol and simply leaned upon him. His friend was alive… for the first time in a while, he felt actually happy. But joy was a timely thing, as they all sought to enter the lair of The Hanged’s master. And so they did, marching forward into the cold depths beneath the earth.

    It was an immaculate cavern- while it was crude in shape, the rooms had all been carved out carefully, with specific shapes and patterns formed for the underground structure. The decision was made to split into two groups- and one of which was eagerly formed by Avdol, Iggy and Polnareff.

    Three hours with his friend. This is all the ill-fated Polnareff was allowed. Seemingly out of nowhere, a wave of cold appeared- Sheer Cold. Aimed at Avdol- and it hit. Not even a flame can handle the absolute zero temperature- and with his life, the Flames of Avdol faded. Polnareff once again was in shock- and just as before, he had no time to react. Ice, the lieutenant of the enemy organization had arrived to erase the enemies of his master. Polnareff and Iggy were in a tight spot- Ice clearly outleveled them. Iggy was weak to his moves, and even if Polnareff was strong against Ice, Abomasnow could learn fighting type moves, and with the level difference… it became a long, grueling and bloody fight. Iggy insulted Ice’s master, and apparently this was a near fatal mistake. Ice drove Iggy to his limit, then stopped using moves- he simply began stomping on Iggy over and over again, breaking bone, burting organs… but Polnareff distracted him with a super-effective steel type attack that struck Ice in the eyes, blinding him. It wounded the Abomasnow, but also brought about a flurry of attacks that took Polnareff to low health as well. With no ability to see, Abomansnow began flailing around the room in a spiral pattern, circling in. Polnareff had difficulty moving at all, let alone enough to avoid that lumbering mass of rage. He saw Iggy at the corner of the room- good. He could survive this, and go to warn the others of the Abomasnow strong enough to kill Avdol and Polnareff. But the stubborn man of the Earth had no will to live left- he knew he was already bleeding internally. With the last of his energy, Iggy stood, running towards Polnareff and headbutting him out of the way. Every movement caused another bone to stab into his insides, and by the time he hit the floor he was immobile. The enraged Abomasnow trampled, and killed him.

    Again… “Why does this keep happening…” Polnareff thought aloud as the Abomasnow roared in what he thought was victory. Why is it that he only truly understands his comrades after he dies? Avdol, with his kind, fatherly nature, saved him once… then died shortly after their reunion. Iggy, now… it was now that Polnareff understood the bastard. Iggy was a proud creature. Iggy refused to get along with anyone of his own accord- he had his ways and he stuck to them, with honor. And now they were both dead, and he lived as the ill fated creature of vengeance. He stood, and with all his might attacked Ice again and again, the Abomasnow fainting, and then dieing to Polnareff’s own rage. Polnareff collapsed afterwards, to be awoken by rumbling within the caverns.

    He was in better condition after his body had rested, but could only move at a quick trot still. There was no reason for the earth to be shaking now, why was this happening? As he retraced his steps, the smell of blood invaded the staunch underground area. The light of a full moon stung his eyes as Polnareff emerged to see that the city above him was bathed in fire. Explosions were what caused the earth to shake. Pokemon could be seen on the edges of the city… devouring one another?! Many ran away, humans and pokemon alike. Polnareff was aware of his own physical condition, and fled as well, already a good distance away thanks to the entrance being past the outskirts of town.

    Polnareff knows not what happened to his friends that were in the cavern, nor the fate of their final foe. He now wanders, knowing that he wishes to return there one day and investigate.
    Bulbapedia "Lucario, the Aura Pokémon and the evolved form of Riolu. Lucario reads the thoughts of others and anticipates their movements by sensing their auras."
    Appearance Polnareff is a rather normal-looking Lucario when it comes to his fur and the like, though his eyes were naturally an oceanic blue in color. The Sclera of his right eye is a permanant hue of red, thanks to his battle with Ice the Abomasnow. The same battle gave him a scar to his left leg.

    On his eartips hang two rather crude earrings, with the two halves of his sister's old heart scale, broken in his rampage within his home, dangling down by his  head. Around his neck he wears Avdol's old sash, a Focus Sash.

    Polnareff is in better shape than other Lucario from the wild, thanks to rather intensive training that honed his speed any physical attack.
    Accent Heavy french when not fully conscious, but otherwise very good at covering his accent.
    Religion Atheist
    Motivation Answers as to what happened to his remaining allies, and if need be, Vengance on whatever is remaining of his foe.
    To protect those that he can.
    Personality In spite of his, well, spiteful beginnings in his quest, Polnareff is a rather typical "good-natured klutz." His intelligence is only faintly above average, but his cunning and wit in battle are his shining points. He sees himself as an attempted hero, though his adventure, and the loss of his comrades, makes the "attempted" word key. Even when he is shutting himself away mentally, he has no fear to show his opinions and emotions on topics he feels concern him. He is very hard to crack open, so to speak, but once someone has earned his trust, and furthermore his comradery, he will begin to open up and show his softer side. In a comfortable and relatively environment, Polnareff is loud, and even somewhat of a ladies man. If he considers someone a true friend, he is impulsive, often when it comes to protecting them. However, towards strangers that are not either young or otherwise incapable of defending themselves, he is surprisingly cold.

    Polnareff always has thought that it was his place to die, not Avdol and Iggy's. His mindset has changed over the time since the epidemic started- if he sees someone about to die that he cares enough for, he has vowed that his life shall take their place in death.
    User Notes -Moderate amount of points put into Attack and Speed EV's by his training on his quest, making him slightly faster and stronger than an average Lucario.
    -Sky Punch chain bred for generations, originating from a Pangoro.
    -Based off of Polnareff from JJBA: Starddust Crusaders.
    Team notes -Newcomer to Hearthome
    Affiliations None currently
    Development Notes DEVELOPENT

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    Jean Pierre Polnareff is ready for Approval to the Inactives PC
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    Jean Pierre Polnareff is ready to be approved and moved to Active Status on Hearthome team.

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