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    Helga the Shiny Florges[W.I.P]


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    Helga the Shiny Florges[W.I.P] Empty Helga the Shiny Florges[W.I.P]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:02 pm

    GENDERCis Female
    AGE47[Mature Adult]
    SPECIES#671/Florges/The Garden Pokemon
    HEIGHT 3'07"/1.1m
    Flower Veil
    Somewhat vain
    It claims exquisite flower gardens as its territory, and it obtains power from basking in the energy emitted by flowering plants.~ Omega Ruby Dex Entry
    Grass Gem x2, Blue Scarf[Belt], Purple arm warmers with black fur trim.
    -Magical Leaf[Level]


    Helga is proud, being bred for her beauty and strength in battle. But she doesn't think she is better than anyone else, in fact she is rather modest despite her pride and vanity. Though to many she can come off as snobbish and very elitist just through her appearance. She suffers from trust issues and does not trust others easily, but is recklessly loyal to those she does trust. She speaks with a very polite manner even when angry she seems level headed. She is very playful and enjoys a fun competition be it a battle of power or a battle or style. Though she does not like getting dirty, specifically she does not like getting mud or other contaminates on her, but she does not mind bruising from battles or her own blood. While she may seem strong and capable of fending for herself, Helga is secretly terrified of being alone but tries her best not to let others know as she does not want to appear needy or clingy.


    "Florges is a Pokémon whose green lower body resembles a mermaid's tail with two large leaves blooming on either side of the flukes. Its upper body is white and slender, with sylphlike arms that end in three dainty fingers; it has two black, diamond-like shapes on each side of its svelte torso. Florges's head is rounded with a pointed, upturned nose and long teardrop-shaped ears, while its dark-colored eyes are framed by lengthy green lashes. It no longer carries a single flower like its pre-evolution did, but instead a large bouquet of ornate flowers around its head. The color of its flowers depends on whether it held a red, yellow, orange, blue, or white flower as a Flabébé. Florges claims well-tended flower gardens as its territory, and it basks in energy emitted from flowers to obtain power. It is a female-only species." ~Bulbapedia 
    Helga is a gorgeous, shiny white flower Florges. She was bred both for contests and battles. Because of this she appears to be both delicate, and powerful at the same time. While she is average in both height and weight, nothing else about her is "average". Many who've seen her in contests or battle have called her the most beautifully stunning Pokemon they've seen. She doesn't wear much in the way of items and accessories. She has two grass gems that have been set in brass metal frames, one she wears as a necklace, the other holds her blue scarf around her waist. She wears purple arm warmers that have black fur trim. She always seems to move with elegance and grace.


    Helga was bred by an ex contest star named Kaenri as a gift for her daughter Pandora. Helga was bred for her shinyness, but also bred to excel in battle and contests. On the day she hatched, she was given directly to Pandora. The two were inseparable from that day forward. Helga and Pandora spent several months training together in the forest near their home town in preparation for their journey together. Pandora was so excited when her mother finally said she was ready to travel. After carefully packing her bag with the necessities[spare clothes, potions, pokeballs, and a couple of full heals] Pandora set out on her journey. She wasn't sure what she wanted out of it but she knew whatever she decided Helga would be there with her through it all. Helga was excited to say the least. The young Flabébé had yet to mature into who she is now and was eager for everything. For the first little while the two mostly traveled about the region training. In the first year Pandora only earned two badges because she needed them to continue training Helga. Helga didn't really mind fighting so long as Pandora was happy.
    -Bred for shinyness, also for battle and contests
    -grew up alongside her trainer Pandora
    -Became a contest star, as well as a strong competitive battler
    -Epidemic kills Pandora
    -Helga mourns for the loss of her friend
    -Starts to look for survivors


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