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Chelsea the Buizel and Leo the Sawsbuck [WIP]


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Chelsea the Buizel and Leo the Sawsbuck [WIP] Empty Chelsea the Buizel and Leo the Sawsbuck [WIP]

Post by Min Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:00 am

Chelsea the Buizel and Leo the Sawsbuck [WIP] 4sSmJPo

Chelsea the Buizel and Leo the Sawsbuck [WIP] 418

Text Color #FCB514, pecker gold
Theme N/A
Item None
Gender Female
Age Child
Species #418 Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokemon
Height 2'04" / 0.7 m
Weight 65.0lbs / 29.5kg
Pokédex Entry It inflates the flotation sac around its neck and pokes its head out of the water to see what is going on.
Level 7
Ability Swift Swim
Nature Jolly
Characteristic Likes to run
Moves - Water Sport [Start]
- Water Gun [Learned]
- Quick Attack [Learned]
- Sonicboom [Start]
Chelsea doesn't remember much of what happened when she was younger. She recalls two proud parents, both strong Floatzels in a wild romp that lived on the banks of the Canalave. It was peaceful, barely any quarrels and a serene calm that filled the air amongst them. She loved it there, loved the warmth of the setting sun on her back, loved her friends who'd compete to be the fastest swimmer, loved diving into the water and following the cruise ships along the sea. However, this is all that the Buizel remembers, the rest of the knowledge of her childhood long since blocked from her mind. She only recalls a dark night, a flaming building, and a single brown figure standing over her, before picking her up and carrying her away.

Although the Water-type may not remember much, she does know that on that night, she had met the Sawsbuck she travels with. His name was Leo, a strong, powerful buck with pride and dignity. She doesn't recall their exact meeting, but it doesn't matter. He had protected her in countless battles, roaming the regions together in search of shelter and food. There were monsters out there, he would warn, and very rarely would Chelsea catch a glimpse of them with her own eyes. Leo was always protective of the young Buizel, refusing to let the child watch him battle, wander on her own, or even...WIP a fuck it im too stressed to write a godamn history
Appearance A normal Buizel.
Personality Although she grew up a good part of her life during the Epidemic, she isn't very knowledgable on the matter and...
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Chelsea the Buizel and Leo the Sawsbuck [WIP] 586-summer

Text Color #D0FAEE, green card
Theme N/A
Item None
Gender Male
Age Aging Adult
Species #586 Sawsbuck, the Season Pokemon
Height 6'03" / 1.9 m
Weight 203.9lbs / 92.5kg
Pokédex Entry They migrate according to seasons, so some people call Sawsbuck the harbingers of spring.
Level 63
Ability Sap Sipper
Nature Quiet
Characteristic A little quick tempered
Moves - Solarbeam [Learned]
- Horn Leech [Learned]
- Giga Drain [Tutor]
- Seed Bomb [Tutor]
godamnit HISTORIES
Appearance A normal Sawsbuck.
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