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    Buck the Weavile (inactive)


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    Buck the Weavile (inactive) Empty Buck the Weavile (inactive)

    Post by Nightfall Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:44 am

    Buck the Weavile (inactive) LFilWye
    Image by Moon Moon
    Buck the Weavile (inactive) 286y4uh
    Image by Cinderspark

    Item None at present
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #461 Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokemon
    Height 3'07"
    Weight 75.0 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry "Evolution made it even more devious. It communicates by clawing signs in boulders."
    Level 31
    Ability Pressure (increases the PP reduction of foe's moves)
    Nature Hasty (+Speed, -Defense)
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning (+Sp.Atk)
    Moves Quick Attack (level up)
    Ice Beam (TM)
    Slash (level up)
    Faint Attack (level up)
    History Born in Johto to a small group of Sneasel living near to Mt.Silver, Buck was a troublemaker right from the start. He had two close childhood friends: Norma Jean and her twin brother Zack. The three Sneasel became well-known in their area as skilled thieves. They targeted unwary Pokemon Trainers on their travels, stealing food, medicinal items, money - anything they could get their claws onto. The trio eventually got bored of wandering around Johto (and nearly getting caught so many times) and, upon Norma Jean's persuasion, sneaked on board a ferry in Olivine bound for Castelia City in Unova.

    It was a long journey so it gave the Epidemic plenty of time to reach Unova. They arrived in Castelia City to a scene of chaos and carnage. The three were stunned by what was happening and were not prepared to face the hordes of undead that populated the city. Zack was killed and Norma Jean was badly injured. Buck dragged her away to Pinwheel Forest despite his own injuries and tried to nurse her back to health. But it was no good - the virus had ate its way into her system and they both knew that her mind wouldn't last much longer.

    Before succumbing to the disease, Norma Jean told Buck that the reason she had wanted to come to Unova was because she had heard that a Razor Claw was hidden somewhere in Nuvema Town to the south and that she had wanted it so she could evolve. She told him to go there and get it himself. "Survive, Buck," she said to him. "You must get through this. For me." Seconds later, her eyes darkened and she slashed at his eye. Buck fled before she could kill him. Towards Nuvema Town.

    Buck eventually made it to his destination and found the Razor Claw that Norma Jean had spoken of. After a montage of deaths, betrayals and electrifying battles, Buck eventually found no reason to stay there and began his journey back home to Johto. As night fell he defeated a weak undead Lilipup and evolved into Weavile.
    Appearance Buck has a vertical scar across his left eye. The scar looks as though it's fairly new. This eye occasionally leaks pus or becomes bloodshot. In his left ear he wears a gold earring. Otherwise he is just an ordinary Weavile.
    Personality Buck is selfish and cowardly, caring rarely for others besides himself. Striving only to meet his own needs, he will not hesitate to flee a battle if he is putting himself in danger, even if it means leaving others behind. However, he tries his very best not to do this, especially now that the epidemic has struck, and strives to become a better person, although he will not openly admit this to anybody.

    Buck is intelligent and remarkably cunning, relying on his speed and quick-thinking mind to succeed in what he does. He is a very experienced thief, and is able to take things right from other people's noses without them noticing ... most of the time. Currently he tries not to steal unless he really has to, and really doesn't like having to take invaluable things from fellow survivors, such as food. In any other case, however, he will take whatever he takes a fancy in.

    Usually, Buck very much prefers solitude over the company of others, but since the epidemic has started he has secretly wanted the company of others. Although he tells himself this is merely for his own protection, in truth he is very lonely after losing both of his lifelong friends and wants somebody he can put his trust in ... even if they end up fighting to the death while he hides in a tree. He is very private and doesn't like it when others try to snoop into his business.

    Since evolving, Buck has become a lot more self-centered and anti-social, distancing himself from everyone unless there is a good reason to converse with them. Deep inside he is hurt after what happened in Nuvema Town, and simply does not want to feel betrayed like that again so plays it same by firmly sticking to his own devices..
    User Notes --Buck's scarred eye was damaged by Norma Jean's attack, and the vision in it is gradually getting worse.
    --Ice Beam was stolen from a Trainer.

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