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    Orianna the Shiny Metagross (wip)


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    Orianna the Shiny Metagross (wip) Empty Orianna the Shiny Metagross (wip)

    Post by Min Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:22 pm

    Orianna the Shiny Metagross (wip) 376MetagrossDream
    shit ass edit by me until i actually draw her.
    i'm planning to go by her bladecraft colours but that might change considering the actual shiny for metagross is astoundingly close to her classic skin.

    Orianna Reveck
    the Clockwork Maiden
    Item probably none
    Gender Agender [she/they/it]
    Age Adult
    Species #376 Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokemon
    Height 5'03" || 1.6m
    Weight 1212.5lbs || 550.0kg
    Pokédex Entry With four linked brains, it's more intelligent than a supercomputer, and it uses calculations to analyze foes.
    Level 60
    Ability Clear Body
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves - Gyro Ball [tm]
    - Psychic [lvl]
    - Iron Defense [lvl]
    - Meteor Mash [lvl]
    "Time tick-ticks away."

    • there was a brilliant man named corin reveck who had a daughter, orianna. he loved her dearly.
    • orianna was an exceptional dancer, but refused the career because she wanted to become a pokemon trainer. her father was concerned but regardless, let her go.
    • orianna traveled hoenn with aron and cleared few gyms. however, during a freak accident she was killed.
    • corin was grief stricken and mourned. eventually he believed that he was responsible and that he must fulfill his daughter's dreams of becoming a pokemon champion. with his knowledge and skill he decided to recreate his deceased daughter, but as a pokemon, a Beldum.
    • the new orianna was finished, a young beldum programmed with snippets of memory and basic code. she was weak and fragile, but corin was determined to make the beldum both a perfect replacement of his daughter and the strongest pokemon in the world.
    • most thought corin went mad, and was extremely unsettled by the new orianna, who constantly attempted to be more "human" and engage in human interaction. this behavior steadily worsened as time went on, orianna constantly trying to replicate human customs and nature but only ever coming off as creepy and inorganic.
    • corin realized he failed and grew quieter to the new orianna as days past. as a beldum she could not comprehend why this was. once she became a metang she began to realize that she was not the "real" orianna, that she was built purely to be a replacement.
    • grew vicious and angry, realizing she will never be "orianna". it was when she evolved to a metagross that she left home, wandering around the wilds to train herself and to gain he own independence. somewhere along the way she decides that she will not replace the first orianna, she will surpass her.
    • upon hearing news of a new region, kalos, she decided to travel through vast lands to reach it, and to display her strength and intellect there.

    "When you fall, you get right back up."
    Appearance Insert Appearance Here
    Personality highly intelligent / little to no empathy / tries to hard to be "human" / has a very difficult time comprehending emotions / does not fully understand idioms, metaphors / short-tempered / easily jealous / spiteful of the original orianna / identifies herself as a weapon

    her voice is also extremely mechanical and holds little emotion nor tone. however her laugh is the most peculiar--it sounds astoundingly human. however she laughs very little, if at all.
    User Notes

    • Based off of Orianna, the Clockwork Maiden from League of Legends.
    • Her 'dancing' is less than elegant due to her massive structure and heavy form. It mostly consists of spinning gently on her claws and floating.
    • Her attacks are reminiscent of the abilities she has in-game. Gyro Ball for Command: Attack, Psychic for Command: Dissonance, and Iron Defense for Command: Protect.
    • Also shares some inspiration from envy. by horizon
    • Voice Clip

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