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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    R'hia Kyrie the Human & Abeline the Absol

    R'hia Kyrie
    R'hia Kyrie

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    Post by R'hia Kyrie Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:28 pm

    R'hia Kyrie the Human & Abeline the Absol Rhia_zps4ertl4xj

    R’hia Kyrie
    Text Color #6F2B8C
    Theme(s) VS! Trainer R’hia
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    Relax and Play!
    Solemn Support
    Believe in me, and we will survive.
    Spark of Insanity
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    An Impossible Decision
    This Life is Still Beautiful
    Item Altaria Feather (From Azure, currently in Vinra’s possession), nylon Furfrou collar, full-arm sports brace for right arm.
    Weapons 1060 High-Carbon Tempered steel 27” (68.5 cm) blade Katana w/ scabbard and hidden-in-pommel 3” (7.6 cm) blade, 1095 High-Carbon Tempered Steel 24” (61 cm) Blade Katana w/scabbard, 6” (15.25 cm) Blade All-Purpose (1045) High-Carbon Steel Knife w/sheath  
    Gender Genderfluid | Female
    Age 23 Years Old
    Species Human
    Weight 214 lbs (97.1 kg)
    Height 6’4” (193 cm)
    Occupation Ex-Pokemon breeder / Martial Arts Instructor
    Party Lv. 44 Abbey the Absol (Female), Lv. 41 Queelag the Charizard (Male), Lv. 38 Kaisura the Pelipper (Female), Lv. 42 Azure the Altaria (Male, Deceased), Lv. 27 Vinra the Grotle (Male, Recovering from non-infection illness)
    Pkm 1
    R'hia Kyrie the Human & Abeline the Absol 359
    Species- Absol
    Level- 44
    Ability- Super Luck
    Attack list-
    -Swords Dance (Bred)
    -Megahorn (Bred)
    -Night Slash (Level)
    -Zen Headbutt (Bred)
    Absol was the fist pokemon given to R’hia, givn to her by her father who had bred Abbey specially to be a guardian and friend. Chain bred from Absol father. Gentle nature. She holds a Focus Sash.
    Pkm 2

    R'hia Kyrie the Human & Abeline the Absol 006

    Species- Charizard
    Level- 41
    Ability- Blaze
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (T M)
    -Outrage (Bred)
    -Thunder Punch (Move Tutor)
    -Dragon Dance (Bred)
    Charizard was the first Pokemon that R’hia bred by herself, and chose to raise him as well. Chain bred from Charizard father. Serious nature. Missing his left arm from the elbow down- An infected bit his hand one day, and R’hia did all she could think of to save him. With quick reflexes and thinking, she removed his lower arm with her blade, treated the wound and hoped for the best. She inadvertently found a way to prevent an infected wound from meaning certain doom in some cases, as Queelag draws breath for his beating heart to this very day. Holds Leftovers.
    Pkm 3

    R'hia Kyrie the Human & Abeline the Absol 279

    Species- Pelipper
    Level- 38
    Ability- Keen Eye
    Attack list-
    -Fly (H M)
    -Protect (Level)
    -Surf (H M)
    -Air Cutter (Level)
    The only pokemon of the group to have been caught from the wild, Bears a deep scar on the lower-right side of his beak. Caught as a Wingull. Quiet nature. Holds Mystic Water.
    Pkm 4

    R'hia Kyrie the Human & Abeline the Absol 388

    Species- Grotle
    Level- 27
    Ability- Overgrow
    Attack list-
    -Seed Bomb (Bred)
    -Body Slam (Bred)
    -Secret Power (T M)
    -Rock Smash (H M)
    A bit of an odd case for R’hia, who adopted him shortly after she turned 15. He was one of two Turtwigs that Birch was eyeing for his studies, but this one was much shyer and often hid behind her legs. After a month, he was actually often clamboring into her lap as she sat outside to read and watch the ranch, and once nuzzled into a pokeball with want in his eyes. She got the hint, and quite a story to tell about how she captured a loving Turtwig. Chain bred from Torterra father. Timid nature. Not one to enjoy a battle, and as such, under-leveled. Holds a Pretty Feather, his only memory of his pseudo-father, Azure.
    Quote ”Yeah, I know what’s going on. But I’d much rather be naively optimistic than painfully realistic.”
    History The Kyrie family was a long line of breeders, spread across the regions throughout the generations. Sixty-seven years ago, Jude and Milla Kyrie came to Hoenn to continue the family trade. Their child, Ludger, enjoyed the lifestyle, unlike his brother Julius, who went embarked on a Pokemon journey instead. Ludger went on to find Elle Kresnik and, in no short terms, wooed her to be his love and life. Then came R’hia, the child that breeders themselves bred to have. As a toddler, and well into her late childhood, R’hia was much more inclined to spend time with the Pokemon on the ranch, than to take a small trip east of Verdanturf town and socialize with other children. Her favorite was an Absol her father had bred for her, to serve as a long-time friend and guardian. Given that a young R’hia could hardly speak, let alone come up with a truly creative nick-name. The young girl couldn’t even pronounce Absol properly, and thus came around the repetition of the name “Abbey,” which the young Absol quickly connected to and enjoyed. The two grew up together, and while R’hia obtained other Pokemon that she became close with as she progressed through her life, Abbey was always her truest friend. Seeing as the family business required R’hia to remain on the ranch more often than not, Ludger and Elle decided to homeschool their daughter.

    R'hia often went on short errand runs to the nearby Verdanturf Town, seeing as a large breeding ranch needed plenty of potions, status remedies and other emergency supplies. The more important shopping trips to Mauville and the Lilycove Department Store were made by her mother, while Ludger stayed behind and tended to the mons. Elle was the marketer of the ranch, which sold a variety of basic starter mons, slightly trained, to younger trainers and whomever needed them. They also took breeding commissions. While not the most lucrative business, the family lived comfortably. Whenever Elle was out on business, Ludger would be the father with a soft spot, letting R'hia take one of the well-behaved starter Pokemon out with her to Verdanterf. It was a thirty minute walk from the ranch, but R'hia always took her walk at a slow pace, playing and enjoying the day, no matter the weather, with Abbey and any others that accompanied her. On one such trip, she had a young Bulbasaur with her, and saw a young boy, probably slightly older than her, wandering in the thickets, bushes and tall grass nearby. He didn't seem to have a partner, and even as a Zigzagoon growled at him and approached, he did nothing. Was he somehow unaware? "A-Abbey!" She called, her level 13 Absol dashing forward, expecting a command. R'hia had only ever fought with her father coaching her before, but this was her first solo encounter. She had never really gone into the grass on her own- she wasn't journeying just yet, and her father was only helping her along so that Abbey would be powerful enough to protect R’hia until she started her own journey one day. R’hia quickly overcame the shock of the moment- in her head, this boy needed her help, badly. “U-Use Megahorn!” Abbey smirked- the girl had good instinct. She was already running and close to her opponent, and in a split second she drove into the Zigzagoon. The boy whirled around, startled, with earphones in- and two Natu beside him. The Zigzagoon did not faint, but quickly ran from the now trio of Pokemon before it. R’hia, now resuming frailty, ran up to the boy.

    “I-I’m sorry, see, I didn’t see them, and, I thought you needed, er…” With a bright red face, and a bow, she apologized without words. The boy seemed just as awkward, albeit seemingly appreciative of  the selfless help from a complete stranger. There was an air about him… not ill, but unwell. He explained that his Natu, Pollux and Castor, were aware of the approaching threat and were awaiting his command, should he wish to fight. The two were awkward with each other, and by no means were completely comfortable. Yet, R’hia felt drawn to him. She didn’t want to force him, though. They talked for a short while, and she found that he spoke softly, almost solemnly. She hardly spoke to him as they went to the store, and she did the business her father had sent her on. She regularly would look over and shoot a smile towards him, now and again getting one back. They parted with a wave and a ‘see you soon’ from R’hia. And so she did, they would routinely run into one another, and grew close. R’hia loved bringing baby pokemon from the ranch to show Vince, and he seemed to love it just as much. Now and then, R’hia would come to the door of Vince’s home, only to see his older brother answer. Typically when this happened, Vince was “Not well,” though the true meaning behind this came to R’hia’s understanding with time, as did knowledge of just who Vince was inside. His tragic past, how he was shattered and constantly fought himself. It only strengthened her commitment to, and friendship with him for a long time to come.

    R’hia rarely saw Uncle Julius. He was out training often, on a very slow-paced journey, more about enjoying his own life than growing stronger. He had shown disdain to the expectancy that he would simply fall in line and be a breeder like the rest of the family, and left with some cold blood between his and Ludger’s parents. Once Ludger inherited the ranch, he immediately called Julius, letting him know that he was welcome any time he pleased- he could never openly express this before, but he understood how Julius felt, but also knew that he did have a passion for breeding and seeing new trainers get their best friend and partner for the first time. Whenever he would come, he would stay for a long time with his Serperior always by his side. He would bring gifts, laughter, and joy. Particularly, he was a key helper in her early teen years, as she would always seek him out for advice on what to do with this, or how to get better at that. When R’hia was nearly 16, he came once more to the ranch. He looked sickly, especially for a man hardly in his early 40’s. It was also the first time he had actually called in advance before showing up- a red flag. He insisted he was nearby and simply needed rest, and thought that the best place to do it would be in the company of his family. Only he knew the grim truth, and had not the heart to share it face to face with any of them. Three nights later, Elle screamed from the far room- the guest bedroom.

    Cancer. A brain tumor, actually. His Serperior had shown them to a folder he had stored in the nightstand desk. He explained everything- he had known for a month, and had been traveling around Hoenn, saying his goodbyes, and chose to come and live his last days with those whom had cared so much for him. He knew Elle and Ludger would both understand- he was horrid at being the bearer of bad news, he hated dragging the mood down. He had written a will and testament, just the basic stuff. R’hia was devastated- she had so much she wanted to do with him, but all of it trivial in light of her want to start her Pokemon journey when he left this time. In one fell swoop, her plans for the near future crumbled and she lost someone dear to her. She had never felt such loss before, and could not properly cope for a long while. One spring day, she was with Vince, whom had just recently started bettering himself. Abbey growled to R’hia, who simply shook her head. Aggravated, the Absol pushed R’hia’s right hand forward with a hard nudge from her head, revealing recent marks made from… who knows what, but Vince immediately saw what was happening. He simply did his best to console her in this time of need, and slowly, she pulled herself together. In her head, Vince had saved her. She was indebted. She would stick with him as much as she can, she swore it!

    “Unova!! I’m going to Unova, in two weeks, R’hia!!” Her heart did cartwheels of joy, right before sinking like an ancient stone anchor. This was a big part of the reason he was trying to get better, to finally go to Unova! But… she wasn’t ready to go, yet. Not old enough, only 15. Just three more months, she begged in her head. But she convincingly applauded his realization of this goal, even as she dreaded the approaching leave. She calmed herself even as the day of departure drew near, telling herself that it was a couple months at most, that’s what he and his folks were saying. The two hung out more oft than usual in these two weeks, mostly with R’hia staying at his house for long periods of time, helping plan and pack. She convinced her parents to get her a phone, seeing as her only close (human) friend was leaving for a long while. They exchanged numbers, and she followed him as far as Mauville, under the guise of doing some extra shopping- though her parents saw right through that reasoning, knowing she wanted to be with him as long as possible, and allowed it with no strings attatched. She called him as much as she could, finding the first two weeks difficult. She had never been so far from Vincent before, for so long a time. He had gotten closer to his new friend, Shiro, while in Unova and the three actually began all talking over the phone quite often. Glancing jokes at Vince staying with him in Unova were made, and while they made R’hia uncomfortable, she bit her tongue. No way, right?

    Of course, two and a half months in- already past the planned return- her phone rings. Another ten months, maybe a whole year. She wasn’t so convincing this time, but passed it off as illness making her sound unwell. It was like a relapse- loneliness, depression, things that R’hia thought only Vince could help with. Abbey, though, was always a great help, and while it took much longer without Vincent, R’hia regained a proper mentality, and in so gained an independence from Vince she needed to have for the future. She’d be spending as much time with him as possible, but by no means would he likely want to. He’s a growing boy… probably has dreams. This by no means squandered her excitement when his return to Hoenn came closer and closer. Independent or not, Vince WAS one of the biggest figures in her life, rivaling even her parents in importance. When he arrived in Mauville, his ass was quickly driven to the floor by a pouncing R’hia, who’s only way of saying hi at this point was a constant, sobbing squeal of joy. She ranted almost incoherently about how much he’d grown, with Abbey simply smirking and shaking her head nearby. He made an offhand comment about how he expected this from Mother, not her, and she sat up, looked him in the eye and stated: “I swear to Arceus, I WILL bite you…” She had that smartass, smarmy sense of humor as his warm welcome back. As Vincent likely expected, she was like a conjoined twin for the following weeks, constantly spending nights, hanging out, dragging him to the ranch to show off her own Pokemon, as well as just catch up in general.

    She was barely 17 when he made the decision to start his official journey through Hoenn. And he actually wanted her to tag along! Albeit with the condition that he be given space as often as he needed- just as she had learned to be independent, he did as well, and wanted to exercise it. Immediately she went home, making more of a statement than a question when bringing up her own Pokemon journey. Ludger gave her the familiar Ultra Ball that contained Azure- apparently he got the distinct feeling that this older Swablu wanted to accompany R’hia. She was almost surprisingly compliant with Vince’s need for independence, and started off immediately by going ahead to Mauville, where she would meet him for an all-expenses paid supply run. She had started officially working at the ranch, on an under-the-table payroll, and hadn’t really spent much on herself. It was to be expected, Vince was always spoiled rotten when it came to things that could be bought. Simple fact of being close to R’hia, you will have items purchased on your behalf. She gave a passionate rant on how Mauville was a cornerstone of their adventure, at the heart of Hoenn, in a way. And, of course, finished off with a horrendous pun joke.

    Thus began the journey of Vince and R’hia. They claimed their first gym badge together, but she was more eager to continue after seeing how well she and Abbey had done, and the sense of sheer accomplishment they shared. She’d take a few months out of the second year to travel with her team and challenge gyms, earning three more, the total coming to four in that period of time, before coming back to be with Vince once more and simply enjoy his presence. Come the third year of their training, R’hia was eager once more- she’d go for Lilycove, then Fortree, the last two that weren’t detatched from the mainland. After four months, she obtained her sixth gym badge from Winona, and called Vince to arrange another time of them being together, probably for even longer this time.

    Hell came on the second day of May, in the year 2011. A rude awakening of phones, and hell, every device that could make noise was blaring it, in the middle of this Route 119 inn awaited the now 20 year old woman. What would soon be known as the Epidemic had started.

    At first it was all a jumble. Infection, many dead, just a confusing yet alarming conglomerate of words coming the devices. She narrowed it down to her phone, which she just read instead. It was far more terrifying than she had thought. It was no mere infection- humans were ‘fortunate’ enough to die from it, they said. Fortunate enough? If they’re using such wording… R’hia shook her head and kept reading, she needed all the info she could get.

    She picked up the phone and called him. She knew he wouldn’t answer. But to hear his voice, even if recorded, was something to hold onto. It had been almost a year since it all started. A veritable apocalypse. Pokemon without beating hearts roamed, killing humans and other Pokemon. Only the Pokemon would never stay dead unless you somehow severed the spinal cords at minimum. She had slowly been making her way home again from Littleroot town. Even flying was risky these days, so she only ever did it in short bursts. She’d been searching for Vince ever since the epidemic started, and clung to the hope that he still lived. Every now and then she’d find human survivors, but only one had ever seen Vince, a couple months after it all started. A couple days ago she found some sort of Bluetooth looking device, but had yet to turn it on or try it. She wanted to wait until she got home.

    Yes, home. A surprisingly immaculate and clean place, considering all that happened. Though she hadn’t found it that way, when she returned on May 15th. When she first flew over, she saw them- a small platoon of people- probably military- with guns. They were mowing down every Pokemon on the ranch. She froze… she couldn’t tell Kaisura what to do, or where to go. So she just circled for a while, even long after the men had disappeared. Finally, she mustered a single word: “Land.” What she found induced illness, nausea, terror and sorrow all at once. Most of the young Pokemon on the ranch were dead- and had been so for a while already. Chunks missing, or hanging off of their old friend’s jaw. The military wasn’t being heartless- they were cleaning up. She returned Quelaag to his ball, and let Abbey out instead. The door to the house was still ajar.

    The furnishings of every room were torn apart, claw marks, bullet holes… blood. She didn’t want to push forward, but her legs kept walking none the less. The remains of an Axew, a Totodile and a Turtwig were the only distinguishable bodies in the house. In the master bedroom… two piles of gore, chunks of already rotting flesh hanging off of the jutting bones. She knew exactly who these two once were. For an entire hour, she stood there, until her legs gave out beneath her. She was alone. Nobody was left aside from her Pokemon. She never truly snapped, instead just cutting off her ties to emotion instinctually to make it through this situation. Over the course of the next week, she carefully disposed of the bodies within the house, not letting any of her remaining family near them.  She buried all of it unceremoniously in a pit out back in the ranch, where the stench of death flowed freely now. She ate when she needed- the food left in the house was enough to feed the family of three for months, so if nothing else she could be nourished in her solitude. She cleaned up more and more as time went on, only venturing out on flights for fresh air, and to see what was left. Some cities were ravaged, while others seemed almost pristine…

    But these days she had little food, and was returning from a supply run. Not all that bountiful, except this strange device. She made her way in through the side window- the only entrance she hadn’t completely boarded up- and went to her old room near the center of the house. She put it in her ear, and turned on her phone to see if it connected. She turned it on, but there was no scanning, nor any recognition from her phone… “Blasted piece of junk…” she murmered. Abbey nuzzled her, seeing the frustration of her master. “I’m sorry…” R’hia looked down to her, smiling. “It’s oka-“ She stopped dead in her tracks. These days it was hard to surprise her. “A-Abbey?” She asked, thinking she was finally losing her mind. With a quirk of her head, the Absol simply asked “What?” R’hia shot her arms around the one she had been with for her whole life. “I can… I can hear you!” Abbey seemed just as shocked as it all started to sink in, but the two hardly spoke for a while, laughing happily and nuzzling each other. They’d speak to one another for hours, and eventually R’hia let all of her Pokemon out of their balls, and began letting them sleep on/around her bed every night. If only Azure had been able to see this.

    Yet another sleepless night. This time memories of the past kept her from slumber… She had done well to keep her family safe. She thought she had done so well… but she wasn’t careful enough. She had Azure, her Altaria, Peck a wild Pokemon that had been infected recently. He knew within a couple days… but could not tell her. After a couple weeks, she saw he was troubled whenever he was out. The fears plaguing her mind were quickly realized when she decided to be direct… She let Azure out from his ball- He was not well, nor was he truly sickly yet. He knew exactly why he was summoned this time… and with a solemn look, let her know that he was sorry for hiding it. She drew her pride- the longer of the two katanas- and brandished it half-heartedly towards her friend. The two spoke without words… He knew he needed to be dealt with. A painfully slow few seconds passed, with hours of thoughts brazenly crashing through her mind. Against her intuition, she told her friend… “Go.” But he wanted not to live, to turn and hurt others. It was against all he had learned with R’hia. He wanted her final memories of him to be as he was in life: loving. Tender, but strong and proud. So he’d rather die by her hand, on that day, than live to become a shadow of who he once was. She had always loved his pearly white coat… So he lay his neck down on the ground, as not to soil it once she had released him from this world. She shook, the clatter of the hilt all that could be heard. He hummed- in his own way, like he used to when she was younger. Her eyes closed… Azure, he always helped her make the right decision in the end. With a stammered breath and a silent scream, she drove the blade down, and lost the last traces of her innocence as she did. She couldn't scream, she couldn't yell… so she just bit her own arm in anger, even some avarice… feeling she needed to be hurt for this. She shot up in her bed, drenched and wide-eyed. She knew the toll Azure’s death had taken on her. She was always rather two-sided, having the quirky side around friends and a more reserved, shy side for everyone else. Around friends she was still happy, odd an funny. But instead of simply being shy, she was cold, never trusting and almost hostile towards unknowns in her life. With a regretful sigh, she looked over to her Vinra, who slept with the old Altaria’s feather still around his neck. With a silent apology, she lay back down for the night.

    They all woke up at once. While R’hia only felt impending danger, the others sensed it- other Pokemon. A lot of them, headed this way, and not one was truly alive. They had a plan, and knew it would happen one day. They gathered supplies, putting it into three different bags- at least 150 pounds, but in the adrenaline rush, R’hia was able to slap them onto her back. She recalled all of her Pokemon into their balls except for Kaisura, whom burst through the back window followed by R’hia. The horde was coming from Mt. Chimney, and was more of a mass stampede than some sort of hunting for flesh… perhaps something had spooked them? Either way, R’hia jumped onto her flyer, and they escaped to their backup location on Route 114, in the barren hills. There weren't many Pokemon around whenever they had scoped it out- but the same went for any supplies. A small mountain home remained from a Hiker’s golden days. No electricity, though there was a natural well to draw from. She called out Queelag to help illuminate the house as they secured it once more- this was now home to an ill Zangoose. Infected, but not turned. Out of fear it lunged at Queelag, and clashed his arm, and repeatedly sunk his teeth into his hand. With a cold, unforgiving movement, R’hia drew her blade- and aimed it at Queelag. He never knew what hit him, as his arm fell away from his body and onto the floor, with the disgruntled Zangoose. While it was dazed, R’hia drove her blade through its head- releasing the creature from it’s doom. From one of her packs, she grabbed Gauze and a basic stitching kit, as well as told Queelag to use flamethrower on his now stub of an arm. The rudimentary cauterization done, she cleaned the wound and wrapped it tightly. The next weeks weren’t without its scares, but Queelag insisted he was not infected from the Epidemic, simply ill thanks to the wound. Two months pass, and he seemed to recover fully- proving that if caught and handled quickly, the infection could be stopped from spreading.
    The recent months have been uneventful, save for Grotle falling ill and now being in a period of rest and recovery. The stocked supplies of the house were starting to dwindle, namely the Pokemon food. So the time had come to start scavenging once more… and perhaps resume the search for Vince. She picked up the phone and called, just to hear it again, before she set out once more.

    Nearly a year passes, but the incredible miracle happens. While looking over a camp that had been set up near her own, R’hia feels her heart nearly stop. Vincent… unmistakably, undoubtedly, it was… Vince…! She hops down from a tree, taking a step forward, noisily so. Vincent whirled his head around, looking utterly terrified. R’hia, however, had tears streaming down her face. The dummy had tape around his glasses, he broke them… She can hardly utter a word before starting to move forward.


    R’hia was the one who looked scared now. Confusion splayed over her face… She told Vince it was her. R’hia, the old friend, they spent years together. Knew everything about each other. But Vince, he… he wasn’t having it. In the time that they were physically apart, somehow, somewhere along the line, his sight of R’hia had twisted. A man stepped out, holding a gun- R’hia had no clue what to do. She started to back away… She tried desperately to tell Vincent that she could be trusted, there were countless promises made that she would always keep. “Just leave…
    R’hia didn’t try to wipe the tears from her face as she ran, stumbling around, Abeline desperately trying to figure out what in the world had happened, being a distance away at the time foraging. R’hia kept her sobs low, resisted the urge to wail- if she did that, she’d put Vincent in danger. She held it all in, refusing to make any noise save for the sniffling as she ran to the cabin a couple miles up the way.
    She reaches the cabin, whimpering like a pathetic, wounded animal. She doesn’t even make it to the cot before just falling to the floor, curling up into a ball. Abbey tried to help, but she was completely inconsolable.

    Over the next few weeks, there was nothing but bumps in the road. Nothing was right in her world anymore. The one person she kept on pushing for… The one that R’hia woke up in the morning for, the one that gave her motivation, wanted nothing to do with her. Vincent saw her as a threat, in spite of everything they once shared.  R’hia many times gazed at her own blades, debating if it was worth it to go through the motions anymore.
    Even as she did, though, she remembered three promises. One: R’hia would never intentionally harm herself in any way, nor intentionally be in any situation that would end in her death. Two: R’hia would never give up on the life she lives. Three: R’hia… would always be there for Vincent.
    Two months after it happens, she is all but traumatized- She wants it all back, wants him. But doubt had risen in her mind. Could she trust him now? Would he ever trust her again…? Even with these doubts, R’hia has chosen to keep all these promises. Should Vincent ever need her, she would come. Should she see Vincent in danger, she would help. She would continue life… because she promised to.

    Appearance R’hia was tall, and a tad bulky… in a very good way. Standing at 6’4”, most of her weight is muscle. Not all of it, though- she doesn’t have six pack abs thanks to her sweet tooth, and that’s just fine by her. Overall, she’s a lean, somewhat toned, and pretty feminine body shape- a smaller chest, and little thicker on the hips than normal. Her midriff/stomach is average, with a small layer of fat being the only thing standing between her six pack and the world. Her skin is quite pale, even for a Caucasian, being almost a ghostly flushed shade of peach. She has a severe inability to get a tan, and bruises rather easily. Her hair is actually an off-white color, extending to her tailbone. More often than not it is worn in a ponytail style, but instead of letting the hair down her back, she brings it to drape over her shoulder and hang down her front side. This way she knows somebody can’t come and just grab free hair, especially an infected. One small bang drifts to and fro on her forehead’s left side, hindering her eyesight if she doesn’t tend to it regularly. Her eyes are actually any variation of hues, going from a rustic red, to ruby crimson, to even a dulled, greyish red, depening on the lighting and her own mood.

    Her choice outfit is a black, form-fitting tanktop, and an equally black pair of tight cargo pants. Through the waistband belt loops of said pants runs a modified heavy leather/nylon belt with two attachments for her katana scabbards on the left side, while the right side contains her five pokeballs- Abbey’s Heal Ball, Queelag’s Standard Ball, Kaisura’s Net Ball, Azure’s old Ultra Ball that her father used to capture him, and Vinra’s Standard Ball. She carries an old, high-quality all-purpose shoulder bag, in which she keeps her remaining medical supplies for humans and pokemon, minimal tools for maintaining her blades, and an assortment of basic snacks and sweets, though mostly for emergency storage only. She chose the shoulder sling back so that if it gets hooked or grabbed, she can leave it behind easily, and in all likelihood come retrieve it at a later time. On her neck she sports her fashion pride, a pitch black, plain nylon Furfrou collar. On her right arm is a sports brace/arm “sock,” for extra stability when training with her blades. She has a deep human bite scar on her left forearm, caused by her own teeth when she bit herself in angst over the death of Azure.
    Personality Shameless, Kind-Hearted, Loyal, Occasionally too upfront/blunt, Two-Sided (Reserved around new people), Crazy, Loud, Charismatic, Nerdy, Self-reflective, Personal, Brilliant, Intuitive, Imaginative, Leading & Serious (WHEN a situation requires it), Fussy/Endearingly particular, Rash when spurred by proper people, Gloriously sculpted by generations of the Armstrong Family, Self-doubting, motivated, willful, Moralized, Protective, Quick to attach, Deceptively outgoing*, Protective, Highly intelligent (but doesn’t flaunt such), capable of high tactical thinking and planning.
    User Notes -Childhood friend of Vincent Sage
    -Character avatar created using a third party application. I do not claim ownership of either the application or the art within it.
    -*Acts open and trusting, but in truth takes time to study someone and get to know them before trusting them. If the person knows Vincent Sage, trust is easier to attain.
    -R'hia Kyrie is a long time OC of mine, please respect it and do not take her basis (within reason)

    Abeline (Abbey)
    Theme Whatever it takes.
    I was not Strong Enough
    Aftermath, Mournful Discovery

    Profession Pokemon Life partner & Soulmate of R’hia Kyrie
    Text Color #990099
    Item Focus Sash
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity Feminine: He, She, etc.
    Age Adult
    Species #359, “The Disaster Pokemon”
    Height 4’2” (1.27m)
    Weight 114.8 lbs (52.16kg)
    Pokédex Entry It senses coming disasters and appears before people only to warn them of impending danger.
    Level Lv 44
    Ability Super Luck: Boosts the critical-hit ratios of moves.
    Nature Gentle (+Sp. Def,-Def.)
    Characteristic Alert to Sounds (+Speed)
    Moves Swords Dance (Bred)
    -Megahorn (Bred)
    -Night Slash (Level)
    -Zen Headbutt (Bred)
    Quote ”I swear to god, if you make another pun I will use Zen Headbutt on your ass. LITERALLY.”
    “We’ll find him… you two are connected far deeper than friendship. You’d know if he was gone. So get up.”
    History ”Who was I, before the epidemic? If you want tales of Nostalgia, then speak to R’hia. I’ve changed too much since it began.

    We’ve spent damn near every moment together, my partner and I. She’s saved my life multiple times, and I’ve done the same for her. When it all began, we had no information as to what truly worked. So I took her and made sure we ran. There truly is not much different in our eyes, about who we are or the history we share.

    …Except one thing. This is all private, so… she won’t be able to find out. While R’hia holds hope for him, I don’t believe her friend to be alive at this point. Yes, he was cunning, and he was intelligent. But he simply… He was not the type that could handle something of this disasterous gravity. I want him to be alive still, for her sake. He was a kind boy. But by all logic… well, by logic, none of us should be alive anymore.

    You insist on knowing about the past, though? Fine, I’ll tell you of a time R’hia cannot. Her father was actually the first to raise me. From the egg, he nurtured me well, taught me life. He was a truly a kind human man. He never forced me to learn the next move, he left it to me. He kept training me, and eventually introduced me to R’hia. She was like a small, human me. Adventurous, determined, yet always concerned with others. Still is. We spent more and more time together, until one day I helped defend the boy and her from a wild. Ever since then, we’ve officially been partners. Now stop asking questions.”

    To make a long story short… Abbey was beside R’hia at all times ever since the day the two of them met Vincent. It was an exceedingly rare occasion in which Abbey was returned to her Pokeball. Everything that R’hia has gone through, has been with Abeline.

    Except one horrid night.

    The two had split up, probably only a few hundred meters apart. Abbey heard someone say “Stop…!” And it wasn’t R’hia… She ran in the direction of the sound. But when she got close, she only saw her partner, inexplicably and horribly distraught. She ran without speaking to the cabin, with Abbey in tow. When she got in, closing the door, she just kind of… collapsed. She seemed to just recede into some sort of severe anxiety or panic attack, but kept almost uncomfortably quiet as it happened…

    Three days of sheer silence from R’hia. Only eating small rations a couple times a day, and only if Abbey was the one to give them to her, and be insistent. R’hia finally speeks.
    ”Vincent’s… gone…
    Oh… Christ, no. What had she seen? Had she waited so long to finally be with Vincent again… only to be forced to watch him end somehow? Abeline debated for days on what had happened, as R’hia simply would not talk about it. And the way she was looking at her swords… Abeline was fearful of her mental state of being. And for good reason…

    Weeks came and went, and R’hia finally told Abeline what happened. And while she hid it at first, she had to go out while the others kept R’hia company later that same day, and release her anger. How the hell could Vincent, who had known R’hia for a vast amount of time, and nearly half their lives at this point, see R’hia as a THREAT? R’hia, who in her entire life raised her fist three times before the epidemic, all three in the name of protecting their friends, and once directly protecting Vincent…! Had Vincent truly stopped caring to the point of just sending R’hia away…?

    R’hia ended up finding some sort of solemn resolve. Abeline, however, now holds a grudge to Vincent’s name- in her eyes, this was nothing short of seeing her partner stabbed in the back… She was bitter, and while she’d never admit it herself, wounded deeply. But she knew she would never come close to comprehending what R’hia now felt… she could tell.

    Her partner had been shattered, and was left feeling alone to pick up the pieces.

    Bulbapedia " Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. Absol live in steep mountainous regions, and rarely venture down into areas inhabited by humans, but should an Absol be seen by humans, it is said that catastrophe is soon to follow. "
    Appearance Abeline, overall has an average look for an absol, the only major difference being that the downward hanging ‘plume’ of fur upon her head hangs a good 4 inches lower compared to most of her kind. She carries her body in a proud manner, but not necessarily prideful alone- she has pride because she knows what she is doing. One can look to her, and see that she can lead.
    Accent Northeastern American (New Jersey with some british influence)
    Religion Unsure (Believes in the legends, but now doubts Arceus)
    Motivation Protect R’hia, first and foremost. Next, her pokemon allies...
    Personality Abbey is, above all else, a mother hen in disguise. She can come across quite sassy, somewhat rude even. However, the truth of it is that her cross behaviors towards strangers are all out of protective habits- namely for R’hia Kyrie, her life trainer. She knew the girl since the both of them were young, and they bonded quickly. The epidemic has only strengthened their bond, far surpassing the flesh, the mere idea of species. They often instinctively know one another’s’ thought patterns and actions. As such, R’hia living on is her top priority in all ways. Abeline’s own and Vincent Sage Hanson’s lives is a close second, with their respective Pokemon teams being third, and all else is a far off concern.  

    To those she knows, she is actually very much motherly- concerned for others’ health, a funny streak, a gentle tone to her voice. She nags, she has the ‘mom look’ down so well she may as well patent it. If something she holds dear is threatened, much like R’hia, she can get nearly absolutely ferocious. If R’hia is directly threatened, her attitude is completely out of the ordinary- she acts more like a cold assassin, doing whatever is necessary to protect her. There was an incident in which Quelaag, her Charizard teammate, was injured and likely infected. If R’hia had not acted quickly, Abeline would have ended the fire-type’s life before the next dawn had arisen.

    Perhaps the best way to describe her is truly a mother hen, merely one whom has adapted to a world where every day is a living hell…
    User Notes -None yet
    Team notes N/A
    Affiliations R’hia Kyrie is her Life Partner and trainer since childhood.
    Vincent Sage the Human was a dear friend to Abbey, being an important person to R’hia. Now there is a begrudging memory remaining, nothing more…
    Development Notes Open/No set plans

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    ADMIN-CHAAAN! R'hia is ready to be added to Marsh team! Abeline will not be her dual partner there, however. Asura the Machamp, an already present character of mine, will be her partner. If there's anything I need to tweak or adjust, lemme know!

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    Your character nor the character’s pokemon can know for sure that cutting off the arm of the Charizard stopped the infection from spreading. That hasn’t even been confirmed by admins to be possible yet so users can’t make assumptions like that. I can allow that they believe that is what happened but there is also other possibilities like the one that attacked was past the infectious stage. Your characters can’t know for sure as that goes against site plot.

    Pelipper, per gen 7 rules, Fly and Surf are TMs, not HMs.

    Gen 7 does not have Secret Power or Rock Smash as learnable by Grotle as TMs. Or at all unfortunately.
    --(We are making exceptions for Tutor moves to allow gen 6 tutors because Sun and Moon does not actually have real move tutors. Just special tutors for starters. TMs and Breed moves must be gen 7 legal)

    Lastly if this is going to be a dual profile with Rhia and the current Machamp on the team then Abbey cannot be the second profile in this dual profile, it must be the Machamp’s profile under hers. He does not need to be on her team to be dualed with her but his profile must be here as he is the active character. There also needs to be a dual image for the team sheet.

    Those are my only notes. Please edit accordingly and post when ready for me to review again.


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