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    Strangelove The Undead Gothorita [WIP]


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    Strangelove The Undead Gothorita [WIP] Empty Strangelove The Undead Gothorita [WIP]

    Post by MightEpicon Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:30 pm

    Strangelove The Undead Gothorita
    Text Color- FFFFFF
    Items- Black Floral Kimono (Strangelove can use small amounts of her psychic powers to make the floral patterns move)
    Gender-  Female
    Age- Young Adult
    Species- 575, Gothorita, The Manipulate Pokemon
    Height-  2’
    Weight- 35 lbs
    Pokédex Entry- According to many old tales, it creates friends for itself by controlling sleeping children on starry nights.
    Level- 35
    Ability- Frisk
    Nature- Docile (no stats boosts)
    Characteristic- Likes to Relax (6)
    - Future Sight (LVL 31)
    - Psyshock (LVL 25)
    - Feint Attack (LVL 24)
    - Psybeam (LVL 16)

    History- Strangelove was born in the wild to a union of a Gallade and Gothitelle. However, the day she was born, the other Pokemon nearly fled at the sight of her; her eyes seemed to have no eyelids, and she was staring unceasingly into the air, squalling her tiny lungs out for her mother's attention. Despite her deformity, her parents raised her with love and care. The small family was forced to move from place to place due to her eyes disturbing the other Pokemon, however.

    Despite the setback, Strangelove grew up a happy, energetic and playful little free spirit, always running and playing. It was eventually discovered that her “mutation” extended slightly further: she DIDN'T have eyelids at all, but here eyes had a strange self-lubricating system built around the edges of the sockets to ensure she never felt irritation, if only at the cost that she appeared to be constantly crying. The younger Pokemon around her began to feel bad for leaving her out, and eventually she became a popular facet of her family's newest community.

    But all was not meant to last, as on the eve of her seventh birthday, Strangelove's parents were torn from the world too soon by a wicked Trainer who never trained their Pokemon to show any ounce of mercy or compassion; her Gallade father was held back by a Bisharp while her mother was forced down and brutally murdered before their eyes... and then it was her father's turn. With his last dying breath, he told her to run, and run she did, going as fast as her small legs would carry her into the wilds of the forest. The trainer and his Pokemon never found her, however, as she managed to find a tree with a hoe in the trunk, leading to a small alcove that she was able to hide in until they left. Now bereft of her family and all alone, Strangelove could only sit in her tree and cry real tears of sorrow as the rest of her small community perished under the hands of the murderous Trainer.

    Several days passed, her hunger growing as she forced herself to stay hidden, until finally she couldn't bear it and left her hiding place. As she left, she was assaulted by another Pokemon, a Banette... but this one seemed.... different. She'd known a Banette from one of the old communities, but this one... seemed wrong. The dull grey skin was covered in blotchy patches of red, chewed-up and burned flesh, the eyes were wild and deranged, almost looking like it was seeing her... as FOOD...

    With little warning, the offending creature gave her little chance to defend herself as it bit into her tiny neck, gnawing and soon ripping a large chunk of her off and running away, leaving her to die. And die she did...

    But now it was HER that seemed... strange... she could feel a burning in her blood, a seething, loathsome feeling that threatened to eat away at her very soul. She fought hard and strong, but in the end, the virus that had spread into her system won out, taking away a large portion of her mind. Only enough was left to know how to use her psychic powers... and her one last desire to punish those who had wronged her. As she shakily stood, she focused her powers and began to slowly float after the Banette that had made her what she now was.

    The Banette wasn't expecting her return, that was certain, as she lifted it with less than a whim and slammed it back into the ground head-first, hard enough to splatter its decaying brain matter across the terrain. She floated over, and a baser instinct kicked in, driving her to feed. She avoided the parts of infected flesh she could find and spat out the ones she did, consuming only what flesh was left untainted, which was, not surprisingly, very little. With her hunger sated for the time being, she made her way back to her community, looking over the burned-down rubble for her old home. The slowly decaying bodies of her parents lay among the wreckage of their small abode, and once more Strangelove was bidden to eat. Only... some small part of her mind recalled the bodies she fed on being vaguely important to her... and as she finally gulped down the last bit of her mother, the realization hit home hard. She crept back into the tree she'd hidden in and sobbed, her voice coming out as a mangled, gargling sound as she mourned her actions.

    Some days later, her urge to feed once more driving her on, Strangelove left her tree, but now she felt nothing. She knew less. In the time she'd taken to mourn, her body had given over the parts of her mind that could feel any further emotion to the virus. Now she moved with only a single purpose: eradicate those who were unjust, slay those who harmed others for fun... TAKE REVENGE FOR THOSE WHO COULD NOT. She would be the judge, jury and executioner set loose from the pits of hell.

    She would be a deranged form of hope for those who had none.

    She was... HELL'S GRL.

    It took her several weeks to track down the Trainer who'd killed her family, but she smashed the young girl open with a large rock, she felt nothing. She then moved back into the wilderness, hunting anyone and anything that harmed others for personal gain or pleasure. She would take no pleasure n their deaths... she knew not how.

    And she never would again. It is unknown when she evolved into Gothorita, and she wouldn't be able to tell you. f you cross her or find yourself on her list, the last thing you will hear before she ferries you to hell will be the sound of her soft voice in your head, gurgling out,

    “O pitiful soul tied in darkness...
    Looking down upon people, and hurting them...
    A soul drowned in sinful karma...
    Want to try dying this once?”

    Bulbapedia- Gothorita is a black, humanoid Pokémon with slim arms and legs. There are two round black buns on each side of its head, with a smaller drop-shaped piece hanging from each. Adorning its hair are four white bows, two on each bun. It has a pale purple face with cyan eyes and red lips. It has two white bows on its body, which flares at the bottom to form a skirt shape. Gothorita uses starlight as the source of its power, and is able to use its psychic powers to arrange rocks to match the star. It can also use these powers to control people and Pokémon with hypnosis.
    Appearance- Strangelove was once a slightly more-than-average Gothorita with large eyes, irises coloured a vivid red. However, when the infection took her, it was more than brutal: both her legs were eaten away, and her arms were rendered limp when the virus ate the ligaments. There is also a large chunk torn out of the left side of her neck from where an infected Banette attacked her. However, what it did to destroy her form also worked to make her EVEN MORE TERRIFYING. Her face has melted into a half skeletal mess of flesh and muscle... but her eyes have remained, the flesh melted away to leave white bones with black, soulless eyes bearing two concentric red rings and pin-prick red pupils that stare infinitely. Her psychic powers have increased in death, giving her the power to float where she needs to go. Along her journey she finds a strange kimono, made of black cloth with a floral print. Using a minute amount of her psychic powers, Strangelove is able to make the floral patterns MOVE from left to right.
    User Notes-

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