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    The Splendorous Eelektross ((Dark, Ace))

    Moon Moon
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    The Splendorous Eelektross ((Dark, Ace)) Empty The Splendorous Eelektross ((Dark, Ace))

    Post by Moon Moon Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:14 pm

    The Splendorous Eelektross ((Dark, Ace)) VQXHSwv

    Theme Basket Case [Green Day]
    Profession Entertainer
    Text Color #cc99ff
    Item A Silk Tophat and Bowtie
    Biological Sex Male
    Chosen Gender Identity None, uses male pronouns for convenience
    Age Adult
    Species #604, Electric type, Eelektross, the EleFish Pokemon
    Height 7'00"
    Weight 180.1lbs
    Pokédex Entry They crawl out of the ocean using their arms. They will attack prey on shore and immediately drag it into the ocean.
    Level 59
    Ability Levitate: Grants immunity to ground type moves and entry hazards.
    Nature Jolly (+SPD,-SpAtt)
    Characteristic A Little Quick Tempered (Attack IVs)
    Moves -Ion Deluge
    -Crush Claw
    -Zap Cannon
    Quote "It's all going to be alright, let's just try throwing a boulder at it!"
    "Hm, didn't work. Now throw me."
    History Working on it
    Appearance Has a prismatic effect with his bioluminescent lights, and glows in a rainbow of bright colors. It can be noted that otherwise, his body is a complete monochrome, with pitch black and pale grey scales. When he is able to wear them, he is adorned with a silk hat and a bright red bowtie.
    Accent Unidentifiable
    Religion Agnostic
    Motivation >Make Pokemon Happy!!!

    • Cheerful
    • Exuberant
    • Polite (generally)
    • Entertaining
      -Takes great joy from performing for other pokemon and making them happy.
    • Utilitarian Hedonist
      -The more pokemon that are happy, the better.
    • Illogical
      -More accurately functions on his own form of logic.
    • Obsessive
    • Vocal
    • Gracious
    • Observant
      -Though often ignores things that he doesn't like unless absolutely necessary.
    • Indirect
      -Regarding the seriousness of a situation, he often underplays how dire something is in an attempt to keep calm.
    • Calm
    • Somewhat Delusional
      -Occasionally sees reality through rose tinted lenses, but more often than not he is extremely perceptive of his surroundings.
    • Deceptive demeanor
      -Is so used to putting on a facade of cheer that he does it almost constantly, while he certainly is quite jolly concerning the circumstances he greatly exaggerates his joy about everything, Often sounding ecstatic about horrible things when he actually is not at in in the slightest.
    • Unpredictable
      -Unless you have extensive prior experience with The Splendorous Eelektross it is very difficult to tell what his next action might be.
    • Ruthless
      -Has no problems with committing acts of violence or murder if its necessary.
      -Never feels guilty about anything he's done either.
    • Intolerant
      -Specifically regarding ghosts
      -When he's angry he drops all pretenses of courtesy and straight up trash talks whatever he's mad at.
    • Practical
      -Except concerning matters concerning honor or responsibility. Or parties.
    • Unsettling
    • Spontaneous
    • Extroverted
      -Though is not discomforted by being alone for extended periods of time.
    • Friendly
    • Affectionate
    • Responsible
      -Impossible to break a promise.
    • Determined
      -If he thinks he's going to do something, one way or the other he's going to do it.

    User Notes -Inspired by the joke creepypasta "The Splendor Man", along with some of my earlier characters.
    -Functions on a completely alien system of morality based around how pleasant or necessary an action is, along with the days of the week.
    'Blue'-Generally Preferred, More Logical/Based in Reality:Courteous|Gracious|Dignified|Strongly Rule Based|Carnivorous|Entertaining|Aesthetics
    'Purple'-Generally Preferred, Illogical, Mandatory on Wednesday: Rashness|Spontaneity|Creativity|Violence
    'Orange'-Preferred, Somewhat Logical, Used when necessary, Required on Tuesdays: Vengeful|Insulting|Prideful|unaffectionate|Vegetarian
    'Green'-Unpreferred, Extremely Illogical: Aesthetics|Intolerance of the concepts of Mathematics and Time|Adoration of bodily fluids (excluding blood) and music
    -For the most part Splendy is Blue with Green tendencies, though will resort to Purple and Orange on their required instances.
    Team notes dank memes?
    Affiliations >Not known so far

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