Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Resistance: Green Empty Resistance: Green

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    Resistance: Green Tumblr_nmzudyKb3G1s5iyovo6_500

    Text Color228b22
    • Backpack w/
      -Dozens of papers, stolen notes
      -Spare jacket
      -Small amount of food rations
    • Communicator
    • Few Pokeballs
    • A med kit and a few super/hyper potions
    • A book on plants* (Obtained on Marsh)
    • Shotgun w/ no ammo
    • Machete
    • Handgun w/ limited ammo
    GenderFemale - She/They
    Age Young adult, 20
    Species Human
    Weight 139 lbs
    Height 5'04"
    Occupation Pokemon trainer
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Green 040
    Species- Wigglytuff, female "Jiggly"
    Bubble gum - FF92BB
    Ability- Cute charm
    Attack list-
    -Play Rough(Start)
    -Double Slap(Start)
    -Heal Pulse(Egg move)
    **Her first and primary Pokemon. Healer of Green herself, when injured badly, and the others of the team.
    Pkm 2
    Resistance: Green 009
    Species- Blastoise, male "Blasty"
    Metallic mint - 37FDFC
    Level- 77
    Ability- Torrent
    Attack list-
    -Hydro Pump(Lvl)
    -Skull Bash(Lvl)
    -Ice Punch(Move tutor)
    -Power-up Punch(TM)
    **Blasty is her main battler, he is used primarily for her protection, and always her first choice in a fight. She uses the others rarely in comparison to him.
    Pkm 3
    Resistance: Green 132
    Species- Ditto "Ditty"
    Light steelblue - 8F8FBC
    Level- 33
    Ability- Limber
    Attack list-
    **Used to disguise herself when she was younger, though she does much less pranking nowadays, his ability to change her appearance ot be used as a mask does have its advantages.
    Pkm 4
    Resistance: Green Talonflame
    Species- Talonflame, male "Flamey"
    Magenta3 - CD00CD
    Level- 66
    Ability- Gale wings
    Attack list-
    -Steel Wing(Lvl)
    **Used primarily for travel via flight. If trouble arises, his priority Fly can get her out of the situation immediately.
    Pkm 5
    Resistance: Green 407
    Species- Roserade, female "Rosy"
    Springgreen3 - 00CD66
    Level- 69
    Ability- Poison point
    Attack list-
    -Petal Dance(Start)
    -Giga Drain(Lvl up prior evo)
    -Poison Jab(TM)
    -Spikes(Move tutor)
    **The mother figure of the team, she primarily keeps the rest of the party, especially Green, calm during times of stress.

    Pkm 6
    Resistance: Green 510
    Species- Liepard, female "Kitty"
    Blue safe (Safe Hex3) - 6600FF
    Level- 63
    Ability- Prankster
    Attack list-
    -Sucker Punch(Lvl)
    -Gunk Shot(Move tutor)
    -Thunder Wave(TM)

    History Green was born to a small town, near Pallet. her parents looking after the girl as well as they could. At a young age she showed destructive and rule breaking behaviour, worrying them. One day they decided to gift their daughter with her very own Pokemon, a Jigglypuff. They hoped it would keep her out of trouble, but things only worsened as Green grew into adolescence.

    She tricked people, pick pocketing, and breaking laws. She got a hold of a Ditto, who helped her disguise herself, and the youth became a true menace. Green grew bolder, getting away with lying to police officers, and even her own parents. Green left home at ten, telling her family she was going to start her own journey with Jiggly. To say they were relieved to have their daughter out of the house would be an understatement.

    But when Green reached Professor Oak's laboratory, she did not ask for a starter to begin her quest with. Instead, she walked into the empty building and took one of the Pokeballs, waltzing out with no regret at all. The new Pokemon she got was a Squirtle, a jolly little guy that Green fell in love with at first sight. She began her own travels, then, her Pokemon slowly expanding and growing stronger. Blasty evolved, and it was after then that she met Red, then Blue. The first was a naive kid; Green convinced him to purchase 'invaluable power up items' for his Pikachu and left before he learned she had tricked him for the hell of it. Blue was less gullible, a lot more battle savvy, and she battled him, meeting the boy's ferocity.

    Blue was fun to battle, but Red became her favourite to con, and Green loved every time she ran into the kid. In time they became more friends that shit stains and they kept in touch. Green heard as both achieved titles, and she instead traveled the other regons. Travelling through Johto was the most eventful, meeting Silver and becoming close friends with the famed Giovanni's son, but Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos were just as interesting to the teenager.

    It was when she was sixteen that the epidemic started, something which she had never expected. With no luck contacted Red, Blue, OR Silver, she determined she was on her own and acted that way. About a year into the Epidemic, she found clues that led her to find a trail leading up to information on the origin of the virus. Green traveled across regions, to Orre and the Shadow Lab, where more notes were kept. Suddenly changed, the woman was no longer a survivor, but someone who held the truth that could change it all. Three years later, she is still searching for Red or Lance, someone of power, who can change the fate of the world with her information.
    Appearance A young woman, no longer a budding teenager, Green is short and curvy, but not someone to be taken lightly. She has long brown hair, rarely left out of a ponytail, more common to be balled up under her hat, as well as storm blue eyes that blaze like lightning. Living on her own has been harsh to her, and Green shows a number of scars and past injuries that healed poorly despite the help of her Pokemon. She is rugged, filthy, and feral to the eye at first glance, her communicator hanging sloppily around her neck. She carries a serious, wild air to her, the opposite of the carefree prankster she once was. Her expression is always perceptive, taking in the details, and her eyes narrowed to slits. Despite being fairly short, she holds herself confidently when facing others and will not back down when she feels motivated.
    Personality +Adamant+
    -Stubborn and unble to be moved once setting herself to one thing.
    +Stern in morals+
    -She will never budge from what she knows is black and white. While she has acted in forms of grey, she knows it was wrong, and will not defend that. She will whip around and call someone out on their shit the moment she sees it.
    -While not proud of this, she is not afraid to react aggressively if this gets her the help the world needs. She will not tolerate anyone in her way. She does not want to hurt anyone by any means, but those who are destroying the world need to meet their end.
    +Not feminine+
    -Will react violently to shows of sexism or moves from males to hit on her.
    -Stone faced, especially when speaking about her mission.
    -While she knows what is foolish or dangerous, Green is not afraid to take the hard path and walk it straight down to the end.
    -Exceedingly so. Unflinching in the face of danger or threats, she can take care of herself and throw them back with added force.
    -Traveling so urgently for so many years has truly taken the energy from the youth. She no longer looks or acts her age, but has seemed to have aged thrice-fold in just four years.
    -She has experienced loss and pain, and seen it in the eyes of others and the state of cities and nature. It breaks her heart more and more with the larger portion of the regions she sees.
    +At war with self+
    -Doubtful of if her goal is possible. Afraid she is making the wrong choices. Worried she is just making things worse.
    +Self loathing+
    -Dislikes herself due to the actions she has been forced to take.
    -Endlessly so, will travel to the ends of the earth (and has) to get her goal.
    -While not openly or looking to do so, Green will sacrifice herself to push her goal if it came to that.
    +Feels cheated+
    -Bitter at the events that led her to carry this job on her shoulders, feels hatred for the forces that control fate. Curses Arceus more than prays to him.
    -Despite its rather bad aftershocks, Green tends to naturally turn and do the opposite when asked to do a task by someone she highly dislikes. This has worse consequences when it is a generally bad idea and they tell her do not do it.
    +Forcefully mature+
    -Green was given no choice in her mind but to drop the childishness and take her new role seriously. She is very bitter about this.
    -Her life has changed so much, Green herself has had to abandon all of the immaturity and impish acts that she used to love. This leaves her feeling bored and unfulfilled, as if life has personally chosen her to ruin her ability to have fun.
    -With so much riding on her succeeding, Green is very much aware of just what the stakes are if she dies and does not get the valuable information of the Epidemic's origins to Red and Lance.
    -Not one to beat around the bush, she will call it as she sees it.
    User Notes -Knows Blue, Red, and Yellow.
    -Knows the origins of the Epidemic, searching for HQ so she can share it with them and work towards a cure.
    -When forced to relax, which is very rare and difficult, Green will revert to her old self and show a sparkling sense of humor and an immense familiarity with pranks and tricking other people. She will immediately feel horrible about forgetting the state of the world and her role afterwards, however, and be crushed beneath guilt.
    -Profile art done by Starprincess13.

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