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    Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME]


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    Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME] Empty Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME]

    Post by Fern Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:11 pm

    AGEYoung Adult
    SPECIES#128, Tauros
    WEIGHT197 Pounds (Weighs slightly more due to muscle gain)
    ABILITYAnger Point: Increases Attack to maximum level upon taking a critical hit.
    CHARACTERISTICProud of its Power
    DEX ENTRYX-After heightening its will to fight by whipping itself with its three tails, it charges at full speed.
    -Horn Attack [Level Up]
    -Return [TM27]
    -Work Up[Level Up]

    -Pursuit[Level Up]


    Whiskey is an independent soul, which makes him a natural leader through some eyes. He is brazenly convinced he can triumph any hardship on his own, and, although this is a sheltered thought, wants others among him to do the same. However, Whiskey is not hesitant to make difficult decisions, which is evident in his slaying of Marcus. The Tauros believes that his choice is always the right one, regardless of anyone else’s input. This confidence can be useful in some situations, but Whiskey cannot see things from anyone else’s perspective but his own. This causes him to be rashly blunt, and he will give his honest opinion without sparing your feelings.

    Whiskey also has a juvenile mind set when it comes to goals, and they are often unrealistic and irrational.


    Whiskey has the normal appearance of a Tauros, however, due to his prime lineage and training in his early years, has gained more muscle than the average Tauros his age.


    Nestled in the deep woods of Unova was Paradise Fields, a small urban farm. They bred their Pokemon in the springtime, and in the summer, the offspring was split into different groups. The strongest of the brood were sold to wealthy Pokemon battlers, or kept to continue their lineage the next year. The weakest, however, were processed into meat. Paradise Fields also ran a clandestine slaughterhouse of sorts, and despite their methods being all too inhumane, it grossed a lot of money. It was one of those things that was synonymous to a drug-deal; people would underhandedly buy their meat and slink back into the shadows. The act of using Pokemon as livestock was frowned upon by many, and when it was discovered that Paradise Fields was running a slaughterhouse service to the public, (during the time when Team Plasma’s “save Pokemon!” propaganda was running rampant over the region), it gradually lost customers until they stopped grossing enough profit to sustain the farm altogether.

    While Whiskey was born during the farm’s slow decline, he was luckily sold to a prospective battler named Marcus at an expensive price, considering the circumstances. However, Marcus was a successful raiser of Pokemon, and saw potential in the young Tauros. Naming him Whiskey due to the feral gleam in his eyes, he took him in and raised him to be a fighter, teaching him all the tricks to competitive battling. As Whiskey grew, so did his strength, not only in his physique, but in his bond with his trainer as well. For many years, Whiskey and Marcus wandered the region, battling whenever possible. They oftentimes celebrated triumph, as there was scarcely a defeat to brood over. Whiskey was fearless; until the Epidemic began.

    Whiskey and Marcus moved to a different region to continue their dream of becoming champions, and although being seasoned battlers, this dream was a rather juvenile one. But a dream was a dream, and they were in hot pursuit. However, something was changing. Throughout the region, Pokemon that smelled of decay were appearing. Whiskey, as headstrong as he was, wanted to keep following their dream, although Marcus was a little more apprehensive.

    One fateful day, Marcus was attacked by one of the undead beasts, a Golbat to be exact. The fight was a short one between the Golbat and Whiskey. Although the Golbat was now zombified, he still retained his skittish nature, and flew off screeching when Whiskey’s mighty horns were approaching.

    Whiskey saw the agony his beloved Marcus was in, and with a heartfelt farewell, he gave Marcus a quick and easy death. In one fell swoop, everything he had ever loved was gone. He wandered the region, vowing to kill as many of the Undead as he could before death takes him as its own.


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    Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME] Empty Re: Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME]

    Post by Victini Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:10 am

    Approved. Excellent first profile. :]

    Whiskey will be placed on the Hearthome Team and is number 6 in the post cycle, after the Krookodile.


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    Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME] Empty Re: Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME]

    Post by Fern Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:12 am

    Yay! Thank you so much! Hearthome is actually my favorite city. ^-^ Can't wait!~

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    Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME] Empty Re: Whiskey The Tauros [ACE|HEARTHOME]

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