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    Camellia the Lucario (WIP)


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    Camellia the Lucario (WIP) Empty Camellia the Lucario (WIP)

    Post by Penumbra Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:45 pm

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      Flower Necklace (x1)

      Plastic Camellia Flower (x1)

      Flower Bracelet (x1)

      Gender Female
      Age Adolescent
      Species #448 Lucario, the Aura Pokemon
      Height 5'0
      Weight 136lbs
      Pokédex Entry "It has the ability to sense the auras of all things. It understands human speech."
      Level 29
      Ability Inner Focus
      Nature Timid
      Characteristic Alert to sounds

      Bone Rush (Level)

      Force Palm (Level)

      Protect (TM)

      Blaze Kick (Egg)

      History something something aura daycare something
      Appearance For the most part, she looks like a typical Lucario. However, the most noticeable thing about Camellia by far is her height. Standing at over a foot tall of the norm of her species, the Fighting type towers over her fellow Aura Pokemon. However, due to her relatively young age, Camellia has yet to actually grow into her height, so to speak; her limbs are long and gangly, and she hasn't quite developed much in the way of muscle. Her natural clumsiness also tends to make her look more like a baby Deerling trying to learn how to walk for the first time rather than a majestic guardian of aura.

      She rarely stays still for very long, and always seems to be moving in some way. Whether it's poking at the dirt, or swaying absentmindedly from side to side, Camellia hates stillness. Particularly now, in a world that's so filled with death where danger can be around any and every corner.

      Her unusual height is a bit of an embarrassment to her, and she can often be seen slouching at times.

      Personality Camellia is kind, almost too kind for the circumstances she has to endure. If someone is in need of assistance, she never hesitates to provide it, trying her very best to be as helpful as she can. In terms of confidence, the Lucario is severely lacking, often pointing out all of her various weaknesses and shortcomings while appearing seemingly oblivious to her more positive traits. Because she believes she is relatively weak and useless, she is extraordinarily self-sacrificing- presumably as a result of such beliefs.

      Though she struggles quite a bit with being what she believes to be useful, Camellia is by no means a pushover; what she lacks in pure power, she more than makes up for in precision, and an ability to use what she is gifted in to it's full extent- such as her Force Palm attack. She also boasts an impressive temper, and if she is sufficiently provoked, she is more than capable of smashing things to a degree that would probably put the Hulk to shame.

      Her history of taking care of young Pokemon has made Camellia develop a rather motherly side, and she has a tendency to gravitate towards those younger than her- or she perceives as younger than her- as a result. She'll often offer to make them flower crowns during quieter moments.

      User Notes

      The outbreak has caused her to gain several levels as a result of fighting constantly for her life. Despite trying her hardest to become stronger, her IVs are mediocre at best.

      She is incapable of learning Aura Sphere so long as she remains incapable of harnessing her aura-related abilities in general.

      Due to female Lucario being in relatively short supply, she was once considered for breeding purposes. Eventually, however, it was decided she would fair significantly better taking care of younger Pokemon, instead- both due to a fear that Camellia would pass on her inability to sense and control aura and on account of her timid, delicate disposition. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, is that in addition to her height and aura-related difficulties, Camellia is unable to have children.

      She utilizes her Force Palm attack quite well, by specifically targeting weak spots and pressure points to hit in quick succession.

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