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Kirito the Lucario and Asuna the Infernape WIP


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Kirito the Lucario and Asuna the Infernape WIP  Empty Kirito the Lucario and Asuna the Infernape WIP

Post by Dandelion Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:47 am

Kirito the Lucario and Asuna the Infernape WIP  Unknown
Kirito the Lucario and Asuna the Infernape WIP  Jovahni

Lu'req "Reed" The Rebel and Johvani the Renegade
Theme Fat Lip - Sum 41
Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Text Color Lu'req - 9c365d
Johvani - c983b9
Item None
Biological Gender Male
Gender Identity Male - He/him
Genderfluid - She/Xe/Them
Age Adult
Species ??? Radeon, The Toxic Pokemon - Poison Type
??? Radeon, The Toxic Pokemon - Poison Type
Height 2'11"
Weight 50.2 lbs
61.3 lbs
Pokédex Entry FakemonDex:: Its ears and tail droop as if it has lost the strength to hold them. Its fur is coated with a deadly poison.
FakemonDex:: Its ears and tail droop as if it has lost the strength to hold them. Its fur is coated with a deadly poison.
Level 41
Ability Poison Point
Poison Point
Nature Impish
Characteristic Likes to Fight
Sturdy body
Moves - Poison Tail (Level Up)
- Acid Armor (Level Up)
- Double Team (TM)
- Cross Poison (Level Up)

- Poison Jab (TM)
- Dig (TM)
- Protect (TM)
- Wish (Egg Move)
"I will not be another of your casualties."

"As long as we have each other it'll be okay."

History Their histories overlap at the beginning and end and are essentially the same in those parts.

Lu'req was born to a single mother, a trainer's Pokemon who was released for unknown reasons and had no home to return to. She had wandered aimlessly about the region, her pregnancy a surprise with an unknown father, and was forced to settle in the unsightly Marsh as her child was born. Young, ill-prepared, and negligent, the inexperienced Glaceon struggled to rise to the role of a mother to her new dependent. The rambunctious Eevee was more than a handful, and for better for worse the bright eyed child wanted nothing more than to explore and be with other Pokemon. With his mother refusing to play with him and struggling to enforce any rules (let alone teaching him 'no') the Eevee unknowingly took full advantage of his freedom and would constantly wander away.

Lu'req was quick to stumble upon the local kids and integrate himself among them. He was a kind lad, but it was his passion that sold him to the other children. With bold new ideas, free thought, and a seemingly boundless confidence he was welcome with open arms. Leading them on adventures they would have never thought of and making himself the center of attention the boy was happy with the friends he made.
But it wasn't all smiles. His passions and strong feelings often got the better of him. Even if he was 'in the right' his lack of understanding for things not going his way often escalated arguments to squabbles and tussles he would sorely lose. Often covered in dents and dings, the scruffy boy always struggled back to his paws and never backed down. Even as a small child this strong feelings made him quiet respectable, and eventually the other Pokemon saw him as a sort of leader.

Of all the kids living in the marsh there was only one other Eevee, a girl named Johvani. She always seemed to calm, so put together, and was the opposite of the strong-headed lad. But he liked that, and the two became fast friends. In fact, it was Johvani that gave him his first [kind] nickname. "You're like a reed," she'd say, "A sturdy little thing even if others think you look like a pushover." He took the name in stride. It was like a sign of good things to come, like they were meant to lead the squad, two Eevee's on a mission, and any time they spent together was good.

That is, until he returned home. His mother was seemingly miserable and utterly depressed, though the child did not understand why. She spent a lot of time curled up at home and did not eat as much as she should or bathe properly. On the good days where he came back with stories and cheer she would struggle to communicate, eventually making the child quiet down as she attempted to care for him. On the bad days when he came home with scratches and wounds, she would clean him but say little outside of "don't cry."

Lu'req should not have noticed the poor state of his home at such an age, but his mother's shrinking body could not be ignored. Despite the gnawing hunger in his belly he would push his share toward her, it often being all they had, but usually she refused to eat it. The kind lad felt a fervent need to do something, and instinct told him to simply find food. And so he did. Any free time he had he spent foraging, stealing, or even hunting for food, enough for his mother, enough for himself. The weak Pokemon struggled at first, knowing nothing about locating his own meals, but necessity forced him to improve. Knowing where to look and how often, how to fight for a berry bush that was claimed, and even the right ways to coax his mother to eat. It was stressful to say the least, and the headstrong Pokemon got a bit more feisty, but never spoke of his trials to his peers.

Instead the efforts spoke for themselves, in a stronger Pokemon, in a more learned and explored leader, and one that could work with the stubborn. He would still squabble with his fellows and act as a headstrong kid, but now he had more places to explore, more ideas to introduce to them, and the pleasant days went by too quickly. Like any kid he thought they would never end, and the faithful day came suddenly and without warning.

It was a quiet day, not many kids came to play and Reed decided to search for food early instead. His venture took him quite far, curiosity pushing the Eevee further than normal as he looked for a new, unknown hunting ground. He knew he was heading toward the dangerous part of the Marsh, with the toxic pools that few Pokemon dared stay around, but the very idea gave him hope for unclaimed berry trees. Reed thought nothing of it, that no Pokemon would be around, and felt a chill go down his spine as he heard a scream. It was uncomfortably familiar and close, unmistakably Johvani's voice. A wailing cry, so desperate and piercing against his ears, but he did not receive a response as he called back. Wasting no time he rushed off in the cry's direction, and burst into an unexpected scene.

Having grown keener senses it only took a second for him to take in the important elements; Johvani was drowning, and his 'friends' were laughing instead of helping. Screaming as he charged them Lu'req tackled the Marill and kicked the Skorupi away. They were quick to attack back, knowing full well they had been caught and would not escape punishment. Reed fought with all his might, valiantly standing up to the duo, but he was no match for a two-on-one. Each time he kicked one Pokemon away the other blocked his path, and a strike to the back was enough to knock him to the ground. Beating the lad with laughs and  glee he could only mewl Johvani's name before he realized... xyr cries had gone silent.

After a couple seconds the others seemed to realize what had happened as well, and their hold on Reed waned. Struggling to his paws the Eevee immediately leaped into the goop, sinking in a blind search for his fellow wad of fur. The other boys stared blankly, and while they were not likely to help a crack in the brush sent them racing away. Reed was none the wiser within the dark water, and were it not for a blinding light from below he wouldn't have been able to find and grip what felt like a familiar scruff. His lungs screamed as he pulled, paddling toward the surface as the light grew stronger. With his bundle in tow he scrabbled onto the land and into the reeds, and as he wiped the muck from his eyes he screamed Johvani's name.

Scraping at the slop, he was mortified to find it was a wad of plants and leaves he had pulled up. He gasped, about to dive again when a slosh hit his ears and he saw a pair of paws reaching out from the muck. Screaming Johvani's name as their head burst from the surface with a gasping breath his paws breached the reeds to join her, but he was frozen in place by what he spotted beyond her. Wading out from behind the ferns was a human, and her eyes were locked their way. A new sense of panic kept him locked in place, his eyes unable to focus on either the muck-covered Johvani or the human approaching her as his heart raced even faster. Gasping and hacking up toxic sludge water Johvani shook out her pelt, but the sickly color did not fade. In fact.. Reed could have sworn his eyes were playing tricks on him with the bizarre color she was and how much taller she seemed to be. For all his confusion he only saw her for a few moments before the human threw a Pokeball and she disappeared before his eyes. The girl reached forward, squealing something before taking the Pokeball and heading back the way she came without noticing him.

That was the last Lu'req saw of his dear friend. From there.. things never felt the same. It wasn't just the loss of Johvani but the fact that the rest of the group seemed so indifferent to it. The other boys refused to own up to their act, claiming he had no proof of foul play and it was simply a trainer that took her. Fights between the Pokemon grew worse and more frequent until Lu'req ridiculed and manged to chase out the pair. They were akin to murderers in his mind, and damned would he be to let them remain with his friends.
Still.. it did nothing to ease his aching soul, and it was infuriating. The passionate lad felt himself growing angry. His friends reasoned that Pokemon were captured all the time, it was life, but they didn't so much as shed a tear for her. She was their leader too, shouldn't that count for something?!

Johvani was born deep in the great Marsh to a pair of eeveelution parents. They instilled great kindness in her, though the Eevee was gentle by nature, and she quickly became a joyful light to all the Pokemon around her. Even from a young age Johvani towered for her breed, and with her loving personality she quickly became the big sibling to the other Pokemon in the area, even those older than her.

As their friendships blossomed and the kids explored the world around them, her role as big sibling naturally made her the mediator, advisor, support, and word of reason among the group. She was beloved and quickly became the most important member, and were it not for her nature it would have gone immediately to her head, but despite all she did for her friends not all the kids felt it was fair. An Eevee was not a natural marsh dweller, and they felt insulted that some invasive species was running their ring. The ruder children often took advantage of her, picking on the Eevee, being mean or even abusive to someone that showed them nothing but selflessness.

But, no matter what they did to them, Johvani did not fight back. No matter the insult, trickery, or prank the child did not retaliate. Even when they lead her straight into danger, something that quickly forced her to learn to fight her way out/defend herself, she never blamed or even yelled at those who caused it. Instead, xed ask if the others were alright after it in their endless attempt to seed kindness. Even with those seeds planted, cruelty seemed to grow worse as the children aged.

As timed passed and she reached prepubescence and then preteen years, another Eevee appeared in their Marsh and quickly made an impression to join the group. Despite being the youngest Lu'req was a passionate young thing, and breathed new life into the group. Bold, brazen, and fervid, the small male took charge and encouraged the group to try new things. His wild ideas were exciting and fresh, and everyone seemed to enjoy his addition.
More so than that, the younger Eevee was equally as kind as Johvani, but he went about it a completely different way. Vocal of anything he believed in, he was quick to stand up against that he did not agree with, especially the bullying of the older Eevee. Sticking his nose in whenever he saw someone being mean to her, he took more than his fair share of name calling and beatings, but Lu'req was never put down by it. 'He wouldn't stand for it and neither should she', he'd say even when beaten silly and about to topple over. It was the first time Johvani had someone stand up for her, and while he didn't need it she gave the young one extra attention where she could.

The pair became quick and close friends, and were often saw as tandem leaders. The youngest had the voice to direct their adventures and the tallest had the reason and sense to execute plans and keep it fun. Yet, despite the shared role Johvani found herself falling back into the shadows, unneeded as a support when a confident leader stood before them. Even when displaced she did not complain, but more so than ever contributed what she could when she could, and it made her all the more vulnerable to the bullies when her shadow was not around.

The other kids must have picked up on this, as a pair of boys (a Skorupi and Marill) played a foul trick on her. They found her alone, and said Reed wandered into the forbidden part of the swamp with dangerous, toxic water, and had fallen in. Johvani was panic stricken; every Pokemon knew to avoid that spot, and immediately the leggy girl went on the rescue. She ran, quickly navigating through her home to the forbidden area of the swamp, calling out for her missing friend. The sickly place was enough to put her fur on end, but she headed deeper and deeper as no response came to her ears.

Surrounded by vile, toxic water, Johvani could not see, hear, or smell the other Eevee. She cried out, never realizing she was being punked even as xe was attacked by the very Pokemon who lead xem there. The Marill wet her thick fur with water attacks, blurring her vision as she stumbled. Squealing in pain she tried to ask what was happening, but the gagging water prevented her from properly calling out. Together they pushed her into the sludge, the sick kids laughing as she struggled against the thick liquid.

The smell was vile, the icy cold seeping into her bones, but the dangerous water was enough to send a new primal panic through the child as she fought back. Kicking and crawling xyr way to the edge the Skorupi refused to let her gain ground, hitting her square in the face with a poison sting. Searing pain split her focus and sapped her strength as the toxins spread faster than the chill. With her eyes squeezed closed Johvani cried for help, and the tiny yips of a barreling ball of fur could just barely be heard.

Lu'req charged the scene, screaming and striking the sick Pokemon they had called friends. They were quick to attack back, knowing full well [that unlike Johvani] the tattle-tale would get them in trouble if they let him go. The female Eevee flailed in the muck, vision obscured and strength waning, and while Reed fought valiantly he could never keep both Pokemon occupied long enough for her to drag herself out. As the cold sunk deep into xyr bones Johvani felt herself fading, and as her body seized her face dipped beneath the foul surface.

Though they stopped struggling the Eevee only seemed to sink deeper, the foul water misleading in its depth. The poison stung sharp in her face, consciousness pulsing with each wave of pain. With no idea how far they had fallen, as light was obscured from the surface, only the touch of something hard beneath her gave any sort positional awareness. Thoughts of panicked drowning filled her though she could no longer fight it, but from that very touch came a surge of warmth, and  flowing energy filled their body with a determination to live. Pushing off from the what they assumed was the bottom of the pond Johvani kicked and shot to the surface, her lungs crying out in joy as they breached the surface and took in fresh air.

She was still exhausted, but the renewed energy allowed her just enough strength to haul herself on to solid ground once again. As she stood panting, she heard Reed's voice, and turned to see the filthy Eevee nearby. Had he tried to save her, or had he saved himself? The question would go unanswered, her own voice cut off as the fatigued child felt utterly faint, and the Pokeball that closed around her had no protest to stop it.

The next time Johvani saw the waking world she was not in the Marsh she called home. Her hurts had been tended to, but the air was stark and different, lights blindingly bright and a humans always seemed to be uncomfortably close to her. In every aspect her world had turned on its head, both from her unexpected evolution and her sudden introduction to life as a trainer's Pokemon.

With little time to settle in Johvani was thrown straight into her new life with battle a after battle. The girl's excitement for catching an Eevee was too much, and her enthusiasm from having an unusual eeveelution at that was even worse. The battles were rough, hard fought and usually lost, and Johvani could only assume her trainer was simply trying to show off for some unknown reason. The evolution itself was not great (or perhaps she was a poor trainer), something they realized fairly quickly, and the girl supplemented her Pokemon with TM's.

While it helped ease her combat needs it didn't make life any easier. The trainer took her team all over the region, shallow and wanting only to flex her rare find. The excitement only seemed to last so long,

As the years past Johvani remained her most unique and rare Pokemon, though the spark of this flex had long since worn off. Yet as her Pokemon came of age the trainer realized she could be useful in other ways. Having grown better in combat she would show off her Eeveelution, even partaking in the occasional contest to put her on display, and would propose an offer to those she interested. "What a rare and wild Eeveelution," she'd proclaim, "You can have your own too, as her kids will have the same evolution potential!"

While she had no proof to back up her faux claims the requests to breed her Pokemon, even if only for the fancy white spotting or chance at an Eevee, quickly flooded in. Johvani's life seemed to subsist endlessly in the daycare after that.

bred relentlessly

She finally snapped.

A storm raged down on Solaceon Town Johvani struck up the courage to escape. In a bid to free xerself from this servitude the Radeon found a spot weakened by the rain, and managed to sneak out of the daycare. The ranch hand Pokemon, a Staraptor and Arcanine, were both protectors and wardens, and upon noticing their missing charge took off for capture. Johvani would not, could not go back to that hell, and ran blindly down the rugged, mountainous road. It was dark, dangerous even, and more times than not she stumbled and tricked on the unknown path. She could hear the Arcanine's heavy steps closing in, and the calls of the bird for xer to stop, but even as her path became more encumbered the Radeon refused to give up.

Charging through the mess that was route 209, Johvani thought to hide in the trees, to take cover in the one type of enviorment she found comfort even, but even that was not meant to be. The soft ground shifted, and losing her footing the Radeon went tumbling down a stark cliff. In the dark of night she had failed to see the edge, and the cold splash of the torrenting water below awoke deep seeded memories. Her body seized, prisoner to shock and trauma both, and with no will to fight was carried down river and out of her captures sights.

When she awoke she was cold and alone. The water had carried her downstream, far from the ranch, from her trainer, from the life she never wanted. It was what she wanted, freedom, but it did not taste sweet. Johvani had become lost, both physically and figuratively, and wandered the region as she sought meaning. It was.. a solemn venture, filled with more battles than she would be willing to admit.

Epidemic can go here, so its raging before she gets home?

Eventually, her body and mind seemed to agree; it was time to return home. With instinct as her guide the Radeon made her way back to her roots, to the humid, natural marsh she had been born in.

flees the ranch during a storm so the guard staraptor/arcanine cant follow her, runs south, falls in the water, truama trauma, trauma.
whether she meant to or not she ends up in the wilds once again.


Makes her way back home.

Pledged into the Radeon army.  blah blah

Told she would be institutional in.. bolstering their forces.

trauma, child abandonment, disloyalty.. she defects from the shelter in the middle of the night, just like before. Hiding off into the Marsh where no one dared follow.

Sobbing and alone, the Radeon was keenly aware of her sadness. At her life, her treatment, the state of the world, her loneliness. It was all a bit much.

And then Lu'req returns to her. No pressure, no force, just comfort.
He told her how fucked it was, how much he hated what had become of their neighbors. He sought to rebel, to destroy the system so to speak, and while he said nothing of forcing her to his side, Johvani would have it no other way.

Bulbapedia "Radeon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokemon covered in short purple fur that can seep out poisons. It's tattered, hanging ears and tail no longer have the strength to stay supported. Radeon has a lavender arrow on its forehead that fades out, and the tip of its tail, ears, back, and feet are the same shade of lavender. It has large red eyes and a small nose. The fur of its main droops over its chest. This Pokémon's fur will not poison those it befriends. It is rarely found in the wild."
Appearance Lu'req is a short Radeon compared to his species average, but he has never let size be a factor or hindrance. He's well built, with a compact and muscular body that's used to trudging through unsavory terrain and fighting tooth and claw. He's a bit on the scruffy side, with unkempt fur that will not be tamed. Due to his profession he is no stranger to close calls, and its reflected in the state of his body. He is riddled with scars marring the thinner parts of his fur, from his back to his eye, to a particularly nasty bite on his throat. He is not proud or ashamed of the scars, accepting them as a physical consequence of living.

Lu'req has had a few persistent pelt markings since hatching. He has white front socks and a blaze over the bridge of his muzzle. The pristine color of these marks has been his saving grace and endless bane with knowing his own immunity, as the bright white color has always remained.

Johvani is a tall Radeon, with a sturdy but lanky body shape. She seems a bit awkward when moving, as though she does not know what to do with her own paws, but is quite graceful in combat thanks to her experience. Her tail is a bit on the short side, with more poofy than strandy fur. Her eyes are a slightly lighter shade them species average, being a bit more pinkish than red.

Johvani suffers from vitiligo, something that started its development early in her childhood, and it has slowly spread to different areas of her body. The white stippling has clumped together in many places, looking more like patches than spots.
Accent Reed's voice is slightly raspy, cold, and usually kept low. His actual voice is very childlike, much to his dismay, and its unclear if his manner of speaking is to compensate for that or simply a result of his circumstances.
Johvani speaks softly, oozing warmth in a very motherly way. She's whimsical, almost aloof with her wording, and gives an air of calm with her words. They also speak very slowly most the time, giving them a bit of a dim vibe.
Devotion "Fuck the legends"
All legends, primarily Arceus, Shaymin, Suicune, and the Swords of Justice.
Motivation Destroy the undead, uncover the truth, and force his old companions to feel remorse.
Try to make the world a better and safer place.
| Bitter | Blunt | Rash | Headstrong | Decisive | Aggressive | Brutal | Curt | Follows Through | Powers Through | Protective | "Fearless" | Perseveres | Convictions | Vocal |

Lu'req is a lot of Pokemon in a small package. He's confident, outgoing, passionate, and willing to put in the effort. He acts bigger than himself, unafraid to take on immeasurable foes and forces, and rebel against things beyond his being. Its the size of the heart in the fight, not the size of the fighter, and he refuses to back down. With his, he also has a bad habit of taking on more than he can handle, but he would never back away from something.

Time has toned down his bubbly excitement and worn him into an active rebel. The constant, brutal battles, along with all the pain and suffering he has seen/felt, have hardened his soul.

mom taught him not to cry, and never taught him the meaning of no. hes very passionate, and does not understand other pokemon refusing something hes doing or wants.

One of the few lessons his mother taught him was to never cry, even if he was running home bleeding and limping. It stuck with him hard, to the point of utterly refusing the emotional release, and perhaps its made him emotionally stunted. Taught to bottle his pain, to stand up above it, to always act like the bigger Pokemon, he struggles to talk about things in a personal sense. Interpersonal relationships are hard when you cant communicate from the heart, and he struggles to keep friends close.
An overarching anger seems to follow him, pain after pain building over time, and when he does have outbursts they are quite shocking.

| Sweet | Gentle | Submissive | Somewhat Dim/Slow | Appears Carefree | Quiet | Closed Off | Bottles Everything | Good Girl | Doesn't Complain | Solemn | Protective | Motherly/Maternal | Easy Going | Relaxed | Supportive | Follower | Does as Told | Regretful | Ashamed | Disappointed | Trauma | Spineless | Gullible | Too Trusting | Grateful | Depressed.

Johvani is a criminally kind Pokemon. Whether it was the way she was raised or simple her heart's desire, this Radeon struggles to be cruel in even the most justified situation. She's kind to all, supportive, and looks for the positive side of things.

Johvani has a very nurturing soul, and wants to see others succeed. She's a great maternal figure and loves kids, and is usually a very comforting figure for them (or anyone, as she appears to have her shit together). She doesn't feel like she has much to teach but loves do to so for youths in need.

In the heart of it, Johvani is incredibly depressed, with a looming loneliness that haunts her. Since childhood she has wanted to feel needed, wanted, and more so desired for who they are and not what they are. Its lead her to make some questionable choices, many of which she deeply regrets but would never say a word against. This humble desire to be needed makes her painfully easy to take advantage of in any regard, but thanks to Reed this has been curbed.
Where she would normally say yes to anything she has somewhat learned to refuse thanks to her partners confidence. While she would never talk back or even raise her voice Johvani has gained a voice that says no, albeit bluntly compared to her other kind words. This stark change in her words with the gentlest voice behind them can be incredibly off putting, but she's working on it.

Admittedly, xe is a bit slow. Outside of her own immediate perceptions she doesn't like to do much deep thought and leaves it to Reed. Classified as easy going Johvani struggles to react to much of anything. Stress, yelling, denial, starvation, she struggles to express herself even when asked directly, and appears very closed off. Not only that but what emotions she does feel she would rather bottle up and forget about. She's not prone to outbursts or breakdowns, but this technique has made it hard for her to understand her emotions in general.

If there is one thing that gets to her its the past, specifically her time at the daycare. That swirling abyss of emotions haunts her to this day, for the things she did and didn't do, or the repeat that almost occurred at the stronghold. After defecting she could have simply run away and never come back, but the thought that such a thing could be repeated her as kept her rooted in the marsh, and the pain at the forefront of her mind.
Team notes N/a
Affiliations Marsh Survivors:
Pokemon that were once his friends and family, Lu'req has tried of their treatment and turned his back on them. He left on sour terms, and will not return willingly.
Unable to handle the pressures put on them and the old trauma it brought up, Johvani chose desertion, and such an act did not go over well with their old friends. Of the pair, her defection was more of a sting as it took away their chance at future warriors.
Name Origin Named after Lue-Reeq from FFXIV, characters have no other relation. He was nicknamed Reed, a tall, slender water plant, by Jovani.
Named after Jovani from Twilight Princess, no other relation. An Italian name meaning God is gracious or Father of the sky.
User Notes ❀ His TM move was scavenged in Pastoria and taught to him by Johvani.
❀ TM's taught by her trainer as Radeons movepool is garbage.
❀ History was tamed where applicable. Hopefully it still flows, is appropriate, and gets what it needs to across.
Development Notes - Decide if revenge and/or reformation is the best idea.
- Accept the past mistakes and choices that haunt her.
- Learn healthy ways to cope with and heal from her trauma

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