Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Admin open questions panel


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    Admin open questions panel Empty Admin open questions panel

    Post by Mew Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:22 am

    I am the Head Admin for Epidemic Johto, and DarkFall. Ask me anything ;P

    My other admins will reply as they feel the urge, but I will resond to every question. This is currently OPEN FOR QUESTIONS.

    Q: Ok, just want to get this straight. There's no infected/undead on Darkfall?
    Mew: We're still going through the development regarding that, but any undead there are (if at all) will be few and far between. More of myths than any real threat, due to Rarity. There are several items for potion making that, when brewed incorrectly, will attract undead to the user, however

    Q: Ok then, it's not going to end up like EJ though. Is it contagious or...not so much?
    Mew: The infection cannot be passed along, except in the most severe cases of exposure. Also, the items that cause moure undead encounters are Goldeen Tails. Honchkrow feathers force undead to target you with priority.

    Q: Basically how does the crafting system work on DF? Is there a special coded thing we use or do we just combine items based on recipies and roll the die to decide what we get?

    Mew: We've tried to keep it really open. If you want to throw Goldeen tail, Gyrados heart, and absol horn together and see what you get, that's a thing you can do. There will be logs with the apothecary in the main town, should yu choose to update him. On that note, we've made the world and system grow based on users. The Chemist will only know the uses of a few basic items, initially. It's up to users to bring him new reagents, and several quests given out by the Guildmasters go towards this goal; "Go to the mountain and bring the Chemist the rare flower, Celebi's Tears. He wishes to experiment with it's properties." That's just potion making, though. You can make weapons, armor. There's an enchanting system coming up as well. We're trying to give you as many options as possible. If you want to RP a blacksmith in the Vale, you'll be able to.
    https://i.imgur.com/1yZNv16.jpgDF Map, btw. Not all areas are on there, and not every area on there will be accesible from the get-go. We're trying really hard for a Dynamic feel to the world, we it to grow and advance as teams go out and explore, find new areas, venture through dungeons. It's not a static world like EJ is, with only plot events causing changes. Every team will have an impact on the world, and every team will affect site plot.

    Q: So we normal members come up with the layout and specific geography, also what we come up with being dynamic?

    Mew: =You can't determine layouts or geography or new areas. Think Dungeons and Dragons; the Game Master will guide you through it. "As you crest the hill, the forest begins to thin before you. Ahead lies a mountain, it's peak grazing the clouds above. A narrow path winds it's way up the side, terminating at a small cave entrance. To your right is a river, long since dead and dried away. Bones of creatures long since dead are embedded in the dry mud. To the left, the mountain merges into it's brothers, a long line of proud spires marching their way across your field of view."

    Q: How do you guys feels about Xander before VS Xander now?
    Mew: I personally think the time away has really helped develop him. Xander had gotten really just... dark, on the old Ilex. The team was really toxic for him. I believe the time away has allowed the character to find himself, and really be more comfortable with who he is. Of course, it's only been like 3 cycles, so....
    Zapdos: I dont really have anything in depth to say about Xander lol. I genuinely like the character, hes been a core part of ej's history.


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