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    Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace


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    Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace Empty Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace

    Post by 2KB Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:32 pm

    AGELate Teens
    SPECIES#404, Luxio the Spark Pokémon
    HEIGHT2'11" || 0.9 m
    WEIGHT67.2 lbs. || 30.5 kg
    CHARACTERISTICStrong willed
    DEX ENTRY"Strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. A light scratch causes fainting in foes." - Y
    ITEM(S)Bangles wrapped around her left wrist. A gift from her trainer.


    Prior to the events of her memory loss, Fei was a cold-blooded killer that didn't bat an eye nor show sympathy. Her survival was the highest priority to her that even when she came across survivors would she use them for her own survival, but always did it result in her abandoning them or killing them. She had no issues in fending off for herself and fought fairly well (though she struggled at the beginning of the Epidemic). When she was starving and there was no food, she would hunt down survivors and devour them without hesitation.

    With all of her experiences of the Epidemic wiped from her mind, her kind and rather timid personality from before is in play. She's fairly quiet, not really giving much of an opinion unless necessary. She finds difficulty in socialising and has troubles conveying her feelings. Whether she'll end up being the heartless killer she used to be or continue being kind is completely up to the events of Lost Tower...


    "Luxio is a feline, quadruped Pokémon resembling a young lynx or lion. Blue and black fur covers most of its body. Its ears, face, hind paws, and front half of its body are blue, while its hindquarters are black. Additionally, Luxio has a tufty black mane surrounding its face. The mane is longer on the male Luxio, while the fur on the hind paws extends to ankles on the female. The insides of its rounded are yellow, as are its eyes. There are two yellow rings around each front leg and a yellow, four-point star on the tip of its tail. Luxio is able to communicate with others of its kind using electrical pulses from its claws. Luxio lives in small groups, and is able to generate powerful electricity by gathering the group's tails together." -Bulbapedia

    An average-sized Luxio with lighter weight due to malnourishment. Before her memory loss, she would stand proud and tall, making herself look bigger than others. With her current situation, Fei is more dazed and confused by a lot of things. Apparently the sound of her bangles that wrap around her left paw keep her with reality.


    • Fei has blue eyes with a yellowish tint, square pupil.
    • Her bangles can be loud when she walks. Before her memory loss, she would go through the trouble of taking it off and leaving it in her camp as she goes scavenging for food.
    • Before the Epidemic, Fei had extremely soft fur as a result of her free-time in grooming it. However, it's now very messy and oily due to her attention mainly focused on living.
    • She reeks of old blood.


    .goodbye//▼   X
    sent at 12:30 AM (two minutes ago)
        To whom it may concern and Arceus,
        This is nothing more than a message of a past that is no longer remembered. This is the only memento of a past that belonged to someone that will not recall who she is. Question is, if it is not remembered, did it even happen at all..?
        My name is Fei. I was born and raised under the care of a trainer with a funny name that I can no longer recall. My mother and my father were no longer a part of this world when I reached the cursed time of preadolescence. The two of them died in an accident. Or so I was told.
        I wasn't treated any differently after the event. I grew to be fairly normal despite their absence. I was showered with love by the trainer (I received bangles from him as proof!), the Pokemon owned by said trainer, and frankly, I have loved as well.
        At the time, it was puppy love. He was just gorgeous, funny, sweet. I was captivated in no time flat. Maybe he used Attract or some sort of charm. Regardless, I was deeply in love with him... and shamefully, I admit that I still do.
       I would always run off to the woods with him. I spent most of my adolescence with him. The giggles, the laughs, it was so stupidly innocent.
       I'm tainted. I'm dirty. I'm filthy.
       Time passed fairly quickly, we grew to love each other oh-so-dearly. My trainer wasn't against it, my trainer encouraged it even. We thought we could spend our whole lives together: to love and to be loved.
       Then the dead rose.
       Rose from the sunken earth they did, ripped through the dirt from the depths of hell and into the world of the living. Arceus, what did you bring upon us?
       The world was in calamity.
       And I lived. I lived to tell the tale.
       We left. My poor trainer and their poor Pokemon. What of them? I fled with him. At first, I was weak, I was protected by him. But eventually I learned. With my very two eyes did I see that only the strong survive and the weak died.
       That love we shared? Within a few months, it diminished and withered till finally it reached the breaking point. And dear Arceus, he only did me one wrong.
       He tainted me.
       I was scared, frightened. But I've learned, and I did what I had to do. The strong live and the weak die.
       I killed him.
       And I ate him.
       My sanity? I'm still perfectly sane. Like I said, I did what I had to do in order to survive. I was starving and he was merely sacrifice.
       And I did that for many more. The screeches of other survivors as I ate them live. The sound of scuttling feet as their comrades fled to save their own arses. The bittersweet tast of flesh and blood with a mix of salty tears as I devoured them. I vaguely recall a time where I danced among corpses. I miss dancing. The chimes from my bangles as bounced against each other with the rhythm. I enjoyed life.
       I don't want to die, Arceus.
       Have I done wrong?
       If anyone were to remember my story, take heed of this warning: never follow the Alakazam. For you will forget. Just as I will soon.

    *Fei has never typed a message. This is just a form of conveying her history.

    • Coding layout by K
    • Art by Rory
    • Third in rotation for Lost team
    • Nature, Characteristics, and Moves are hover over. Tells Stat-wise information and STAB.
    • Mother; Luxray. Father; Arbok. Whereabouts are currently unknown, but considered dead. Trainer's whereabouts are currently unknown.
    • Fei is high-leveled for her age as she killed a lot of survivors for her own gain.
    • Fei is also very religious. She believes in Arceus. This diminishes later in the Epidemic, but most likely revived with the loss of her memories.
    • Lizz's voice is a good example of what Fei would sound like.
    • Posts are written in third person.

    To whom it may concern


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    Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace Empty Re: Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace

    Post by 2KB Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:47 am

    ready for approval

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    Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace Empty Re: Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace

    Post by Victini Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:02 pm

    I love the way this profile has been set out; that is a very unique way of writing a history. Well done.

    However, I do have concerns about the fact that she is literate. There is not enough justification as to why she can she can read in the history. It is unrealistic as to why a Luxio can read in the first place; if it were a more intelligent species of Pokemon, such as Alakazam or Metagross, it would make more sense.

    User notes are not a substitute for history; if she's going to be fully literate the profile needs to fully explain how she did it. To be honest, I believe that no Pokemon should be able to read/write in the human language, but if you can make it work I might consider it.

    Let me know once you've made your revisions and I'll take another look, dear.


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    Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace Empty Re: Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace

    Post by 2KB Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:57 pm

    my aplogies, the note on her being literate was not suppose to be present
    completely disregard it, i am unable to make edits at this time otherwise everything else should be fine

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    Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace Empty Re: Fei the Luxio || Lost, Ace

    Post by Mew Tue Dec 16, 2014 5:19 pm

    2KB, I've removed the line from user notes for you. Character Approved.


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