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    Volvagia the Heated Mutant Dragest | WiP


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    Volvagia the Heated Mutant Dragest | WiP Empty Volvagia the Heated Mutant Dragest | WiP

    Post by Dandelion Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:01 pm

    Volvagia the Heated Mutant Dragest | WiP Volvagia-o

    Volvagia the Heated Mutant Dragest | WiP 2q87apt


    Volvagia the Dragest
    Subterranean Lava Dragon
    Text Color b52812
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Mature Adult
    Species #??? Dragest, The Eastern Dragon - Dragon Type
    Height 19'00"
    Weight 63.8 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Fakemon Dex:: Using a mysterious power, this Pokemon is capable of flying without the use of wings.
    Level 57
    Ability Shed Skin
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Likes to Trash About
    Moves - Dragon Claw (TM)
    - Flamethrower (TM)
    - Extremespeed/Iron Tail (Bred)  
    - Dragon Burst (Tutor)
    History Volvagia hatched in a hidden lake deep in the Stark Mountain range. From the moment his green eyes met the world the child was destined to struggle- he was different, really different. Red and black dappled scales with a bright yellow belly were the least of his worries. His fins were deformed, being soft and feather instead of scaly, and hard scales coated his face. In every sense of the word, he was a freak.

    His parents were disgusted, appalled. Their home was supposed to be a sanctuary, hidden away from annoying humans. It was rare for them to stumble upon them but they never left empty-handed if they did. If they were to discover the mutant they had birthed.. the attention would be endless. With this thought on their minds the tiny Dratini's parents were harsh and cruel, constantly scolding their child as his peers rejected him. He was Abhorred with an anger that grew with every trainer that spotted him, every Pokeball that was cast. The child had to learn quickly how to fight and hide, but he could never get away from the loathing eyes.

    As the years passed the attention only got worse. All the battling and defending himself from human and dragon alike had earned him his second evolution. His form, larger and even more deformed, was just a bigger attention beckon. More and more people knew about the mutant, and told of the lake with Dragonair in it. It got so bad a path was trod to them and the flow of trainers seemed endless. Outraged at the change to their lives the other Dragonair drove the youth away from his home and into the savage wilds.

    The land was no kinder to him. The Dragonair, having never left his home before, was instantly lost and disorientated. Other Pokemon lashed out at him, unsure of what sort of creation he was. He was forced to fly ever onward, looking for any body of water he could shelter in. The dragon ended up flying into a cave in Stark Mountain, hoping that there was water deep inside, but the further he went the hotter it got. By the time he realized there was nothing here for him he had gone too far and was lost. His poor wings gave out, forcing him to slither,

    - winds up lost-er in the caves. Cant find his way out, becomes terrified, panicked, stressed. attacked by wild pokemon as he zips around. Snaps. Attacks back, violent, ruthless, bloodbath as he attack with literally primal instincts.
    - Changed that day, lives in the caves. Becomes very cold, dark, not the fearful child he used to be. Scales grow tougher and more heat reistant in the lavas presence, change from red mostly red to more black.
    - coldhearted dark serpent living in the caves. Grows stronger and start to gain a reputation for himself, 'the cruel demon with a body of lava' is noticed not only by Pokemon but by humans as well
    - Humans start to wander into the cave, finds that a loud hiss echoing in the cve walls often scares them off. But not always. Many strong trainers come to catch him, most fail until one particular encounter. The trainer had an Aggron and a Steelix, the pair mercilessly beat on the cave walls until it literally started to crumble. While he is used to the rocky terrain his long body has trouble dodging the rocks and is eventually struck down.
    - Captured and pissed the hell off. Trainer tries to command him but Volvagia is having none of it. Dragoniar keeps lashing out, unruly, dangerous. Turns out the trainer worked for a sort of somewhat illegal (on the case of often being cruel to their creatures) pokemon trade post. Locks the Dragionair put in a much too small cage and considers his next move.
    - People pass by, amazed by its colors and temper. Price is too high, no takers. While a stunning spectacle he is much too volitle to sell. Trainer decides he cant make a quick buck until the creature is pacified.
    - An older women comes wondering through and sees the marvelous creature. Vol snaps his jaws inher face, making a sound between a growl/hiss. She tells the Trainer that she can make the dragonair more workable if he would cooperate. Goes for it.
    - Teaches him Dragon Bond with the help of her own Dragonair/est. Evolves. Horrified and amazed. Women vanishes, cackling.
    - Trainer is freaked out even further. How was this supposed to help? How is this any better?
    Appearance While Dragest are not a common Pokemon one glance would tell anyone that Volagia does not look normal for one coming from the Dratini line. Aside from his shimmery, red-black scales and bright orangish-yellow belly Volvagia sports bright green, silted eyes and thick black claws. Having lived next to lava most his life his scales are particularly hard to counteract burns.
    As he aged and evolved the long tuft of fur on his head grew, replacing the ridge of scales on his neck a fabulous, fiery colored main. The hard, thick scales on his face also grew with age and evolution, coating the full of his face and engulfing even his horns in the dark scales.
    Personality | Loud | Violent | Dominant | Angry | Hostile | Proud | Cold | Zero Trust |

    - A has a slight disconnect from his typing. He is aware he is part water now but constantly thinks he is part fire instead. Any issues that arise from this translate into anger.
    User Notes - Inspired by and somewhat based on Volvagia from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as well as the manga.
    - When Shed Skin is used the new scales are a lot brighter red then the old ones. Over the coming hours or days they darken up.

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