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    Kothar the Demon Charizard & Lilith the Dragest [WIP]


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    Kothar the Demon Charizard & Lilith the Dragest [WIP] Empty Kothar the Demon Charizard & Lilith the Dragest [WIP]

    Post by Storm Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:28 pm

    Kothar the Demon Charizard & Lilith the Dragest [WIP] 6josow

    Kothar the Demon Charizard & Lilith the Dragest [WIP] 33mqscx

    Text Color #604E82
    Item -----
    Gender Male
    Age 19
    Species #006 Charizard, the Flame Pokémon
    Height 7'00" (much larger then a normal Charizard)
    Weight 210.5lbs
    Pokédex Entry It is said that Charizard's fire burns hotter if it has experienced harsh battles.
    Level 36
    Ability Blaze
    Nature Rash
    Characteristic Quick tempered
    Moves Dragon Pulse (Move Tutor)
    Wing Attack (learned)
    Flame Burst (learned)
    Shadow Claw (TM)
    History Kothar was found deep inside the Dark Cave located in Johto by a old couple who where using the cave as a short cut in order to get to Blackthorn City. The egg practically invisible in the pitch black cave, and the old man almost stepped on it if not for his wife notice of it first.
    The egg was completely black, not a hint of colour showed anywhere on its surface. And it only amazed them more when the black Charmander hatched from the egg, but it wasn't its scale colour that baffled them, it was its flame. Nor red or blue, it was pure white. The light that flickered at the very tip of the chamanders tail was white, and it was extremely hot to the touch.
    They raised Kothar as though he was there own child, though he wasn't named Kothar at the time. They hadn't really given the young fire type a name, they merely called him Charmander. Though his stay with them didn't last forever.
    Soon after evolving into a Charmeleon, the old coupled died. They where very old, so it was only a matter of time before they passed, and for the first time Kothar felt truly alone.

    Kothar was sent to the old couples grandson. A 14 year old boy named Dean in hopes of the young trainer becoming more open. Though it didn't seem to work very well.
    Kothar wasn't looking forward to seeing the boy, but when he did, he was baffled. Deans hair was pure white, and his eyes a striking red, like his own. An outcast. Neither wanted to admit it, but they where perfect for each other, both different from others, but they never seemed to get along with one another.
    The Charmeleon believed to have been sent to Dean as some sort of punishment for something he did and not know of. He was angry, furious even. Kothar and Dean traveled all over the place together, though the young trainer never seemed to use Kothar much in battle, they where far to distant from one another. Though it all soon changed.
    Once night while they where camping, Kothar started to get agitated again, wondering what it was he did wrong to get himself stuck with this trainer, until he finally snapped.
    He lasted out at Dean after they had had another disagreement, slashing his trainers arm with his claws. Deans blood splattered the trees and ground around them, his claws shone with his trainers blood as well, and it was only Deans yell of pain that snapped Kothar back to reality.
    Not realizing what he had done, Kothar just looked at Dean with horror in his eyes. Though he was surprised to see that Dean wasn't angry with him. He expected his trainer to be furious, scared, angry that he had just lashed out at him for no reason whatsoever. But Dean just saw it as pent up rage that just needed to be let out.
    He started calling himself Kothar after that, which meant Demon, which is what he saw himself as. His attack on Dean left three scars in his arm, three scars that would forever remind the Charmeleon of his anger that he would forever need to watch out for.

    A few years after that incident, when Dean was now 18, and Kothar finally a Charizard, the two where a lot closer, they where close enough to be brothers almost.
    They had inured a lot of battles since then and Kothar ever stronger, though even they where unaware of the hardships they would soon have to face.
    They where back in Johto when the epidemic struck. It was hard to believe they all have pent up rage that needed to be let out, but pokemon where attacking anything that moved, even Dean and Kothar. The Charizard was intend on keeping Dean from harm, never again would he see his trainer in pain.
    Dean lost a lot of his pokemon in the fight against the undead, only Seth, his Arbok, seemed to be unaffected by the virus, leaving Kothar believing that he was possibly immune to it. That his own poison was counteracting that of the virus. Until he had more things to go by, that was what he was sticking with.

    During one of there escapes, Dean and Kothar got separated. He had no idea how it happened, or even when, he was just there one moment, then gone the next.
    Kothar practically went into a rage when he couldn't find where Dean had gone, burning the forests he found and what pokemon where in them, living or undead. It took him a while before he could calm down again and think. If he burned down everything, then there was a chance that Dean would get caught in the crossfire, and then he would be hurting him again, or worse.
    Kothar didn't want to be responsible for killing his trainer, so he had to search, not burn, it was his only chance of being reunited with his trainer once again. He only hoped that he would be alive long enough to see his trainers face again.
    Appearance He is a pure black Charizard with dark blue underwing and belly. His eyes are a piercing red, and his flame is pure white, making it exceedingly hot.
    He holds his head with pride, slouching only to look one in the eye, which is often given his gigantic size.
    Personality Kothar has a short fuse on his anger that it doesn't take much to get him in a rage. He is constantly trying to keep himself under control as to not lash out unwillingly again.
    He sees himself as a demon for his short temper and dark appearance.
    He will try his best to be nice, but it is a great strain for him so don't expect to many smiles.
    User Notes -He always asks about his trainer when he meets new, living, pokemon before be introduces himself.
    -He is hard to spot in the dark, and his tail flame can look like a spirit flame when its pitch black. Though he doesn't really believe in ghosts, only ghost pokemon.
    -He will not follow anyones orders but Deans, unless he has reason to.

    Kothar the Demon Charizard & Lilith the Dragest [WIP] 2ciuz6

    Text Color #82CFFD
    Item -----
    Gender Female
    Age 23
    Species #??? Dragest, the Eastern Dragon Pokemon
    Height 16`00”
    Weight 46.4lbs
    Pokédex Entry Using a mysterious power, this Pokemon is capable of flying without the use of wings.
    Level 35
    Ability Shed Skin
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Capable of taking hits
    Moves Dragon Burst (tutor)
    Dragon Tail (learned)
    Ice Beam (TM)
    Thunderbolt (TM)
    History Insert History Here
    Appearance h has the normal form of a female Dragest with golden eyes. She almost always has this kind look in her eyes and a small smile on her face.
    Personality Lilith, despite her name, has a very kind soul. She hate’s to see others in pain or sad for it makes her feel sad as well and will do what she came to help comfort them and make them feel better. Even if it means taking most of the blows.
    She cares little what others say about her, even if it’s something that would hurt, but when it comes to talking bad about others when they did nothing wrong, she will stand up for them.
    She doesn’t get angry easily, but can if you pull the right strings, which she will then snap and start swearing and start talking back to whoever was pulling them.
    She doesn’t swear, so it can be very surprising when it happens.
    User Notes - Hate’s those that think picking on others is fun, or because their different.
    - Doesn’t care what you say about her, but talk badly about someone else and she will snap.
    - Her gem doesn’t turn black very often, but when it does, be prepared.

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