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    Tristana the Nidorina [Realgam, Elite]


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    Tristana the Nidorina [Realgam, Elite] Empty Tristana the Nidorina [Realgam, Elite]

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    Tristana the Nidorina [Realgam, Elite] TristanaNidorinaResi
    art by me

    the Megling Gunner
    Item Old goggles, satchels, and wooden cannon
    Gender Demigirl [she/her]
    Age Young Adult
    Species #030 Nidorina, the Poison Point Pokemon
    Height 2'07" || 0.8m
    Weight 44.1lbs || 20.0kg
    Pokédex Entry When Nidorina are with their friends or family, they keep their barbs tucked away to prevent hurting each other. This Pokémon appears to become nervous if separated from the others.
    Level 44
    Ability Hustle
    Nature Naughty
    Characteristic Likes to fight
    Moves - Crunch [learned]
    - Sludge Bomb [tm]
    - Chip Away [bred]
    - Focus Energy [bred]
    "Wanna see the fireworks?

    On the far coasts of Hoenn was a small city, built by a community of Pokemon that was below the height of 5'. A population determined to display the strength of Pokemon that humans long deemed to be "small" and "weak". A strong, well-defined nation, the state had decided to call themselves Bandle City, and soon began to create a name for themselves. With their fame on the rise another coast community, Bilgewater, noticed Bandle City. Bilgewater, a population that consisted of water-based Pokemon, desired to conquer and expand their land for more fishing range and stronger control over the sea that surrounded them. It wasn't long before Bandle City and Bilgewater began a rivalry, tensions high enough to spur the former to create their own military force of three branches: the Megling Commandos (a branch dedicated to true force and ruthless combat), the Scouts of the Mothership (a team purely based of subterfuge and stealth), and the Screaming Yipsnakes (an aerial squadron lead by a questionable commander).

    Tristana, a female Nidoran, was born to fight.

    Tristana was born long after the beginning of the Bandle-Bilgewater feud, a small female Nidoran who quickly became infatuated with the notion of strength. Her family would often joke on how she fought her way out of the egg, how her feisty personality was something to be reckoned. She idolized the Megling Commandos due to their fierce tactics and overflowing bravery. She aspired to become one of them, often leaving her home against her guardian's orders to train herself. She often wandered around the nearby woods and eagerly invited the other children for play-fights and challenged foreigners to battle, which often got her into trouble. Despite the frustrations she caused her parents they were both secretly proud of their daughter's strong determination to reach her goal. They would commend Tristana for her efforts and, when she had reached a more acceptable age, sparred with her as well.

    It was in her teenage years that she evolved, excited that she now had a stronger, more flexible body than before. During this time Bilgewater had become increasingly notorious for raiding Bandle City, water-type thieves scrambling through the village at night to steal food piles and saved resources. The community soon decided they had enough of these hostile acts and declared a miniature war against Bilgewater. Without delay all of the military had readied and moved out. Tristana, enamored by the idea of a glorious battle, snuck away from her home and followed behind the Megling Commandos through the forests and to Bilgewater City.

    Bilgewater was already a mess. The Megling Commandos were the final team to arrive at the fray. The Nidorina had watched them fight valiantly, each member of the crew unyielding and vicious. She grew more excitable by the minute, her eyes wide and observant as she caught sight of a Greninja that intended to sneak up on the leader of the squad. Without thought Tristana had launched herself out of the thick bushes that she hid within, propelling into the water-type and using her attacks to kill him quickly. It was from that moment that the Nidorina joined the fight and continued to battle against the onslaught of enemies, and although it earned her sharp comments to return home and odd looks from the others, among the familiar faces she could spot small grins and nods of approval.

    As the fray quieted and Bandle City emerged victorious the army marched back to their own city, bringing back spoils of a short war and new resources. What mattered most however was their newest addition to the Megling Commandos--Tristana. Impressed and noticing her unmatched skill in battle, the leader of the squadron was quick to invite her to their crew, an offer the Nidorina accepted without question. Though her parents worried and other members of the group questioned if it was moral to enlist a Pokemon so young into their makeshift military, the newbie quickly proved that she would be a great asset to the city's safety.

    Her raw power and quick reflexes made it easy to train her into an even stronger fighter. She practiced by sparring against fellow Commandos and ran around the city while lifting heavy rocks and boulders. She was enlisted in many missions, ranging from simple forest clearing in order to expand their village to raiding faraway human settlements to gain more resources. The latter were her favourite. Tristana grew to love the curious items that the humans had and soon began to create her own collection of items she felt were particularly special. Her favourite was an old wooden cannon, heavy enough to swing and smash into others yet light enough to carry. Along with a set of leather goggles and belts, which she found fashionable.

    A solid role in her community outlined and well respected among her peers, Tristana was perfectly content with her life in Bandle City. Being a rural village they had little to no knowledge on the growing epidemic, and her optimistic nature had forcefully convinced herself that the fellow crewmember who returned with bile spilling from his mouth only had a bad meal--nothing more. Slowly, one by one others in the city would grow ill, complaining of painful, itchy eyes, constant vomit, and pulsing headaches. It was only when one of villagers suddenly grew violent and struck out against it's children did Tristana feel the hard rock of dread weighing down in her stomach. Something was terribly wrong.

    That night, all the infected grew violent. A chain reaction, a single, howling roar raising the voices of another, and another, until the whole village rose to a cacophony of screams. Tristana was resting in her own quarters, rudely awoken by the sound outside and emerging from her den to see a steadily growing mound of corpses. Within them she could see familiar, friendly faces, even her parents. What shook her more is to see the same sort of friendly faces twisted and red in the crowds of monsters.

    Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she expected this, and in that same place she could feel a part of her crying.

    No tears fell from her clouded eyes as she lunged through crowds. Fallen structures aided her escape by barricading her path from the infected. Her destination was not far, to the solemn hut across the village where her squadron leader rested. When she finally tumbled into the small den she was met with weeping, bloody eyes and a trembling voice begging for death. She did not hesitate, hesitating was fatal on the battlefield. She was trained for this. Tristana killed the very leader she saved, before taking her leave from the village.

    She had fled far, far away from the area. She marched proudly through the lands, humming old war songs of her people and her cannon marked with memories in tow. She did not hesitate, hesitance was for the weak, and she burned with a deadly determination to prove herself the opposite. She was strong, and as all things start all things end--this tragedy will pass. Everything had an ending, and Tristana was expecting to survive to the ending.

    Tristana was born to survive.
    Appearance Mostly your average Nidorina, Tristana sports a sharp posture and lean body from the heavy training from her past. Her legs are especially well-muscled, the outcome of her constantly jumping around to initiate battle. Her eyes are a piercing blue and astoundingly cold despite the makeshift warmth of her smile. On her hide are a few scars, only visible upon closer inspection, that create smooth lines and patches on her skin.

    She sports a variety of stolen human items, including her wooden cannon. The wood is chipped and the metal is dirty, and the inside walls have dark stains on them. The lenses of her goggles are foggy, and the leather of her belts are scratched and rough. Despite the condition of these items she refuses to give them up, all of them holding too much sentimental value to her.
    Personality Excitable and active, if not a little childish. Tristana is quick to attack and has no hesitance when fighting, a trait that was strongly encouraged my her involvement with the Megling Commandos. She seems to be infatuated with explosions and fire and hopes that one day she could harness such destructive power herself. Very joyous and bouncy, the Nidorina is rarely in a foul mood and it is very hard to make her upset. Her optimistic nature can easily prove to be odd, if not a little morbid with how she attempts to make the death of others and tragedies a laughing matter. Due to this she can come off as insensitive.

    Despite her youthful, bubbly nature, Tristana is a force to be reckoned with. She had no qualms against killing any allies or friends, regardless of how close they are, and is absolutely merciless against the undead. Although she does not show it, she keeps rage very close to her heart and is quickly fueled by frustrations and anger.

    Although with her age and upbringing one would assume differently, Tristana has very prominent abandonment issues. The very idea of being left alone and forgotton upsets her greatly, and if someone who she has established relations with tries to leave her she will be very, very clingy. Even simply going on ahead without her spurs her into a frenzy, refusing to let others leave her.
    User Notes

    • Based off of Tristana, the Megling Gunner from League of Legends.
    • Fathered by a Nidoking with a Nidorina mother.
    • She has her species' Hidden Ability, Hustle.
    • TM move was from one of her raid missions. They found piles of discs and had no idea what they did so the village decided to experiment. She ended up learning a move accidentally but decided to keep it.
    • Bandle City was in no way a technologically advanced community. Their houses were makeshift huts of branches and logs, arranged messily in whatever space they managed. They were however very strong socially, banding together well and often holding community events to ensure their village cooperated well.
    • Her wooden canon is used to more accurately aim her Sludge Bomb by putting her mouth on one end and shooting the attack through the hollow middle and out the other end. Otherwise, the canon is completely out-of-use but can be used to hit others over the head.
    • She follows her species' canon standard height, not EJverse's, making her shorter than most.
    • Voice Clip

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