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    Mercutio The Venonat Celesic Team


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    Mercutio The Venonat Celesic Team Empty Mercutio The Venonat Celesic Team

    Post by Requiem Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:44 am

    Mercutio The Venonat Celesic Team 250px-048Venonat

    Text Color- #3B3178

    Item- None

    Gender-  Male

    Age- Adult

    Species- #048, The Insect pokemon 

    Height- 3'03"

    Weight- 66.1 lbs.

    Pokédex Entry- Lives in the shadows of tall trees where it eats bugs. It is attracted by light at night.

    Level- 47

    Ability- Compound Eyes

    Nature- Jolly

    Characteristic- Alert to Sounds

    - Confusion (lvl)
    - Psybeam (lvl)
    - Signal Beam (lvl)
    - Poison Fang (lvl)
    History- Mercutio was Bred for a trainer to do battle with and become a asset to his team. But when the Venonat spent more time trying to woo the female pokemon, the trainer had made a choice to find him a suitable breeding mate. In hopes this would correct the flirting bug type pokemon back to focus on battles. The trainer had talked to another trainer who had bug pokemon with him, and Mercutio had meet Rosealine the wurmple. At first Mercutio seemed very happy with this match as he was taken to the contest hall on a regular basis to watch the wurmple perform. The trainer had thought to try his venonat in the contests as well, this did not go very well for either of them.

    Mercutio's bond with Rosealine started to grow more and more his eyes only for her. Here he also met a Volbeat, Romeo. He grew to respect and became friends with the volbeat and also watched him perform in contests. Winning every one he entered. Mercutio, unable to partake in contests resumed his battling and training that way to help protect his new friend and his growing lover. One day when Mercutio's trainer took him back to the contest hall to watch his love Rosealine, who was now a silcoon. The other trainer had said she would be the perfect Beatifly soon enough and they could start the breeding.

    Mercutio's eyes shifted quickly to a Illumise, he had quickly fallen in love with her as she watched in awe her performances. Mercutio nudges his trainer to meet the owner of this Illumise, but when they tracked him down she was gone. Mercutio later found out that his near best friend Romeo had beat him to the catch and had fallen for her to. Mercutio held no bitter feeling for Romeo, but instead tease's him about the relationship. Mercutio and Romeo only became closer friends after that, both sharing their love for Juliet. Mercutio only hiding his in secrets.

    Appearance- Venonat has a round body covered in purple fur. Its has a pincer-like mouth, red compound eyes and a pair of white antennas. It has a pair of clodhopper feet and stubby forepaws. Venonat's highly developed eyes help it find suitable prey and can shoot powerful beams. Additionally, poison oozes from all over Venonat's body.

    Personality- Though often fun-loving and witty, Mercutio's sense of humor can at times be facetious or even coarse, much to his friends' annoyance. Moreover, he is moody and given to sudden outbursts of temper.

    User Notes- 
    - loved a wurmple named Rosaline, but has stronger love for Juliet. Thus he falls out of love with Rosaline.
    - his close friendship to romeo may lead in into trouble with some situations.

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    Post by Mew Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:54 am

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