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    Suggestion: Member of the Month


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    Suggestion: Member of the Month Empty Suggestion: Member of the Month

    Post by Nightfall Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:49 am

    Something that's been bouncing around my head for a while now:

    I was thinking that we could start choosing certain members to be 'Member of the Month' - i.e. it is a member that has contributed well to the site in that last month by making good quality RP posts, done a lot of work in the Artist's Alley etc etc. I was thinking that it could encourage members to work harder here, including the rookies. It would be judged by the admins, of course. Maybe the mods could be eligible to be member of the month as well?  

    Maybe there could be a prize for each member of the month and, if they're nominated on numerous occasions, they could get something special like getting to choose the next site banner/background, a human/shiny/mutator ticket, a free little piece of merchandise etc. I dunno, anything you think.

    Just a suggestion - it's OK if you don't like it. I just think it would give some of us the incentive that they need to work harder?

    Sorry if the descriptions are ... a little vague. That's just how I feel now, lol.

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