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    Art Commission Suggestion


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    Art Commission Suggestion Empty Art Commission Suggestion

    Post by Catalyst Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:36 pm

    Well, I was thinking about maybe doing an art set up here. Like commissioning for customs on characters. We would all set up a base price range for drawing/s, but there would be styles to choose from from each different artist.

    Also, there could maybe be a sort of free thing for a beginner. A beginner who wants to commission a drawing, but doesn't have points yet. I'm not speaking for the artists here, but maybe there could be a free drawing for their first pokemon, then after that, they'd have to pay points for their drawings from then on.

    With the points being paid; I think they should be a near equal amount. Because each artist has equivalent art to another on an unbiased scale. If one person had their prices too high, it might discourage buying. If they want to raise their prices because they in fact do have better art skill and cooler design, that would be their choice. But my base idea is for the prices to be the same so there's not discouragement for style. But also, there would be no restrictions on price either, so the artist can have flexibility (but not go too high to make someone choose others over them. But if someone wants to buy their art because they like it best, or if someone raises their price high for their commissioning, then that's the customers and artists decision.)


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    Art Commission Suggestion Empty Re: Art Commission Suggestion

    Post by Silverishness Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:54 pm

    Besides the free art for the beginners, isn't this what we already have, just not in a concentrated area? And though it's a good idea for beginners to have a free profile, I'm not sure I'd be too down with that. I'm a busy enough girl as it is, and a lot of new kids and new characters get stacked up fairly quickly. D:

    But as far as prices go, it's really the basics of supply-demand. While I can only speak for myself, I would want a fairly high price since I don't want to take on too much work, while other newer or artists with more time on their hands would want a lower price to get more work. One price probably would not work here with all of the different artists. It'd probably be a good idea to go off of the 50 points norm we already have and make your own idea for your prices.


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