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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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    Ranking Rules


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    Ranking Rules Empty Ranking Rules

    Post by Suicune Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:50 pm

    Ranking Rules HtEyK

    What are ranks used for?

    Our ranking system is built with the intent of allowing our members to progress throughout the site and feel pride in their achievements. We modeled it after the in-game system of trainer ranks. You may start off as a novice, but after going through difficult trials and training your team long and hard, you make it past the Elite Four and become Champ!

    After hundreds of hours, your commitment and passion pays off.

    Now I know the term 'novice' seems a bit harsh, but there's nothing wrong with being a beginner. Everyone's gotta start somewhere.
    We welcome veterans and newbies alike here, and for anyone that wants it, we want to help you hone your skills as a writer.

    Through the ranking trials, we will offer professional critique and advice on how to improve. These are meant as constructive criticism, and will always be created with your benefit in mind. They will always be as objective as possible.

    What happens if I fail the test?

    If it happens that the test is not passed, we really encourage you to try again. We'll give you in-depth reasons for our decision, with suggestions and resources to assist. Our primary goal behind this is to help, and not to shame or alienate. Roleplaying is often based on trust between players and we do not take that trust lightly.

    Much like whiting out in a gym leader battle, failure doesn't mean you lose the game. It just means you have to try a different approach or work harder before you can earn that badge. Once you've learned from the experience and do some level crunching, you can go in once more and really dominate!  

    Rank Perks


    - Character creation unlocked.
    - Character cap at: 3
    - Ability to join Ace Teams unlocked.
    - Ability to apply for Ace unlocked.

    - Special Tickets: Human, Fakemon, Mutator, Canonical Human locked. Cannot purchase or utilize.
    - Leading and creating Ace teams locked.
    - Leading, joining and creating Elite teams locked.
    - Leading, joining and creating Plot teams locked.
    - Dual profiles locked.
    - Floater characters locked.

    - Character cap raised to 16.
    - Special Tickets: Human, Mutator and Fakemon unlocked. May be purchased and utilized.
    - Entry to Elite teams unlocked. Must have Team Lead's permission.
    - Application for Elite Rank unlocked.
    - Ability to lead Ace teams unlocked.
    - Opportunity to apply for Staff unlocked.
    - Dual characters unlocked.
    - Floater characters unlocked.

    - Ability to create and lead Elite teams locked.
    - Ability to create and lead Plot teams locked.
    - Ability to purchase and reserve Canonical Humans locked.


    - Elite badges unlocked.
    - Elite teams fully unlocked.
    - Unlimited Character Cap unlocked.
    - Plot teams unlocked.*
    - Canonical humans unlocked.

    *Some plot teams are only open to legendaries or specific characters. Non-legendary plot team entry must be discussed among existing and future team members. Heavy and complex story-lines exist previous, and must be coordinated accordingly. Plot teams are heavily moderated.*


    Ranking Rules OXUz2wd
    - All new members that choose to enter into a team are ranked as Novices.
    - To earn Ace ranking, 10 well-written posts in a team must be made.
    - Once the 10th post is made, you may request an evaluation of your RP ability to Mewtwo, and if approved, for Ace badge at the EJ League.
    - Mewtwo will provide the determination of pass/fail, critique and suggestions on how to improve, in the EJ League thread or through private PM.
    - If you have successfully made quality posts, you get promoted, receiving the Ace badge to commemorate your success.
    - If you do not pass your test, you will make another 10 posts. (If necessary, create a secondary post count so you don't lose track)
    - Victini or Mewtwo will determine whether your character profiles meet Ace standards. If they confirm that it does, provide that link with your rank up post acknowledgment.
    -If you decide you want to try for an upgraded ranking before you reach the required post count you may request a writing prompt test in this thread to attempt to rank to Ace or Elite.
    ---If you fail either the post evaluation or the writing prompt you will be required to make another ten posts before you can try again.

    - Standard element badge rewards always apply, regardless of pass/fail on ranking.
    -[NEW] If in the event you have more than one character under your Novice or Ace rank and you want to request a post evaluation to rank up it is recommended to use your strongest character as your link for evaluation so the Rank Admin does not have to search each individual character on your sheet.

    - To ensure passing, be keenly aware of all our standard posting rules. This includes grammar, punctuation, tense usage, literary devices, etc. See the posting lesson, literary devices, and profile lesson threads for further reading.


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