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    Question / Suggestion: Pokémon Moves & Abilities Affecting Humans? Stat Buffs?


    Question / Suggestion: Pokémon Moves & Abilities Affecting Humans? Stat Buffs? Empty Question / Suggestion: Pokémon Moves & Abilities Affecting Humans? Stat Buffs?

    Post by Guest Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:49 pm

    Okay, so this question has been nagging me for quite a long while yet I have never found out how to explain it. My question is whether Humans can be affected by stat-boosting moves (e.g. Baton Pass + Stat Pos/Neg Buffs) and abilities (e.g. Victory Star, Flower Gift, et cetera), and whether such an idea could be implemented if not.

    For example, would a Wobbuffet's Shadow Tag affect a Human? Would a Cherrim's Flower Gift, which activates under Intense Sunlight, increase the Sp.Def and ATK of a Human? Would the Leech Seed effect sap health from a Human, or Confuse Ray Confuse them? Could a Scolipede Baton Pass an Agility or Iron Defense boost to a Human to help improve their reflexes or resilience to physical damage? 

    You see, in my upcoming Human character's situation she only has two team members. One is a Dragonair and the other a Cherrim. Due to her primary background as an experienced long-term survivalist and hunter, I thought it would be interesting if she could effectively fight alongside her pokémon in battle. Because she is a survivalist (and practically eked out a living in the western mountains of Unova in pre-Epidemic years), she deviates from the norm of most pokémon trainers by participating in hunts with her pokémon. On some occasions, she might even support her pokémon in wild pokémon battles through the use of a bow or spear. Her group is actually somewhat frail and is easily overwhelmed by large numbers, but these boosts allow them to compensate by being strong and adaptable (and play an important team role).

    .... And since Humans are not the best fighters, I thought having her benefit from her companion's Flower Gift ability would allow her to fare better in The Epidemic. She will not always be subject to this bonus, since the ability has to obviously be active to function. She has definitely been around her two companions for long enough (so far, the amount of years she is with them could possibly be of an upwards of 16+ years) to know how to at least harness this ability's effects. 

    There is certainly the risk for God-moding in this, so maybe there could be a small system put in place that dictates how much 'stat bonuses' Humans can acrue? For example, maybe if a Human were to acrue more than two SpD/ATK/Def/Evasion boosts, their body would experience a bad wear and tear from the effects. For example, if a Human recieves two Agility boosts their speed will become so great that their legs will break under the speed. Two Iron Defense boosts would cause body failure since the body's cells becomes too resilient to regenerate themselves. Two Swords Dance boosts could even have the same effects as muscle overuse during Adrenaline-fueled encounters, during which the cells can tear violently. And Humans could not be eligible for SpAtk boosts unless they are Psychics with Telekinetic powers. Not to mention the moves Skill Swap/Entrain would not work on Humans due to them having no ability. Leech Seed would not work for Humans, because their physiology is not adaptable enough to harness the energy sapped from opponents. They could also not obtain the effects of two abilities at once (such as Flower Gift & Victory Star), to prevent the human from gathering too much indirect boosts.

    Heh, and sorry for this wall of text. These ideas all came to mind tonight and I wanted to be thorough about them. With that recent 'Rift' Announcement maybe this could even help with the RPG system? :b 

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    Question / Suggestion: Pokémon Moves & Abilities Affecting Humans? Stat Buffs? Empty Re: Question / Suggestion: Pokémon Moves & Abilities Affecting Humans? Stat Buffs?

    Post by Suicune Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:51 pm

    To keep this simple, BASIC effects can be applied to humans, like poison and healing effects, etc.
    But since humans don't have stats for us to use at EJ, we won't be allowing stat boosts in RP.

    As for RPing with this character, just be careful and use common sense concerning canon and godmoding.
    Most pokemon boost moves only work on themselves, such as Swords Dance.

    But as far as abilities and such go...just go real basic.
    No need to get complicated with how it effects humans.
    Don't worry though, this is closer to what we're setting up at Darkfall.

    And apologies for this taking so long to answer.


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