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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Post by Kaze Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:38 am

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    Aspertia City \ Noon / (1)

    Paws skitter on the dried cracked pavement and from between the ruined buildings a bright flick of colour darts. As it emerges from between the dusty windowed buildings the speck of colour resolves itself into the sight of a bright coloured wing like a stained glass window, bright blues, reds and yellows flashing as wings beat and carry the Beautifly onwards. Skidding behind it a fluffy orange furred Flareon chases, paws outstretched as it tries to reach the shimmering wings. A laughing grin stretches the face speckled brown with patches of missing fur and shows the slightly pointed teeth within.
    Under normal circumstances this would be a innocent scene, perhaps of two friends playing tag in the big city but the Flareon's eyes are tightly focused on the fluttering insect with an unnatural intensity.
    "I'm going to kill you!" He cries out, face distorted in a terrible grin of enjoyment as his paws swish through the air in an attempt to paw the Beautifly from the air. One paw is a bright orange-red, the other a darker color with where the fur has fallen out.
    Fluttering its ornate wings swiftly the Beautifly soars out of the Flareon's reach as the Fire Type struggles to leap high enough to bat it from the air.
    "Die!" The Flareon leaps, stretching out his paws towards the already out of reach insect.

    "Juugo. Calm down."

    With a flutter of dark feathered wings a lean bodied Staraptor comes to perch on a broken and rusty edged railing, looking down at the Flareon with bright red eyes.
    The Normal/Flying Type's talons tighten around the piping as he pushes off the broken building and dives towards the Flareon.
    Bright orange ears flicking as Juugo hears the sound of flapping wings and turns his head, a glow of flame starting to form in the back of Juugo's throat as he deeply inhales air into the flame-making organs of his body.
    Folding his wings in close to his body to increase his already impressive speed the Staraptor darts inwards and extends his claws, putting himself in a vulnerable position to increase his speed of attack in the technique of a Close Combat though his target is not the Flareon itself.
    The Staraptor firmly smacks the bell still hanging around the Flareon's neck with a talon. The metallic chiming echoes through the air as the glow dies with a soft puff of warm air.
    Juugo slumps downwards, breathing deeply as he clutches at the furless patch of skin near his face. The look of maniacal bloodlust changes into an apprehensive scared look.
    "Sorry Sasuke..." He says apologetically, carefully rising back to his feet.

    "Hn." Now the Fire Type has been calmed down the Staraptor only acknowledges his cursory apology with a small grunt as he observes the landscape. Juugo's transformation had started as soon as the Flareon stepped paw into the abandoned city, leading the Fire Type to chase down the first pokemon he saw with intent to kill.
    The Staraptor tilts his head, his bright red eyes scanning the cracked and abandoned buildings for any sign of life. The human city, like all human cities, was deserted with next to no signs of life beyond the tiny speck of the fleeing Beautifly. Still the Staraptor does not lead his team on, waiting for the others to join him. This place is hardly the largest city in Unova but they would not have been the only ones who thought there might be something of interest in this assemblage of human buildings. Here, if luck permitted, they would find the information on his brother's location that he needed.
    Sasuke's head snaps to the side, his blood red eyes intently focusing on something behind him as his wings fold tight around his body.

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