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    Sear the Believing Pikachu and Arrow the Tailless Pikachu || (Inactive)


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    Sear the Believing Pikachu and Arrow the Tailless Pikachu || (Inactive) Empty Sear the Believing Pikachu and Arrow the Tailless Pikachu || (Inactive)

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    Sear the Believing Pikachu and Arrow the Tailless Pikachu || (Inactive) Pikachu.full.1568253

    Sear: The Believer and Arrow: The Fool
    Theme Click Clock Wood (Spring) - Banjo-Kazooie
    Text Color Sear - #fffca3
    Arrow - #deb22f
    Item Large Feather-like Earrings and a Pink Bow
    Light Ball and a Tattered Blue Scarf
    Biological Gender Male
    Gender Identity Female
    Age Late Teen - 19
    Young Adult - 20  
    Species #025 Pikachu - The Mouse Pokemon - Electric Type
    #025 Pikachu - The Mouse Pokemon - Electric Type
    Height 1'03"
    Weight 13.2lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Gold:: This intelligent Pokémon roasts hard berries with electricity to make them tender enough to eat.
    Pokemon Yellow:: It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you.
    Level 23
    Ability Static
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Somewhat Vain
    Highly Curious
    Moves - ThunderShock (Level Up)
    - Quick Attack (Level Up)
    - Wish (Breeding)
    - Sweet Kiss (Prior Evo.)

    - Volt Tackle (Egg Move)
    - Thunder Wave (Level Up)
    - Electro Ball (Level Up)
    - Double Team (Level Up)
    "Hey! You there! Do you, um.. oh, uh.. you uh.. nevermind.."
    History An aspiring trainer had always wanted a little Pikachu-line Pokemon of her very own. It took a good long while and a lot of patience but she finally found a trainer willing to breed his Pokemon to give her one. The pichu was perfect, spunky and bright, a little ball of energy that would bring a smile to anyones face. Naming her Sirachu, the young trainer gave her little Pokemon beautiful earrings and a pink bow to complete her little girls look.

    They did everything together, just the two of them. Everyone in town loved the little Pichu, fawning over her and cooing with delight. The praise somewhat went to her head though, making the little girl a bit smug.

    The pair started battling, with people always cheering them on. It turns out they were a pretty good team too, and it wasn't long before the Pichu evolved into a beautiful Pikachu. This only made Sira's ego grow bigger. With Pikachu's being beloved in that area, she was a sight to see.

    When the Epidemic hit, the Pikachu was released. Sirachu was told to wait in a tree for her trainer to return, that she would come back soon. Not knowing that she was in fact released, she waited, and waited, and waited. She didn't know why she was to wait here alone and the Pikachu began to wonder if her trainer had gotten into trouble of sorts (being her only Pokemon). Deciding to do something she climbed to the top of the tree to scout farther ahead. She couldn't see anything odd, but a horrid screech pierced her ears.

    A Pidgeot had swooped down and plucked here right from the top branches, her yellow form bright against the green tree. It was lifting off, scaring the Pikachu as she watched the tree get smaller. Sira' used Thundershock in a panic and the bird released her, allowing the Pikachu to fall back down, crashing though the branches of the tree until she finally hit the ground and blacked out.

    When she came too, things were fuzzy. She couldn't remember much; how she got there, what she was doing, where she came from or why here ears.. woah! Something about her eyes was strange. Things on her ears? Weird parts to her ears? She could remember Pikachu something, that they didn't have these? She racked her mind for a name and found 'Sirachu'. Sirachu. For the life of her she didn't know what it was the name of, so she guessed thats what her species was. She was after all, different with these ear things. Yup! She had to be a Sirachu.

    But now, what was her name? Nothing came to her except Sirachu. To be named for her species was much too low for the Pikachu. Shrugging her decided it was time for a new name, picking Sear as it sounded sorta close to Sira. A smile crossed her muzzle. She must be one special Pokemon with these wingy-like things on her ears. Sear marched off with her head held high, looking for someone who would recognize her greatness.

    Once she had settled Sear wandered off, unsure of where she was going but trying to find someone who knew what was going on. With many Pokemon trying to attack her constant holes in her memory popping up the Pikachu was terrified. That is, until she met another Pikachu.

    Arrow was born a happy little Pichu in the Viridian Forest. His parents, both Pikachu's loved him dearly and childhood was blissful.

    One day though, a fire broke out in the forest. The family was separated and young Arrow was completely lost in the inferno. Many Pokemon rangers were working to put out the flames, and one was able to find and save the tiny Pichu. Sick from smoke inhalation, singed fur, and unable to find his family after days of continued work she decided to take him all the way back to her home in Orre.

    The Pichu recovered quickly, aided by strong medicines, lots of rest, and age. Everything was different and new now, the sights, sounds, smells, and people. He hardly even thought of his parents with all the stimulation and chances of the new adventure. The Pokemon ranger that rescued him was a Rookie, and took Arrow as her Partner Pokemon. It wasn't long before he evolved into a Pikachu within her care.

    They did everything together, rescuing people and Pokemon alike. Arrow enjoyed the rush of adventure, the thrill of danger and the praise from being a 'hero'. His ego grew larger with each mission, head held high and knowing he was amazing.

    One day though, his ranger went somewhere without him. The Pikachu was left behind with her brother, a kind boy with a few Pokemon of his own. Arrow scoffed at his Pokemon, claiming he was better then all of them since he saved lives while all they did was fight constantly. They were better behaved though, and ignored the hell out of him.

    The irritated Pikachu grew bored, tired of waiting of his ranger, annoyed with the other Pokemon, and sick of the cabin home of the boy. He wanted to go on an adventure and do something. And that something came. It wasn't a rescue mission on a cliff face or clearing a blocked tunnel. It was oddly colored, foul smelling Pokemon that surrounded the house, then attacked.

    They broke into the cabin and attack everyone inside. The boys Pokemon were all large, unable to escape like a tiny Pikachu could. Arrow fled into the woods, thankful for something to be out and free, and that he had survived. While he was taking a moment to rest from the sudden burst of energy though a hunting Mightyena appeared and attacked him. Again he was able to escape, but this time at a price. The Canine crunched down on his tail, breaking it off with ease before the Pikachu could flee.

    He ran, not sure where he was going but knowing it would was better then this.

    Bulbapedia "Snivy is a bipedal, reptilian Pokémon with a slender build. Most of its body is green with a cream underside. A yellow stripe runs down the length of its back and tail, and it has yellow markings around its large eyes. Two curved yellow structures that resemble leaves or small wings protrude from its shoulders and bend backwards. Its slender arms have three fingers, while its tiny feet have no digits whatsoever. It has a large, palmate leaf with three prongs on the end of its tail. This tail is capable of performing photosynthesis, which allows Snivy to move more quickly. However, the tail will begin to droop when Snivy loses energy."
    Appearance Sear has large, light, nonconducting feather-like earrings attached to her ears which vaguely resemble wings. She has very long puffy fur, notably on her tail, and she is usually smiling. She Wears a pink bow around her neck as well.
    Otherwise a normal looking Pikachu.

    Arrow looks like a normal Pikachu, aside from his tail only being a fluffy puff. He is a bit more lengthy with dark dull Green eyes.
    He near always stays on four paws when moving to have better balance but at rest he will stand on his hind paws like most Pikachu.
    He wears a tattered blue scarf tied in the back, and a light ball necklace is hidden beneath it.
    Accent Youthful, high for a male due to age.
    Devotion "Worships" trees. Without proper knowledge of the legends he has come to find the biggest of trees to be those he honors. The great sycamores and mighty oaks, as he puts it.
    Motivation Assist Verglas in his mission.
    Personality Sear believes she is very special. That her 'wings' are a gift and make her a very important and unique Pokemon. She can be rather self centered and cocky but is usually a ditz. She hates getting dirty and though she despises Arrow's flirting, she also enjoys the attention and companionship he offers her.
    Wishes to find someone who understands her greatness.

    Arrogant | Childish | Immature | Cocky | Bold | Rash

    A bit cocky and headstrong. Enjoys rushing into situations and discovery things. Arrow has a ego that he is better then others, because he has saved lives and was saved himself.
    Values his life and doesn't wish to die. Not the best at battling and makes a lot of dumb moves.
    Team notes Temporary
    Affiliations Verglas: His adoptive 'brother' and the most important person in his life.
    Name Origin He is literally a plant.
    User Notes ϟ Loosely based off my an inside joke from an old chat Im in.
    ϟ Father was a Togetic.
    ϟ She has amnesia and is only held together by the fact she is 'special'. She has a complex about it now and if it were to fail, she will be completely lost.
    ϟ Believes her earrings are wings, and sometimes 'flaps' her ears when she jumps. This doesn't do anything though.
    ϟ They can come off, they just haven't happened to yet.
    ⚡ Looking for his Pokemon Ranger, though its quite apparent that he wont find her.
    ⚡ Heavily attracted to and hits on Sear, much to her displeasure.
    ⚡ Light Ball was a gift from his mother, strung up by his owner. She also gave him his scarf, which is become worn and tattered while on his adventure.
    Original Profile here.
    ϟ The pairs last post on pyre.
    Development Notes Make the profile not shit.

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