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    Markiplier the Arcanine | Arin the Pikachu WIP


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    Markiplier the Arcanine | Arin the Pikachu WIP Empty Markiplier the Arcanine | Arin the Pikachu WIP

    Post by Fox Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:18 pm

    image to be added

    Text Color #FF92BB
    Item Tiny Box Tim on a string around his neck
    Gender Male, he
    Age Adult
    Species Arcanine
    Height 6'00"
    Weight 340lbs
    Pokédex Entry Its magnificent bark conveys a sense of majesty. Anyone hearing it can't help but grovel before it.
    Level lvl 40
    Ability Intimidate
    Nature Jolly (+spd,-SA)
    Characteristic Quick to flee (271-280)
    Moves -Roar (Learned)
    -Helping Hand (Learned)
    -Crunch (Learned)
    -Flamethrower (Learned)
    Mark had been born into and grew up in a small therapeutic service that traveled from city to city, visiting hospitals to help those in need. Their boss was a red-headed woman named Beckett, who had trained them all from eggs, and was very loving and passionate in her work.
    As a Growlithe, he specialized in helping children laugh- and he would be permanently established in the childrens' ward, where sick children were unable to leave the hospital. His adorable appearance combined with his energetic stories made all of them squeal with joy every time he would come in. While they weren't working, they were trained against each other to stay in shape and be prepared if ever their patients needed protection. As Mark grew stronger and larger, Beckett used a Fire Stone on him, so he could assist with some of the weaker patients. He was more than happy with his new form, and continued with his job. He often helped cheer up cancer patients while they rode on his back, and let them roll around in his enormous fluff.  As he grew older, Mark wanted to continue entertain and help others, but on a larger scale. With Becketts' help, he started up a channel  that would offer any assistance in gaming tactics and gameplay help. His channel and popularity grew wildly in a short amount of time, and soon, Markiplier was helping over eight million subscribers. Soon it was difficult to keep up with his hospital work, and ended up quitting. But he would often take time out, despite the overwhelming work and visit the children as he used to. Many of them were regular watchers, and became ecstatic when he came in to see them. When the epidemic hit, Markiplier was attending a convention for popular Youtubers when a fire broke out in the building. Panicked people and pokemon were everywhere, falling and running and screaming. Chaos was everywhere. The sounds of the inferno grew louder. Markiplier knew he had to help. He dashed through the flames, putting as many hurt and wounded atop his back, running them outside and going back in for more. He was wounded several times from debris falling from the ceiling, but he ignored it. As he dashed madly back outside with another group, Arin the Pikachu cried out his name and ran up to him. Mark was intent on going back in, but Arin insisted on keeping him out of the collapsing building. Mark ignored him, limping back in out of desperation, Arin following close behind. The Arcanine ignored Arins' screams and protests, frantically following the screams, choking on the smoke as he got further in.
    Fearing for his friends' life, he finally shocked him, ran up to his face and screamed some sense into him. Reluctantly, the Arcanine left with the Pikachu as the building collapsed on itself, fueling the flames.

    After the crisis, many of the other entertainers had escaped and collected in a group, Mark and Arin among them. When the undead began to attack, they fought and fled, banding together for safety.

    Appearance SO HANDSOME AND STRONG An attractive specimen of his species, he is proud of his majestic fur and his even more majestic muscles and face and- well.
    WHAT MORE CAN BE SAID HE'S A MANS' MAN. He also has a sultry voice that can charm anyone. All of his fur is tinted red, with orange underneath.
    Personality Goofy, kinder than he should be, sometimes gullible and quick to trust. Likes to help others, and even entertain when he could. Good-hearted but can be callous at times if irked or insulted.
    DARKIPLIER: malicious, underhanded, enigmatic and cruel.
    User Notes
    - Darkiplier is an 'alter ego' of Markiplier which is repressed and mostly unbeknownst to him. He only surfaces on somewhat rare occasions, though more often when he is overwhelmed by fear. Darkiplier continues to try and overcome the primary 'personality' and imprison him inside. (To stay away from complications, Darkiplier does not originate from BPD. His origins are unknown)
    - Because these characters are based on actual people, I wanna respect them as best I could, but may stray a bit from what they're actually like, just to give me something to work with artistically concerning our particular scenario. I'm just going off their fantastic channel personalities and fabricating from there. These are not meant to be accurate, just to be loosely based interpretations of them. So no offense is meant towards them at all.
    Marks' channel:

    image to be added

    Text Color #FA9A50
    Item none
    Gender Male, he
    Age Adult
    Species Pikachu
    Height 1'4"
    Weight 13.2lbs
    Pokédex Entry When it is angered, it immediately discharges the energy stored in the pouches in its cheeks.
    Level lvl 47
    Ability Static
    Nature Sassy (+SD,-Spd)
    Characteristic Hates to lose (231-240)
    Moves - Double Team (Learned)
    -Thunderbolt (Learned)
    -Slam (Learned)
    -Spark (Learned)
    History Arin originated from an abandoned egg that was hatched by a local group of homeless artists who were known to adopt unwanted pokemon. In growing up with the multitude of free spirits of a plethora of species, he learned how to be street-wise as well as please the general public. He quickly became popular among the artist community and eventually began to make significant sums through his paintings and comedic acts. After carving out a life in the city, him and several humans founded a home, where they worked to keep their small online business up as well as donate to as many charities as they could. But that was all before the epidemic. (see markimoos' history for the continuation)

    Appearance Larger than average, but muscular underneath. Fat-stronk. Looks a bit slobbish and has a resting bitch-face. Has the fiercest quadruple-chin this side of Johto.
    Personality Vibrant, expressive, artistic, creative and determined. Sheer willpower drives him through everything, getting him through much of what should have killed him outright. But despite his appearance, he is actually quite goofy and amiable. More than anything, he wants to make people laugh.
    User Notes -Arins' Channel:

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    Post by SkeletonCupcake Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:54 am

    Ten BILLION pounds of yes. :3

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    Post by Catalyst Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:04 am

    I swear you better make PokeAwesome jokes or I will be so disappointed. lol


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