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    Dill and Damon the Aron and Mienshao [Celadon, Leader]


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    Dill and Damon the Aron and Mienshao [Celadon, Leader] Empty Dill and Damon the Aron and Mienshao [Celadon, Leader]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:34 am

    Dill and Damon the Aron and Mienshao [Celadon, Leader] Dillyanddamon

    Damon and Dill
    Hex Color Damon (#942b0c)
    Dill (#C6E2FF)
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #620/ Mienshao, the Martial Arts Pokemon
    #304/ Aron the Iron Armor Pokemon
    Height 4'7"
    Weight 78.3 lbs
    133.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It wields the fur on its arms like a whip. Its arm attacks come with such rapidity that they cannot even be seen

    This Pokémon has a body of steel. To make its body, Aron feeds on iron ore that it digs from mountains. Occasionally, it causes major trouble by eating bridges and rails.
    Level 51
    Ability Regenerator
    Nature Naughty
    Characteristic Mischevious
    Likes to eat
    -Drain Punch
    -Poison Jab [TM]

    -Iron Head
    -Iron Defense
    -Mud Slap
    History In a small hamlet in Unova, Damon was born. His mother was a tired old thing, a breeder pokemon far too old to give birth. His was her last litter, a small litter of three. When they hatched, the breeder who owned the small family spotted him immediately out of the rest, plucking him from her teet and selling him even before he could open his eyes. He was marked as a "devil's child", as soon after he sold, the mother died.

    The infant went to a small child to a family that didn't believe in such nonsense, taking pride in their rather cheap acquisition. The child and mienfoo grew together, sharing in each other's mischeif and play nonsense. While they played tricks and pranks on the other townsfolk, the mienfoo's growing list of wrongdoings caused the neighbors to avoid them. In one particular prank, the boy and mienfoo were to drop some things on passerby, and enjoy a laugh at their misfortune. However, their objects proved too heavy at their perch, and when bricks fell from the roofs, the innocent passerby was killed, their skull knocked inward.

    The two were immediately condemned, the boy to be put in a behavioral school while Damon was to be placed in a Poke Center until a date for euthanasia was announced. With their last day together, the boy and Damon planned one last thrill, and before the authorities could come for them, they donned dark garb and escaped from the prison of their home into the night.

    Again, things went terribly wrong. Mistaken for theives, the townsfolk ran them down, catching the boy beneath a Zebstrika's hooves. His owner instantly killed, Damon turned on the rider, gouging out eyes and pulling teeth. Leaving him screaming and bleeding, the fighter ran into the nearby woods, flinging himself into the wilderness.

    Months rolled by as he aimlessly meandered across the region, picking pockets, stealing stores of food and jewlery, anything the people around him held dear. He was eventually caught by an old sensei, who wanted to turn the youth away from such a terrible path. Years, the old man trained him, honed his skills, and even helped him evolve. Once evolved, however, Damon had gleaned all the useful information from the old man that he wanted. In the dead of night, Damon finished the job that nature could not, shuffling the old man loose from the coil that bound him.

    Free, Damon was able to go out and do what he loved to do once more; cause havoc. However, it was at that point the Infected spread throughout the land, and sent him into their world of blood, gore and death. He adapted just fine, though without the threat of punishment, of getting caught, his thrills no longer gave him any pleasure. He now roams, looking for something to do.

    Dill had been caught early on by a very kind, loving trainer. This trainer did not aspire to win battles in the arena by shedding blood and carving their way to fame through fights and losses. No, this trainer loved the limelight, and thus brought her pokemon into her passion with her, the flame catching to each pokemon she deemed worthy for contests.

    Dill was no exception. She was caught as an even younger aron as she is now, and the moment she saw a contest, she knew she had found her niche. No pain, no blood, nothing but color, light, life and the audience cheering you on to be your best. It was heaven.

    So, her trainer trained her for this life of light and ribbon, beautiful accessories and dancing. However, she soon discovered that she was not to be placed in the Beauty contests, her love and passion, nor in the Cute contests. She was caught specifically for Tough contests, and it broke her heart. She had no reason to act tough, or even think of herself as tough...

    She questioned one of her teammates, a gardevoir for the Smart contests. After all, who else would know her answers better than the smartest pokemon there? Upon asking why the trainer was using her for Tough contests, the gardevoir replied with a scoff. "What, you really think she'd catch an aron for a beauty contest? Be real. No aron can be pretty."

    It crushed her. She couldn't continue with training, nor going onstage for the smaller contests. She didn't belong there. She fell into despair, and eventually, her poor trainer didn't know what else to do with her but to place her inside the PC box, forever alone. She did not mind this, though, for an ugly thing like her should stay away from others, away from the light. She was hideous, and didn't deserve what joy she had already experienced.

    It wasn't until the PC boxes were evacuated, and she was forcibly explused from her dark brooding that she realized something was very wrong. Weird, bloody corpses were feeding on others, who also then got up and hunted for more... Scared and not knowing where exactly she was, she ran and ran away from the monsters, wondering what had happened to her paradise.

    Appearance Damon sports a lithe, powerful body, as well as an attractive surface. He takes great pride in his appealing surface, and so, takes great care of it. Even through the many battles he'd participated in, he rid himself of scars-- or at least as well as he could. His coloration is unique, though it gives away some indication of what his motives might be. The deep red that coats him is reminiscent of a demon, as his name is almost synonomous.

    She's a short, chunky little Aron, and is usually seen together with some piece of scrap metal to eat. She carries herself with a downtrodden air, having already somewhat given up on herself.
    Personality Damon is a pokemon after amusement. While he can stand boredom for a time -as he can easily entertain himself- the delight of finding amusement at the expense of others is a pasttime he enjoys the most, and seeks to indulge in the most. Leading others to their deaths is one of his favorites, and always likes to think up of new, creative outlets for this goal.

    He is also a sucker for pleasure and luxury, as his time with the old man left him little more than a hay bed and bowl of rice. He enjoys lounging on soft pillows and enjoying the best of food, but prefers to take such luxuries from their previous owners themselves. The act of depriving someone of something they desire is one of his most cherished experiences.

    He is a renowned liar, theif, playboy and murderer, having little to no remorse for any of his crimes. He takes what he wants from whomever he wants, and that is how life goes. The sensei tried his hardest to get some sort of discipline and morality into the fighter, but it was too little too late. The old man's teachings washed off Damon's back, as the then mienfoo had little interest in anything other than becoming stronger.

    The odd thing is, he is not sure why he's so despicable. While he really doesn't care -since he enjoys being a bastard- if asked, he would honestly not have an answer.

    -So shy, and has some trust issues with larger, uglier pokemon. However, she is gullible to the prettier pokemon, for she is convinced that pretty pokemon are good and ugly pokemon are bad

    -Naive and a little dumb. She's had a very sheltered life, so she doesn't know much about the world. Silly Dilly.

    -Is prone for drama. She's used to every minor detail being a big deal so she tends to freak out even if it's a small matter. A little OCD as well. However this allows her to spot tiny details others may overlook.
    User Notes
    -His sensei taught him Poison Jab

    -Has a photographic memory
    -Knows nothing about the Infected or the epidemic
    -A little emo :P
    -tends to eat her feelings


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