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    Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn)


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    Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn) Empty Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn)

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:24 pm

    Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn) Ember_zpsaa19a747

    Jandrah 'Thirteen'
    Gender Male
    Age Late twenties to early thirties
    Species #354/Banette/The Marionette Pokemon
    Height 3'07"/1.1m
    Weight 27.6lbs/12.5kg
    Level 43
    Ability Insomnia
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Hates to lose
    ~Shadow Sneak(Learned)
    ~Gunk Shot(Breed)
    ~Round(Technical Machine)

    Gender Male
    Age Mid to late teens
    Species #355/Duskull/The Requiem Pokemon
    Height 2'07"/0.8m
    Weight 33.1lbs/15.0kg
    Level 40
    Ability Levitate
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic A little quick tempered
    ~Dark Pulse(Breed)

    Pokédex Entry:A doll that became a Pokémon over its grudge from being junked. It seeks the child that disowned it.~Black and White Dex Entry

    A razor.
    Bloodstained bandages on his arms like arm warmers.

    - -- --- ------------- --- -- -

    Pokédex Entry: Duskull can pass through any wall no matter how thick it may be. Once this Pokémon chooses a target, it will doggedly pursue the intended victim until the break of dawn.~Ruby Dex Entry

    A dyed Everstone Pendant on a black leather cord, a bloodstained journal, a feather pen and whatever ink he can find.

    --- -- - -- ---

    As a Shuppet Jandrah was spoiled, he had everything. The plush, comfy life of being the first owned pokemon of a young girl who's father was head of a highly prestigious pokemon manufacturing company. This was due to his odd coloration which made him special. As such he was constantly pampered; his owner even taught him how to sing along with her. Which gave him the ability to speak some of the human language but he was only capable of singing the words as that is how he was taught to speak.

    However life was not all lollipops and rainbows for the Shuppet. When his owner turned seventeen Jandrah was subjected to an abusive life style under the her cruel hand. No longer was Jandrah permitted a cushy lifestyle. Instead he was subject to harsh training, being forced to battle and evolve Jandrah slowly began to break. The constant abuse from his trainer coupled with constantly being forced to beat and kill other pokemon turned Jandrah from a quiet, sweet little Shuppet into a crazed, sadomasochistic, semi romantic Banette.

    When he wasn't busy with abusing others and being abused Jandrah would cut himself up and then stitch himself back together. As this habit grew Jandrah eventually began carrying a razor and wrapping his hands in bandages to prevent injury to them. This continued on until the infection struck. The girl who owned the Banette was all to eager to release her pokemon and left them all on Mount. Pyre to die.

    Jandrah however survived, it was what he was trained to do. Survive and endure, if he could simply do that, in his mind he was victorious. So Jandrah did just that, he wandered around the home of the dead and waited, endured and survived. At least until he saw a particularly interesting Duskull. For him it was nearly love at first sight but also he was filled with hatred for the Duskull for being much more attractive than he was.

    It was because of this that Jandrah began to follow the Duskull he soon found out to be know as NightmaresEmber around. He did so simply to make the poor creature miserable, often harassing and insulting the Duskull. His favorite way of toying with the Duskull was often to blame him for anything that went wrong, it was always NME's fault. But then he would claim that he loved the Duskull and that he will never let him escape.

    During one particular incident after that the Duskull killed a living pokemon which gave Jandrah the perfect opportunity to break NME. So Jandrah continued to pursue and blame NME for killing that Pidgey until the NME's mind had shattered. After this Jandrah continued to follow NME all around until NME regained his conscious sanity. Which left them both Arceus only knows where.

    Jandrah is an average sized Banette. However instead of the normal grey skin, his is pitch black and instead of a golden yellow tail and zipper, he has crimson coloring. His eyes are two different colors; the left is green and the right eye is blue. Over his left eye is a large stitch mark scar.

    Covering his hands are bloodied bandages like arm warmers. Around his neck he wears a large spiked collar. Scarring his body are many other stitch mark scars. His mouth is almost always curled into a twisted, sadistic grin with pointed zipper teeth as opposed to square shaped ones. His posture is usually slumped forwards as if he were a sort of zombie but he is very much alive. When not slumped over, he is just standing in a semi-relaxed posture just staring creepily at others.

    Jandrah is a sadistic, somewhat masochistic Banette. His enjoyment of causing others pain comes from years of being forced to abuse and beat his team mates. He enjoys hearing others scream and cry in fear and agony and due to the numbness that pain often causes him, he enjoys inflicting damage to himself as well. Of course there is a limit to how much he is physically capable of taking but he enjoys every last bit of it.

    Apart from the sadomasochism Jandrah is also very crude and tends to insult others. Whether this is purposefully done or not is hard to tell. He also seems to have stalker tendancies, especially towards those he may become romantically interested in. As of now his current target NME the Duskull is not only the object of his affections but as well as his extreme hatred so Jandrah does what he can to make the Duskulls life a living hell.

    While appearing violent and outwardly self and environmentally destructive, Jandrah is actually exceptionally shy. Often hiding in the shadows instead of coming face to face with others. The only way to lure him out currently is to use NME as bait or threaten his life.
    Jandrah will respond with violence if the latter is done as he will claim that NME is his toy and puppet alone to break and kill.

    Aside from the overall violence and creepy habits of this Banette he does have his useful moments when he is not constantly harassing and blaming NME for everything. His affections for the male Duskull lead one to believe he is either gay or bisexual but it seems to be a mystery at this point.

    --- -- - -- ---

    Ember was hatched and brought up by a human. He never really got to know his real parents. Not that it mattered; right away Ember was placed under intense training to become a Dusclops. However the strangely colored pokemon refused to be evolved. When his trainer began to notice the Duskull’s refusal to evolve he grew angry. Luckily before the trainer could hit him, Ember was saved by one of the several Nurse Joy’s.

    Over the next month Nurse Joy took care of Ember, giving him a necklace that she had received from a close friend of hers. The carved Everstone skull was dyed different shades of purple, making it the perfect choice for the Duskull. She also spent her spare time teaching the ghost to write. First the alphabet, then small words and as time passed the Duskull’s vocabulary grew to an enormous size.

    Then a new trainer came, a caring and somewhat kind girl with another Duskull. Ember did not want to leave the Nurse as he was happy there but Nurse Joy insisted that it would be better for him if he were to travel. Reluctantly Ember agreed and left sadly with the new trainer and her Duskull. Ember kept himself at a distance from the human and only spoke with her pokemon when absolutely necessary. He hated this new life but there was really nothing he could do about it.

    At least nothing that was obvious. Then the epidemic came; the virus overtaking more than half of the trainer’s pokemon and the trainer herself. Ember knew something was very wrong when the girl began pushing her friends beyond their limits and the pokemon began to rot. Fearing for the worst, Ember killed the whole group mercilessly. After looting the trainers bag for her spare journal and the old fashioned feather pen, after finding a small container with several vials of ink he wrote in the journal.

    Day one;
    I’m not sure what has happened here but the smell of death is all around. Everyone I meet I must kill for fear of catching this new virus myself. In the time I have spent with Nurse Joy I also learned quite a bit about illness and disease. However I have never seen anything so horrid. Strangely I find all this death to be…Relaxing. Maybe there is something wrong with me.

    Well even so I can’t stay here, I must find someone, another pokemon perhaps one that may be able to explain what is going on. I shall take all the skills I have learned, by being with Nurse Joy and traveling with this strange lady. You know I don’t even know her name. Oh well, I suppose I should get moving before I attract too much attention to myself.

    After writing in the journal Ember set off with the pen and journal in hand. As he wrote, his current goal was to find someone to explain how this was happening. Ember was hungry for knowledge and he would do anything in his power to understand this strange outbreak. In his eyes knowledge was power, he was just too lazy to discover it alone. So his quest to find the answers began as he traveled through the regions, more than once catching a ride on a boat meant for evacuation.

    After reaching his destination at Mount. Pyre, Ember spent a short time there. Many infected and even a few survivors were found however none of them really seemed to pay him any attention. Or at least that is what NME wished to believe though he often felt as if he was being stalked. He later found this to be true when he left the home of the dead.

    A Banette that referred to himself as 'Thirteen' for the first little while had begun to trail the young Duskull. However NME could not tell if he should take the constant jabs and insults as flirting or as what they seemed to be intended to do which was provoke him. Since he could not decide he simply ignored the Banette until the gestures and insults grew to much and he lashed out. This served little to no good as an outlet as he found out that the Banette who's name was actually Jandrah was 'in love' with him.

    After this somewhat shocking discovery NME in a panic'd attempt to flee from the crazed Banette ended up killing a living Pidgey by accident. NME while being heartless and cold to the infected was very sympathetic to the living. Ember panic'd even further which gave Jandrah time to catch up and blame him, drilling into his head that everything bad that had happened in the life of the young Duskull was all his fault.

    This constant blame caused NME to have a sort of emotional and mental breakdown. For sometime after he was in a sort of half conscious state in which he was awake but unaware of everything going on. It was a miracle that he managed to get anywhere after that without being infected or killed. Where he ended up he had no idea though. NME heavily hoped that he hadn't left the Hoenn region though. Even with his ever persistent stalker he was more concerned about finding others a little less insane.

    Appearance-Ember is a normal sized Duskull with a purple mask and purple markings. His eye is a stormy grey, but during the rare times he feels happy it becomes a soft blue. Around his neck he wears a skull necklace carved of dyed Everstone. He is often seen carrying a journal and a feather pen matted with blood.

    Personality-Ember is distant and cold. He will not hesitate to kill someone he believes may be infected or is quite obviously undead. He rarely warms up to anyone and prefers to be left alone to observe and write. On rare occasions he will even draw within his journal. He is often very cautious and he takes every step to avoid contracting the infection himself. When Ember does kill, he does so mercilessly because he believes that the safety of one is more important than the lives of the undead. As such he does not give a flying fuck about who lives and who dies, nor does he care if he upsets someone.

    However under his cold exterior is a caring, concerned and semi over protective pokemon. He tends to avoid showing this side of himself though because he is terrified of making friends or falling in love only to loose that person/pokemon. He also seems to be very sympathetic to living pokemon even if he refuses to show it. This may be due the fact that he seems to be very attuned to how others are feeling and often picks up these emotions himself. This makes him feel vulnerable so he tries to distance himself as best he can.

    - -- --- ------------- --- -- -

    User Notes-

      -NME is my pokesona, and like me he is Bisexual.
      -Jandrah terrifies NME and often harasses him.
      -Jandrah was taught how to 'speak' bits of the human language like Meowth of Team Rocket, however he can only speak it when he sings.

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    Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn) Empty Re: Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn)

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    This is no longer a WIP and is ready for Mootoo to look at for approval, thanks. ^w^

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    Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn) Empty Re: Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn)

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    Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn) Empty Re: Jandrah 'Thirteen' and NightmaresEmber the Banette and Duskull(Lavaridge, Hoenn)

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