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Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian]


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Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian] Empty Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian]

Post by Min Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:57 pm

Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian] ArachneonEJ
Temporary Image

Gender Male
Age 16
Species #???/ Arachneon, The Arachnid Pokemon
Height 2'02" / 0.6m
Weight 49.6 lbs / 22.4 kg
Level 59
Ability Compoundeyes
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Impetuous and Silly
Pokédex Entry Its two tails are actually legs that help it maintain itself on ceilings and walls. Its many eyes make it hard for opponents to sneak up on it.
Item Cracked metal collar. Goggles with Scope Lens attached.
-Spider Web
-Acrobatics [TM]
-Synchronoise [Breeding]
    Luzige from the moment he was born, was loved. Sixth born from his litter, his mother was a beautiful Flareon while his father was an Exploud. He belonged to wealthy trainers who spoiled every one of the baby Eevees, letting them play for extended amount of time and do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. It was a life of blissful ignorance and luxury for the Eevee, they never knew any hardships.

    One day, Luzige was offered a spot in a experienced training class to become a battling Pokemon. Only one of his other siblings had accepted such offer, and wanting to feel the thrill of the fight, the young Eevee immediately took the invitation and began his training. At first, he was clumsy, often falling victim to a well-aimed fighting move of being pushed to the side by an easy gust, but Luzige got the hang of it. He loved fighting, it made his spirits lift with joy as he landed every hit, and with every hop and skip he did to dodge, he only felt even better.

    Soon his trainers decided to get him a gift for his accomplishment. A metal collar with the number '6' engraved in it, and goggles with Scope Lens attached to them so he could land easier critical hits. He loved both gifts, vowing to make his trainers even prouder and training everyday. However, he found that with every fight he felt a feeling rise in his stomach. Hunger. Soon with ever dodge and kick he only grew hungrier and hungrier, and one day in a skirmish with his sibling, he couldn't take it anymore. Tackling the other Eevee to the ground, he began to rip him open, feasting on his bowels and organs. If he ever had to describe the memory, his only reply would be "Delicious."

    When his trainers found out about the casualty, they immediately disowned him, in fear of what he will do to the others and in disgust of what he has already done. Luzige didn't mind though, he was thrown into Viridian Forest, which was abundant with food. He could eat all day, as much as he wanted! This life was to him, much more luxurious than his old, unlimited food! The Eevee would constantly hunt down Caterpies and Metapods to feast on, being the easiest living prey in the forest. Not to mention they were delicious, the mouthwatering cracking sounds when he broke through their exoskeleton, the succulent taste of their watery, gooey innards as he dipped each paw in and then stuck them in his mouth.

    Eventually he began to glow a bright white, his form changing slowly into that of an Arachneon. The day he evolved was the day the infection began, spreading through the forest. Luzige however, only thought that it was a small cold virus of some sort. He was proven wrong when the bug Pokemon he ate began to rise up again, chasing after him. Scared, but more annoyed, he ran up the trees and began to instead feast on the limited amount of berries up there, not wanting to risk going down to fight the many hoards.

    He still lurks in the Viridian Forests, looking for the easier infected while swinging from the trees, happy as can be.

    Fun-loving and energetic, Luzige loves to jump around and swing from branch to branch with his Spider Webs. Tends to be ignorant of most things, and due to his simple 'I don't care' attitude, usually doesn't know what's going on. Loves to fight, and can be considered a sadist. Whenever he does fight, however, he gets hungry and will need to eat afterwords. Is a complete glutton.

    Luzzy absolutely loves bug types, well, eating them. Whether living or infected he would always rush to them and try to eat them, only with a few exceptions. He tends to be very nerdy with the science of bug type Pokemon, having learned a significant amount about them during his days as an Eevee. Luzige tends to live by the rule that "You can't know your enemy better until they're in your stomach", and generally will devour all his foes.

    Luzige eats... Anything. Mainly other Pokemon but when the supply is low he will begin to eat, or at least try to eat, things like stone, trees, glass, fabric, and even... His own legs? He will literally eat anything.

    He also tends to get very destructive when hungry, so in short he's a giant singular locust who can still cause a considerable amount of damage on his own.

User Note-
  • Usually nicknamed 'Luzzy'.
  • Loves his goggles and collar.
  • Does not pray to Arceus, but to Ho-Oh.
  • Has a strong belief in revival, and that all lives will be reborn again.
  • Still a kid, maybe around his mid teenage years.

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Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian] Empty Re: Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian]

Post by Min Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:14 pm

Ready for approval!

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Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian] Empty Re: Luzige the Arachneon [Kanto, Viridian]

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He sounds awesome!

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