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    Golem: Icirrus' Guardian Golurk(Icirrus, Unova)


    Golem: Icirrus' Guardian Golurk(Icirrus, Unova) Empty Golem: Icirrus' Guardian Golurk(Icirrus, Unova)

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    Golem: Icirrus' Guardian Golurk(Icirrus, Unova) 1nxqn6


    Text Color-
    electric turquoise#49E9BD
    Genderless but refers to it's self as Male
    #623 Golurk, The Automaton Pokemon

    Pokédex Entry-
    It is said that Golurk were ordered to protect people and Pokémon by the ancient people who made them.
    Iron Fist
    Somewhat Vain
    - Drain Punch(Tutor)
    - Fly(HM)
    - Earthquake
    - Focus Punch

    This is the story of a simple Golett. There was nothing special about this pokemon. No, he was just a simple pokemon created to protect the village in the north. Or as most call it at that time the Village of Snow. At the time of his creation the village was under attack by a rogue clan from the south and the Golett was design to keep the rogues away from the village and that's what he did.

    Now at the time many of the kids loved to play with the Golett, but the adults always took the kids away. In all truth Golett didn't mind the company the children brought him, but it also meant putting then in harms way and Golett didn't want that. So he always alone. He didn't mind, after all his duty and the protection of the villagers were far more important then anything.

    Protect the village and the villagers. That's what they told me.

    Long after his creation, the village was attacked. Golett fought back with powerful moves, but the attackers brought wild pokemon with them and Golett was soon watching the village, the village he sought to protect, burn to the ground. After the attackers left the now ravaged village, what villagers were left gathered around the Golett. The Automaton lay on the ground, a strange red liquid dripping from inside the pokemon. The villagers looked on in despair. They're so called protector was defeat and they're beautiful Village of Snow was burned to the ground. As the villagers talked about what to do about they're village and they're so called protector the snow keep falling. Never changing and never looking back.

    The snow...

    As the days turned to months and the months turned to years, the Golett was no longer the guardian of the Village of Snow. No, he was just there, but thanks to the experience he gain while protecting the village he soon under went a change. He was no longer the simple Golett he once was. He was now the serious Golurk that he is, but by this time nearing a thousand years had gone by and the once small village he protected was no growing into a larger village.

    The Golurk had watched as a small baby grew into a child, how it changed so great once it was a teen and how it slowly aged until it pasted away as an elder. He watched so many of the villagers die and so many more come to the world as babies. At this point in his life, time went by slowly for the Automaton. He watched as the village fell and raised many times. He even watched the Tower being created. He felt so alone. No one had lived the life he did nor did they live as long as he has.

    Snow is timeless.

    Soon, the Golurk reached the present. It felt so strange to the Golurk. So many things have changed sense the time he was created to protect the small village. The villagers were no longer the villagers he had come to love. Many of the villagers attack him and tried to use strange round objects to capture him, they even used other pokemon to fight him, but he was to strong for them. Though on the outskirts of the strange new village was an old man. This old man held tales of the past. Tales that the Automaton had lived and had fought in. That's were the Golurk's new story began.

    A new life I miss dearly.

    The old man was old, yes, but he still had some years to spare and he used those years to learn about the past. The time when Golurk was just a simple Golett on a mission to protect the once small village. In turn the old man told Golurk about the new world and thats how he found out his once small Village of Snow was now the great Icirrus City. Golurk learned many things about this new time from the old and he often waited outside the city for the old man.

    But, one day the old didn't come and the snowy area was caught in a blizzard. Golurk grew worried for the old man and left his cave in search of his friend, only to came to a destroyed Icirrus City. Then the pokemon attacked him. Many were a sickly purple, while others had open wounds and bodies everywhere. The Golurk was horrified but fought back in furry once he found the old man. His friend had his stomach slit open, his organs littered the area and his face was eaten away. The Golurk was filled with rage as he slaughtered the monsters that attack his beloved Village of Snow. It was then and there he came to the conclusion that the village still needed him and he swore to Arceus that he would protect it till his death, under the name the old man had given him.

    Golem. That is the name I now stand under and it is also the thing that reminds me why I keep protecting the village.

    A normal Golurk, though he can very serious about many things because he still believes he's living in ancient times.
    He's very serious about many things, including the epidemic. In his mind he's still living in ancient times and often questions many things about the present things. Sense he's been around for so long and his head is all jumbled with finding out about the new time and trying to remember the ancient times, his memory is failing, but he can still remember small things.

    User Notes-
    -Was created a very long time ago

    -He's been around so long that his memory is starting to fade

    -Still believes it's his duty to protect Icirrus or which at his time was call the Village of Snow

    -Age is unknown as he has forgot over the years, but is well into his thousands, maybe even older

    -Tends to confuse the present with the past

    -Still calls Icirrus, the Village of Snow

    -The old main taught him his tutor move and his HM move

    -Xous54 has given me permission to use they're image

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