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Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova]


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Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova] Empty Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova]

Post by Min Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:43 pm

*Both profiles have been previously approved. I'm simply merging them together into a dual. VuV*

Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova] BxJFj

Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova] QWRL2

Nerine [Neri]
Text Color #99FF99
Item Handkerchief
Gender Female
Age Young Teen
Species #147 Dratini, the Dragon Pokemon
Height 5'11" / 1.8m
Weight 7.3lbs / 3.3kg
Pokédex Entry It is called the "Mirage Pokémon" because so few have seen it. Its shed skin has been found.
Level 16
Ability Shed Skin
Nature Timid
Characteristic Alert to Sounds
Moves - Thunder Wave [Learned]
- Twister [Learned]
- Dragon Rage [Learned]
- ExtremeSpeed [Breeding]
History Born and raised in the wild, Nerine came to be the wonder of the forest. Her father, an amazing Dragonite, had been abandoned in the forests along with his eigth egg after his seventh failure in producing a beautiful Calibee Dratini. Ironically, the little serpent was one. She was a gorgeous white, dapples with pale shades of yellow and unsaturated brown, with deep captivating markings drawn down her back. The Dragon Pokemon was always curious and childish, enjoying acts such as repeatedly climbing up her father's body then sliding down his back, or simply just resting upon the male's head. It was a fairly peaceful life, the yellow giant strong enough to hunt and provide for both of them.

One day, on a trip around the forest, they were sitting around in the moss gardens when the yellow dragon felt a new presence near where they rested. They both searched around the area for this newcomer, curious as to who it was. It turns out that the Pokemon was a Charmander of an odd blue, unconscious in a bed of flora. Nerine was surprised, but determined to help the firey salamander and urged her father to do the same, bringing daily food and water for the lizard until it regained it's being. A few days after they had evacuated the starter Pokemon to a safer area and cared for him, he finally awoke.

Nerine was absolutely in awe of the fire-type, breaking her usual quiet demeanor to befriend the Charmander. Her father had freely welcomed the young one into his family, and the little Dratini had great pleasure in referring to his as a 'brother'. It wasn't long before the little serpent asked her new 'sibling' question, like where did he come from and where did he get all the pretty jewelry from. It seemed that Emett, as the Charmander said, didn't quite know the answer to the latter, but continued to wear it for a reason the dragon couldn't fathom. However, such subjects didn't matter much, the fire-type easily fitting into their misfit family and becoming her big brother. The little serpent always loved the idea of siblings, enjoying playing games and conversing with him daily.

Every once in a while their sole parent would leave them behind to search for sustenance, leaving the odd Charmander in charge of taking care of little Nerine as he vanished into the woods. It didn't bother the little Dratini, waiting patiently with her fake sibling for their caretaker to return. One day, the Dragonite returned with a wounded Trapinch, supposedly being attacked by a rather angry Hitmonchan in the forests. This bug, like the young duo, was oddly coloured. A pale, ghostly white with dull violet markings and etchings upon it's exoskeleton. His name was Emissary, and he too, became a part of the family. The ragtag group of children were closely bonded, never leaving one's side as they skirmished and played.

Months later, after Emett evolved into a brave Charmeleon and Emissary fitting in almost perfectly with the trio, their father left again to find more berries and prey. During the time her parent was away, she was inspired by the amulet which her fire-brother wore, and soon sought the old weaver Ariados of the forest to spin her a Handkerchief with a similar design. Nerine was also able to find some forest friends to gather her clay and dyes, was able to forge a similar necklace for her Trapinch sibling. As soon as the cloth for her accessory was done, she wore it and handed the finished trinket to the bug-dragon, before announcing that it was a symbol of their everlasting companionship and love.

However, something was odd. It had been days since the Dragonite left and not once had the male taken so long. The Dratini began to grow worried with her siblings, stomach growling for food as she stayed up long nights in hopes of seeing her father's flying figure. Eventually, she did, but not how she had expected it to be. His flight was clumsy and loud, much unlike the graceful flier she once knew, and as the large figure had a similarly ungraceful landing, Emett was already sprinting to him. Nerine followed immediately, concerned at the sight of her unconscious dad. He came back empty-handed, she noticed, but the Charmeleon was able to gather little bits of food and give it to her. She ate uneasily, her stomach flipping with anxiety as she well asleep curled up alongside her siblings.

However, her respite didn't last very long. The sudden jerk as Emett hauled her body into his arms and ran made her eyes wide with fear. The sky was orange, a vibrant citrus. Her father's eyes, now awake, a terrifying crimson. Nerine, shocked and confused, snapped her eyes back shut right before the meteors rained down upon them, the explosions ringing in her ears, wailing. The momentum in which the Charmeleon slid under a partially-overturned tree and into a burrow, along with Emissary, before falling into unconsciousness. The little Dratini had stayed up only a few moments after he brothers, gazing at the now-tattered body of her undead father as he flew off, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

She awoke faster than the others, too, already slithering from their hide to observe their now ruined home. Beside her was her Trapinch brother, both gazing out into the ashes of the land. It was only when the shuffling of Emett waking rang in her ears that she turned, meeting the Charmeleon's eyes. Nerine was crying, sobbing as her beloved handkerchief covered her mouth. "It's ruined, it's all ruined." she had mourned, before being ushered away by the fire-type. From that moment, the trio had become more inseperable than ever, travelling through Unova in attempts to survive.
Appearance She is a Dratini of avergae size and weight, albeit maybe a little skinnier from the lack of food. Her serpentine body is not the pretty blue that other's of her kind have, but instead, is a pure white with dapples of yellow and markings of brown. Her ear fins are a dull color, while her eyes are a vibrant green. She never removes the handkerchief from around her face.
Personality Once a peppy, always-happy child, she is now quiet to the point where most think she is mute. Her ears are partially deaf from the explosions she had heard, and her eyes strain to see bright colors and lights. Nerine has yet to get over what had happened in the forest, in denial about everything from her father becoming infected to her home burning down. She is emotionally distraught, scared of almost everything and ridiculously skeptical of everyone except her siblings. She doesn't let this show, however, and simply keeps to her brothers. She has a bit of an odd habit of tangling herself around Emett's body and simply staying like that while he moves. She heavily relies on the two to do many day-to-day activities, and cannot even feed herself.
User Notes

  • Extremely dependant.
  • Her design is based off my absolute favorite morph of Snake, the Calibee Ball Python.
  • Extremespeed was a chain bred, her lineage has had that move for generations.
  • Will begin to panic and freak the fuck out when not with her siblings.
  • Brothers roleplayed by Drago and EndGame.
  • Replacing Prince's place on Icirrus as leader! ^w^ Switch has been approved.

Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova] BxJFj

Item Amulet, gold earing
Gender Male
Age Teenager
Species #005/Charmeleon/Flame Pokemon
Height 4'00"
Weight 50 lbs
Pokédex Entry In the rocky mountains where Charmeleon live, their fiery tails shine at night like stars.
Level 28
Ability Blaze
Nature Serious
Characteristic Good Perserverance
Moves - Dragon Pulse (Breeding)
- Fire Fang (Learned)
- Smokescreen (Learned)
- Dragon Rage (Learned)
Emett was born alone.

He was born on a cold winter night, on the side of Mt. Silver. The shells of his egg surrounded him in the snow, the first sight his mismatched eyes ever beheld. The only heat he could manage was the barest flame from his tail, barely enough to keep him alive. For days, then weeks, and finally months he stayed on that mountain, unable to find a way down. He tripped and trodded through the snow each day and each night, unable to stand still for very long. When he got so thirsty he couldn't stand it anymore, he heated snow as best he could, and drank it. He ate very little, except the few berries he could occasionally find crushed under the snow. Finally, when he realized there was no way to continue living on the mountain, he came to a cliff, so high up that he couldn't see the bottom for all of the fog. His choices were slim, however. He had barely eaten, and rarely drank. He would freeze to death or he would starve, or die of dehydration. Or he could choose his own fate. Taking the leap of faith, he jumped.

And the world went black.

When Emett came to, he began to panic. Something was wrong. His entire body felt... strange, unnatural. When he looked at himself, however, he looked the same as he could remember. Finally, he figured it out. For the first time in his short life, he was warm, fed, and quenched. Looking at his surroundings for the first time, he found himself lying against a large tree, the bare branches doing nothing to protect him from the sun.

The sun....

Living so high up, he had never seen the sun before. Its warmth radiated through him, and the flame on his tail grew to a size it never had before. A few hours after he woke up, he caught sight of something approaching. Struggling as he would, however, he found that he lacked the energy to stand up. The large figure got closer and closer, and finally his eyes were able to make it out. It was a large yellow dragon, with a large, almost comical nose. On his head sat an extremely tiny pale snake, barely big enough to cover his horn. The Dragonite, as he introduced himself to be, explained how he had found Emett unconscious in the woods, and brought him here. He had nursed him back to health, and three days later he had finally woken up. Emett lived with the Dragonite and his daughter from that day on, and was officially adopted into their family.

His family.

It didn't take long for his new family to start asking questions: Where did he come from? How did he survive? How did he get the jewelry? The last one came as a bit of a surprise to Emett. He had not realized he had been wearing anything before they pointed it out. He had not been wearing it while he was on the mountain, and they had certainly not put it on him. The question made Emett think even more. How exactly did he survive the fall? The possible answers sent shivers down his spine, and he elected not to dwell too hard on the question. He did however, continue to wear the necklace. For a long time, Emett lived happily with the Dragonite, who he called Father, and his new sister, Nerine. However, like all things, his time with them eventually came to an end.

And what an end it was.

Emett spent years with that family, playing the role of a son and brother as best he could. Trouble never seemed to come their way, and for a time, they were happy. Occasionally, his Father would leave Emett and his sister alone for a few days, and go scavenged for a supply of berries and other foods. The reserve he brought back would last until the next scavenging adventure. It was after one of such outings that the Father returned not only with food, but also with a companion, of sorts. The Father told a story of how he found the poor soul, a ghostly white Trapinch with purple markings, was being beaten by Hitmonchan in the woods. Almost immediately, Emett and the others adopted the Trapinch into the family, and the three had become four.

But it would not last long.

Long after they took in Emett's new brother, but not long after the charmander evolved for the first time, Emett's sister gathered together the three siblings. Amazed, she explained how she had sought out help from others in the forest to help her create accessories that matched his own. Brining out a pendant that resembled Emett's for his brother, and a silk scarf for herself, Emett suddenly felt even more like a family. These three completely different species all shared extrodanary coloring, and shared the same jewelry. They were a family, and nothing would ever tear them apart. A few weeks after this event, Emett was called over by the Father, and soon felt the Dragonite's scrutinizing eye studying him. Looking him in the eyes, the larger dragon nodded, then slowly shook his head. Soon... He said, smiling warmly and patting the Charmeleon's head. Next time, I promise. Excitement pounded through Emett. His father was going to bring him on one of his scavenging adventures!

But there was no next time.

Father took longer this time than he ever had before. Emett thought nothing of it at first, but began to worry as time moved on. Fifteen days after he left, Emett began preparing himself to search for him. Just as he was about to set off, however, he heard the familiar flapping of powerful wings that announced Father's return. Something was... different, however. His flight pattern stumbled, and he nearly crashed on his feet when he landed. Stumbling, he went for the nearest tree, and slumped against it. He fell asleep nearly immediately. Only after he and his sister had properly attempted to treat him did Emett realize that the Dragonite had returned empty handed. Confused, Emett said nothing to his siblings, who had already surely noticed it. He gave them the remainder of the food he could scrounge up, and sat watch over their father during the night. Sitting on a nearby tree stump with his sister and brother curled asleep at his feet, he watched as his Father slept. He watched as he began to stir. He watched as he began to shake his head. He watched as he opened his eyes.

His eyes were red.

The Dragonite's body was thrown up as if by some unseen force. The body shook and quaked, as if he was fighting whatever was trying to control him. But it was a losing fight. Within moments, the Dragonite's head wrenched back, and in the blackness of night, Emett could see the eyes glowing an even fiercer red. Something was happening. Moving as quickly as he could, he gave his Brother a swift kick to wake him up, and picked up the Dratini at his feet. He ran away, motioning for the Trapinch to follow him, even before he saw the orange lights begin appearing in the sky. The meteors beginning to fall.

The first crash was the worst.

Behind him, the sounds of meteors falling to earth chased Emett and his sister. Closer and closer the explosions became, until he could barely avoid them. In one last flash of hope and despair, Emett dove for a particularily large tree with lifted roots, surprised to find himself sliding through a hole he had not noticed in the darkness. Outside, the explosions crept closer and closer, and in final desperation, Emett hugged his siblings close.

And the world exploded in fire.

When Emett awoke, he could barely move. Bark and soot covered his body, and his tail was a sickly green color. Shooting up as fast as he could, he began searching for his sister. He found her already up, however, and she was not alone. Sitting with her was a Trapinch, pale white with purple markings, and a necklace just like Emett's own. Before he could ask any questions, however, he caught their gaze, and turned around. The sight burned into his eyes forever, as he saw the forest he had called home for so long had been destroyed. There was nothing but ash and dust now. A wasteland created by one dragon. Turning back to his sister and their new companion, he hurried them away from the place. It was no place to begin introductions. After they were suitably away, Emett learned the name of the Trapinch, and, finding him to be an orphan as well, the three of them adopted each other. Emett swore then and there that never again would he let his family come to harm.

A promised he intends to keep.

Appearance Emett is a tall charmeleon with one red eye and one blue. His skin is a deep, rich blue, and his flame is red. He has a gold earring in his right ear, and has an amulet that never leaves his sight.
Personality Emett is incredibly protective of his siblings. He often finds himself exasperated at Emissary's antics, but he loves them both all the same. He takes every threat seriously, however, and will do everything in his power to keep them safe.
User Notes Siblings are Rp'd by Lulu and Endgame

Usually refers to the Dragonite as "The Father".

His jewelry and his Dragonite "Father" are all supposed to be shrouded in mystery. How he got the necklace, how his father knew Draco Meteor. This may or may not be revealed through RP.

Adopted! Original profile is here.

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Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova] Empty Re: Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova]

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Nerine the Dratini and Emett the Adopted Charmeleon [Icirrus, Unova] 3Br5nS6

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