Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Undine the Undead Milotic


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    Undine the Undead Milotic Empty Undine the Undead Milotic

    Post by Min Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:36 am

    Undine the Undead Milotic 2qthkl5


    Tender Pokémon

    Approximate time of infection:
    Around 3 weeks after the infection began.

    Known Moves:
    Blizzard [TM]
    Hypnosis [Breeding]
    Mist [Breeding]



    "aM i bEAutIFuL yEt?"

    Undine used to be a young Feebas until she was caught by a trainer named Slange. She was used in contests often and eventually evolved into a beautiful Milotic. She loved her new form, and continued to be used in contests. She rarely battled, being a peaceful Pokemon. She did not believe in fighting with other Pokemon and always refused to fight even in the most dire situations.

    Eventually, her trainer managed to get all the badges and beat all the leagues of all the regions, except Johto and Kanto, so naturally, Johto was he next destination. There, Undine met Mist after she was captured and quickly both became good teammates.

    After the infection began and he trainer died, she slithered off towards the sea to hide, little did she know that the waters had carried the infection too. When she got in, she was immediately met with a infected Feraligatr who bit off one of her ear/hands. Scared and not wanting to fight, she swam even further and hid herself within the depths of the ocean, enclosed within numerous rocks and coral. Little did she know that she had drank some of the bloody water as she swam, and now was slowly becoming infected.

    After a complete week of shutting herself out of the world, starving and tired, she decided to peek outside of her little shelter, and to maybe find some food. And she did, she found little remoraids dead and floating around near the top, so she went and ate them. It was then that the infection had started taking control of her body completely. She looked at her skin to see it all cracked and blotched with dirty, gross purple. Her beautiful skin was destroyed. She felt something odd stir in her. Bloodlust and aggression to all living things, as her true consciousness was shut deep in her mind, still screaming, but unable to control.

    User Notes:

    -I would like her to be on the Safari Team please. c:

    -Due to her past history or never fighting, even as an infected she's rather weak. Knowing that, she will not pick fights with many Pokemon unless they are small, puny, and really weak. Just so she can grow stronger and then take down the bigger catch.

    -She still has a conscious, but it has absolutely no control of her body, at all.

    -She talks, but can only say; "aM i bEAutIFuL yEt?". When she tries to say something else, it comes out as ear-piercing garbled screeches.

    -Her infected mind believes that she is the most beautiful being on the world and thinks everything else is inferior, and that everything else other than her should not exist anymore on this planet.

    [Yes, I'm doing this for you, Wind. :U I don't want you to get lonely on a team with people you don't know very well. OTL And you told me in chat to make a character for Safari, soooo. :Y]

    [And not many infected seem to have purple on them yet. .-. Purple is an awesome color.]

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    Undine the Undead Milotic Empty Re: Undine the Undead Milotic

    Post by Suicune Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:34 pm

    I'm also glad you're adding purple to the infected.
    Most lesser pokemon will be showing purple by now.
    You're now in the Safari team.

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