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    Ruby the Milotic


    Ruby the Milotic Empty Ruby the Milotic

    Post by Guest Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:45 pm

    Ruby the Milotic A2kw5

    NAME: Ruby

    GENDER: Male

    LEVEL: 40

    Scald (TM)
    Aqua Tail

    ABILITY: MARVEL SCALE -- raises Milotic's defense by 50% if under a Status Condition.

    NATURE: Sassy

    CHARACTERISTICS: Somewhat vain

    #350 Milotic/the Tender Pokémon

    HEIGHT: 20'04"

    WEIGHT: 340.1lbs (About 17 lbs. underweight; God forbid he be fat.)

    POKéDEX ENTRY: Its lovely scales are described as rainbow colored. They change color depending on the viewing angle. (Black/White Dex)

    HELD ITEM: Mystic Water

    HISTORY: Ruby was hatched as an ugly little Feebas in a high-class Cherygrove aquarium of exotic Water-types. As Feebas are very unattractive creatures, the owners of the aquarium turned up their noses at the newborn Pokémon, putting him in a tank with many Magikarp and Poliwag. Though good-natured and friendly, Ruby's shabby scales and ragged fins deterred the other Water-types in his tank from speaking to him, and he became increasingly-lonely, spending most of his time at the bottom of the tank, where he swam listlessly back and forth, awaiting the day he would be noticed.

    That day came when a small boy from Hoenn came into the aquarium on a day-trip with his parents. Recognizing the Fish Pokémon from his homeland, he eagerly explained its Evolution process to the aquarium's owners, and they happily set about preparing for the arrival of a Milotic, giving shabby little Ruby a vast tank all to himself and all the Chesto Berries he wanted. Spoiled with all this new attention, the once good-natured and hardy Ruby became a vainglorious prince, constantly seeking affection and satisfaction.

    Naturally, the Chesto Berries increased his Beauty enough for him to Evolve into the gorgeous Milotic, and his deeply-hued ruby-red scales gave him his name. He became the star attraction at the aquarium; though he refused to perform tricks for the populous (preferring to bask in the glow of their rapture and affection for him), he learned his current move-set to impress them with brief, showy displays of power and beauty. (Consider him a Contest Pokémon, if that helps your image of him.) His incredible vanity awed and repulsed the other Pokémon -- though he was beautiful beyond measure, his heart was not so. The Tender Pokémon eventually grew lonely, with only the beauty of his jewel-like scales to comfort him. By the time he began to seek friendship, the other creatures in the aquarium had become infected, swimming listlessly at the surface of their tanks; before long, the Gyarados in the open-air tank grew frenzied enough to crash through the plexiglass, their half-mad brains not registering the glass cutting through their flaking scales. They proceeded to rip apart the aquarium, tearing through flesh and metal in their attempts to satisfy their hunger.

    Ruby witnessed his caretakers, so eager to protect their beautiful Milotic, fall to the wrath of the Gyarados. Too large to take refuge and too weak to fight, his only option was to charm his way to escape; using Attract, he lulled the Gyarados enough to dispatch them with one quick Aqua Tail, which he had learned to please audiences. From here, his only option was to leave the safety of his destroyed tank and venture onto dry land. To accommodate his constant need for water, he snatched a Mystic Water from one of his caregivers' dead Psyduck and slithered away from the ruined aquarium, determined to find a way to survive.

    -Taught all his moves to impress audiences during showings at the aquarium.
    -Though he has a good heart again, he is very vain, and dislikes getting his beautiful scales dirty.
    -His reddish scales and frills are attributed to him being male, whereas female Milotic take on a more pinkish hue.

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    Ruby the Milotic Empty Re: Ruby the Milotic

    Post by Suicune Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:47 pm

    Sorry, no size adjustments on font anymore, please.
    My eyesight is poor and I can't read it.

    Okay, your character is approved.
    He will be placed on the Ilex Team. Your turn will be after the Haunter. ^^

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