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Harbinger: Blaziken (Unova)


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Harbinger: Blaziken (Unova) Empty Harbinger: Blaziken (Unova)

Post by Blaziken Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:38 pm

Name: Unknown
Species: #257, the Blaze Pokemon
Level: Unknown
Gender: Male
Approximate time of infection: First week of the outbreak

Known Moves:
Stone Edge
Brave Bird
Sky Uppercut

Height: 6'03"
Weight: 114.6 lbs

History: Bred for strength, he was raised for the thrill of the fight his entire life. Always naturally brutal and cunning, he was feirce in battle and never lost. Given to en experianced trainer, he was soon at the head of the game with power. And he knew it. Overpowered by greed and blinded with his lust for blood, he was soon too much for the human. Taken away due to his cruel nature, he was quickly given to the scientists to experiment on. When the Epidemic broke out, he happily took to the world, always looking for someone new to tear limb from limb.

Consumes the lazy.

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