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Harbinger: Weavile (Unova)


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Harbinger: Weavile (Unova) Empty Harbinger: Weavile (Unova)

Post by Weavile Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:31 pm

Name: Unknown
Species: #461 Weavile/ Sharp Claw Pokémon
Level: Unknown
Gender: Female
Approximate time of infection: First week of the outbreak

Known Moves:
Night Slash
Dark Pulse
Ice Beam
Shadow Claw

Height: 3'07"
Weight: 75.0.lbs

History: One of the Five Unova Harbingers. Cold-hearted from birth, this Weavile has never been fond of companionship. She thrills in violence and never shows mercy to any victim. Even in life she would never show remorse, believing that all creatures deserve death and is only too happy to provide them with it. Her favorite form of torture is to freeze the limbs of a victim and sever them one by one.

Consumes the lazy.

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