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    Gilbert & Constance the Twin Zoroarks [inactive]


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    Gilbert & Constance the Twin Zoroarks [inactive] Empty Gilbert & Constance the Twin Zoroarks [inactive]

    Post by Min Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:08 am

    Gilbert & Constance the Twin Zoroarks [inactive] DDRlB1


    Name- Gilbert
    Gender- Male
    Level- 64

    -Night Daze
    -Foul Play
    -Flamethrower [TM]

    Ability- Illusion
    Nature- Naughty
    Characteristics- Strongly Defiant
    National Dex No./Species- #571 Zoroark, Illusion Fox Pokemon

    Height- 5’03” / 1.6m
    Weight- 178.8lbs / 81.1kg
    Pokédex Entry- Bonds between these Pokémon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents.
    Item- White Scarf & Black Glasses

    User Note-
    • Tends to abuse his sister.
    • Has a large ego, and is narcissistic.
    • Acts superior to everyone else.
    • Dislikes getting his own hands dirty, and makes Constance do everything for him.
    • Loves to sing, dance, and hit on cute girls.
    • Knows how to speak German. [Learned from Trainer.]


    Name- Constance
    Gender- Female
    Level- 70

    -Night Daze
    -Extrasensory [Breeding]
    -Aerial Ace [TM]
    -Nasty Plot

    Ability- Illusion
    Nature- Quiet
    Characteristics- Very Finicky
    National Dex No./Species- #571 Zoroark, Illusion Fox Pokemon

    Height- 5’03” / 1.6m
    Weight- 178.8lbs / 81.1kg
    Pokédex Entry- Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.
    Item- Spiked Collar

    User Note-
    • Quiet and introverted.
    • Does everything her brother tells her to do.
    • Is very fearful.
    • Loves to sing and dance but rarely does either. [Unless Gilbert forces her to.]
    • Can speak German. [Learned from Trainer.]


    Gilbert wasn't always like this. He wasn't always a fabulous sister-abusing asshole who acted as if he was superior to everyone. In the beginning he was just an energetic, bubbly Zorua who was born at a Zoroark breeding center with his younger sister. He wasn't bullied, he wasn't an outcast. If anything he had fit into the society perfectly, often playing with the other Zoruas and also having fun with Constance. Gilbert was living with not a care in the world and he loved it, his life was perfect.

    Constance wasn't always like this either. She wasn't so obedient of her brother, she wasn't constantly cowering in fear of being abused by Gilbert. She too started as a calm, collected young Zorua at the breeding center. She fit in well, often with large groups of other Zoruas gossiping and whatnot. It was a life that Constance could live, a peaceful one.

    One day a young German girl had come to the breeders, asking if she could purchase two. With permission from her parents she had bought Gilbert and Constance, determined to have the best Pokemon in her whole school. However, being inexperienced with Pokemon and not sure how to care for them, Gilbert and Constance were never properly trained for battle. To get to the high level that they were currently at, the young girl had fed them multitudes of rare candies and different stat-boosting foods. Due to the inexperience the girl also had resorted to abusing the two young Pokemon when they did something wrong, hitting them and screaming at them.

    From all the abuse the stress had begun to pile up on Gilbert, eventually it became too much for him to handle. He needed a way to release it, and had resorted to abusing his sister. Being pampered and spoiled Gilbert made his sister do everything for him, and if she didn't she would often find herself with burn marks along her body or without a dinner. Their owner did nothing to stop them, because the girl had believed this was natural behavior.

    Although the duo were strong, that simply wasn't enough for their owner. She wanted Pokemon that were wickedly strong but also as graceful and elegant as a Milotic could be. This lead to the girl taking Gilbert and Constance to music and singing classes, working them from day to night to make them not only expert dancers but also expert singers. She wouldn't take a failure for an answer. Eventually the two Zoroarks did master the art of dancing and singing, incorporating it into their fighting style.

    Upon their accomplishment their owner gave them accessories, Gilbert a White Scarf and Blackglasses, while Constance was given a spiked collar. Whenever the girl was given the chance she would bring the Zoroarks to school to show them off and fight any who challenged her. One day at school together with their trainer, the alarm had rang loud and clear. All students on the premises were ordered to release their Pokemon immediately and get on the school buses or head home immediately. The girl did as she were told, letting Gilbert and Constance out of their Pokeballs and crushing them.

    The duo were left behind at the school, where they wandered aimlessly around, never encountering another human again. All they encountered were disgusting, filthy Pokemon, as Gilbert puts it, with glowing red eyes and purple splotches upon their fur. After months of wandering they had found themselves somehow... Teleported to Hoenn, a region they had never known of. [Mewtwo's incident.] They began to wander around Hoenn, trying to find something to do within the mess of the Epidemic.

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    Gilbert & Constance the Twin Zoroarks [inactive] Empty Re: Gilbert & Constance the Twin Zoroarks [inactive]

    Post by Mewtwo Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:31 pm

    Forgive me, I was unaware of the title change.



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