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Plant the Despondent Snivy and The Morelull | Laverre, Ace


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Plant the Despondent Snivy and The Morelull | Laverre, Ace Empty Plant the Despondent Snivy and The Morelull | Laverre, Ace

Post by Dandelion on Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:11 pm

Plant the Despondent Snivy and The Morelull | Laverre, Ace CsPHgoI
Plant the Despondent Snivy and The Morelull | Laverre, Ace V8xFZar
Plant the Despondent Snivy and The Morelull | Laverre, Ace WynHqU7
Plant the Despondent Snivy and The Morelull | Laverre, Ace SQDAagL

Plant the Snivy and The Morelull
Unprotected Innocence   -   Demonic Mushroom
Theme Click Clock Wood (Spring) - Banjo-Kazooie
Hear Me - Kelly Clarkson
Stay With Me - Dj Ironik
Heart of Life - John Mayer
Jeffree Star- Get Away With Murder
I can't Decide - Twisted Sister
Text Color Plant - 2fc014
Morel - 99ee9b
Item Red Pokemon's Sweatshirt with a Rubix Cube in the pocket, Verglas' scarf, and a small spider-shaped necklace with an Everstone set in it.
Biological Gender Male
Gender Identity Male - He/him
Agender - He/she/it (Accepts all pronouns)
Age Child
Young Adult
Species 459 Snivy, The Grass Snake Pokemon - Grass Type
775 Morelull, The Illuminating Pokémon - Grass/Fairy Type
Height 1‘08‘’
Weight 14.6 lbs
3.3 lbs
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Black:: It is very intelligent and calm. Being exposed to lots of sunlight makes its movements swifter.
Pokemon Moon:: As it drowses the day away, it nourishes itself by sucking from tree roots. It wakens at the fall of night, wandering off in search of a new tree.
Level 13 - Leveled via RP
Ability Overgrow
Effect Spore
Nature Quirky
Characteristic Often Scatters Things
Thoroughly Cunning
Moves - Leer (Level Up)
- Tackle (Level Up)
- Vine Whip (Level Up)
- Magical Leaf (Breeding)

- Moonlight (Level Up)
- Mega Drain (Level Up)
- Stun Spore//Thunder Wave
- Sleep Power (Level Up)  or  Poison Power/Leech Seed
"I never knew that there was a whole big world out there..
and all the good and bad things in it."

"MMMMmmmMMMMmmmMMmMm.. EEEEeeeMMMMeeeMm."
I will watch all them burn.

History On the northern half of Route 2 in Kanto a Pokemon egg lay abandoned. Its parents, a brave Servine and Roselia, had valiantly fought for its safety but both perished defending their unborn child. Their bodies had long since been dragged away and eaten by the time it was ready to hatch, the violence already fading from the landscape. The baby, a Snivy, hatched alone.

Blinking at the touch of the sun the child drew in the world around him. Yet something was already wrong, a deep instinct telling him that there should of been... something, waiting for him. Puzzled, the Snivy waited for whatever that something was, carefully hiding away close to his hatch-place in apprehension. He was patient, sitting quietly and photosynthesizing, but he grew restless of waiting as all children do. When he couldn't stand it any longer the child ventured out to explore the forested route, positive that he could find what he was looking for. There were few survivors in the area, probably thinking that a forest was a dangerous hideout, but the ones who resided there were kind to the young Pokemon. They told him he was a Snivy among other things, that he was looking for "family" or something, and the current epidemic that was terrorizing the world. The innocent child didn't care about, or simply didn't understand, the danger they tried to warn him about. Everything seemed happy to him aside from missing his family. He didn't understand why he didn't have a 'mother' or 'father' or why those he talked to ran away when they finished talking, so he sat down and gave it a hard think...

He was green, and his tail was a leaf. His body smelled like the grasses around him and he could even make leaves. The sun was like food to him, just like the plants around him.. Suddenly it became to clear to the child: he must be the baby of the plants! A special Plant, that was what he was! With that, he named himself Plant, a child of the forest. Nature was his family, the trees, shrubs, and even the sky, and this satisfied him. Pleased and brimming with childly innocence, Plant set off to play, scampering around the forest like some sort of wild thing. Looking for anything that seemed fun he found that in the form of the nearby town. What could be more fun then a city full of collapsed buildings? With so many stone towers and and odd objects he was going to greatest time ever! The grass type explored the abandoned territory with excitement, always knowing his forested family and home was nearby.

After a while going home to the forest at night grew tiresome for the child. He found a nice copse of trees right in Pewter and made that his nest. Living alone in the city, as no one seemed to want a screaming childs company, and learning it like the back of his green hand, Plant was surprised when Pokemon he had never seen before started to show up. One was a Snover and the other was an Ariados. The Pokemon quickly became his friends and, without realizing it at first, even more for Plant. The Ariados grew to be a mother to him and the Snover, a brother. Heart soaring at his new discovery of family it was all the more heartwrenching when a terrible accident happened. For the most part the cold stone city was not attractive to undead, but not that day. After fleeing from an argument with his mother Plant returned to find her in the claws of an undead Sandslash.

She died not long after in the youths arms, leaving Plant alone with his adoptive brother. While he still had a companion the loss hit him hard. Harder then anything he had ever felt before. Plant broke down; screaming, crying, and fighting in grief that he did not understand. Offering the child only a short period of mourning Verglas announced that he needed to keep moving in search of humans, threatening to leave the starter completely alone once more. Frightened by that prospect the Snivy agreed to join him when a massive rainstorm hit. The children were waiting out the weather when two more Pokemon arrived in the desolate town along with a ruthless undead Kabutops, the latter probably driven out by the rain. While the new pair fought the demon the boys took the chance to escape, pain gnawing at Plant's heart with each step. With rain pouring down around them he said goodbye. Goodbye to his home, to his fighting new friends, to his mother, and everything he thought he knew.


The pair continued to travel, meeting new Pokemon and seeing new places, as they searched for humans in Verglas' rescue mission. But as the days ticked by things seem to be getting harder and harder, Verglas' condition kept deteriorating and their journey brought them to unsavory and straight up dangerous places. Pokemon would chase them away, or try to take the Snover away from Plant, so the kids kept running until they wound up, beaten and exhausted, in Laverre City. Staying with a tattered group who had already suffered through hardship it finally happened; they ran into a human. An apprehensive light started to shine on their journey, the treasure found and rescue soon to begin.

But it was not to be. In a moment of high emotion Plant traipsed away from Verglas, and the sickly Snover wandered off. Panic and deja vu swarmed the Snivy's body, memories of Violet assaulting him, and when he found Verglas the scene played again in real time. This time around he could not fight off the attacker, and after sustaining damage himself the Snover died in his arms. With his mission dissolving, home sounding empty, purpose lost, and family gone, Plant remains alone in the foreign town, unsure of what to do next. 

Born deep in the forest the Morelull was part of a large clutch. The tiny mushroom's were innocent, ignorant children, waddling along behind their mother as she lead them each night to a new feeding tree. The Lush Jungle was a lovely home full of healthy trees and ample shade, and was the perfect place for them to grow. While they didn't have names, as they were too numerous for the Shiiontic to bother,  their mother love them very much and protected them all from predators and trainers alike. So for months the kids just existed peacefully and without worry.

Living within a trial site meant trainers doing their Island Challenge were a common occurrence within the forest, and they would often see the large group of mushrooms clinging to the trees. Aside from snapping a few pictures however, they usually didn't bother them and continued on with their trial. Morel would quickly learn not every trainer was alike, and when a boy spotted one of its siblings it sought to catch him.

That particular Morelull was sensitive and gentle, and hardly ever fought with anyone or anything. When the trainer sent out his Terracat it didn't stand a chance. Moral looked on in horror as its sibling was quickly beating down and pleaded out for help. Luckily their mother, who had been resting, swiftly intervened.

Predators of the forest saw it as an opportunity. The mushroom Pokemon were a danger to them all and fed without judgement or remorse.

He was captured and taken away from his home by the dumb girl. Infuriated he could do little and was forced to listen to her instruction. Well he did pick up some fighting skills in her chair the mushroom Pokemon was not happy with this new lifestyle.

There was howling in the distance, and how his trainer could sleep through it he would never know. Releasing his shimmering spores Morel watched the bright specks cover the area like a shining beacon. Climbing the closest tree he continued to scatter spores as the night went on until finally, they came. Three scent of ash and smoke wafted in first, an innate alarm signal to the grass type, but the girl continued to slumber peacefully.

Bulbapedia "Snivy is a bipedal, reptilian Pokémon with a slender build. Most of its body is green with a cream underside. A yellow stripe runs down the length of its back and tail, and it has yellow markings around its large eyes. Two curved yellow structures that resemble leaves or small wings protrude from its shoulders and bend backwards. Its slender arms have three fingers, while its tiny feet have no digits whatsoever. It has a large, palmate leaf with three prongs on the end of its tail. This tail is capable of performing photosynthesis, which allows Snivy to move more quickly. However, the tail will begin to droop when Snivy loses energy."

"Morelull is a small, white Pokémon similar to a mushroom. It has large, black eyes with pale green half-circle markings on the outer side. Small bumps ring the top of its head, similar to hair. Its head is much larger than its thin, stem-like body. At the base, the stem splits into three green roots that act as feet. Three large mushrooms sprout from the center of its head. Each mushroom has a thin white stem and a darker ring of color around the base of the cap. The center and largest mushroom is light pink, while the other two mushrooms are smaller and a light purplish-blue. Morelull can make the mushrooms glow with blue light. When in danger, it scatters spores that burst into bright, glittering sparks. The pulsing light of the spores can induce drowsiness."
Appearance Species wise, there is nothing defining Plant from another Snivy aside from his eyes. They are an orange-brown color, just like his mothers, in contrast to the usual red. Along his right side is a burn faintly scarring his body, though it is fading slowly as his scales shed. He wears a red sweatshirt as well as a small necklace, both of which he found in Pewter.

At first glance Morel looks pretty similar to a shiny Morelull but he has some notable differences. The tops of all his mushrooms are red instead of red and brown, and the bases are all different shades. The green marks beside his eyes and on his roots are instead a pale shade of yellow. His beady eyes are such a deep, dark red they nearly appear black.
Accent Youthful, high for a male due to age.
Due to not having a mouth Morel can not speak. Shaking/rubbing his mushrooms and rumbling his innards can make a sort of humming sound, but this is the extent of his voice.
Devotion "Worships" trees. Without proper knowledge of the legends he has come to find the biggest of trees to be those he honors. The great sycamores and mighty oaks, as he puts it.
Yveltal, and Giratina to a lesser extent.
Motivation Unclear; he has sank deep into the pits of despair and lost sight of his goals.
Watch the world burn.
- Young Plant is first and foremost a child. He has lived without parents nearly all his life and had to learn and amuse most things on his own.
- Childish and easily amused Plant loves to watch things drift in the breeze and explore anything new. He is very proud that he has been able to take care of himself and likes to tend to Verglas as well. He has been needing more and more care recently that Plant is glad to give.
- Kindhearted and sweet he enjoys making others smile. Away from his home its bit harder, as he doesnt know the terrain or what to expect, and often finds himself anxious, but it is still a joy for him to strive for.
- Like above said being so far from home has been a hard adjustment. While plants are a comfort being in a strange place with them is still rather terrifying. He is slowing growing more cautious as they explore, finding a lot of things to be more dangerous then he had originally believed.
- Set to his assumptions/ideas Plant strives for goals that are usually heartfelt and personal, refusing to listen to any others.
- While he will listen to others he's really not used to authority or being told no. He finds it difficult to know how to react to such positions.
- To him, evolved and larger Pokemon are hunters, predator, and/or adults, and usually undead fit into these categories. As such he has merged them together and has yet to truly see undead as anything but predators. With so many of these dangerous Pokemon about he is fearful of big Pokemon at first, and with good reason.
- While its not too difficult to earn his trust he has learned not to be foolish. More then once Pokemon have tried to take him away from Verglas or vie versa, causing a growing fear in strangers.
- However, he is easily influenced by those he does trust.
- He has a growing fear of fire after receiving a terrible burn in Pewter.
- Since the events of Pewter nightmares have began to plague his dreams with rapid frequency. Often he wakes screaming, crying, or both.
- Between poor sleep, long travels, and worry for Verglas Plant's energy levels have dropped off severely. He's pretty sluggish some days and has come to rely on traveling upon Verlgas' head and trusting the Snover in a fight (if it cant be avoided).
- Longing greatly for his missing mother Plant's heart often aches for her. While he grieved after her death the mourning was interrupted and many of his feelings went unresolved. With no proper outlet or closure the emotions threaten to choke him and often cloud his judgement when they surface.
- Highly protective of brother, Plant refuses to acknowledge him as a monster. He is simply sick and needs help. Anyone who jabs at Verglas ether verbally or physically will receive the same from the courageous Snivy. He may be small and weak but he will go to great lengths to keep his brother out of danger.
- Aware that Verglas seems to be getting more tired and distant as well as smelling of mold. Its highly concerning but the child dares not bring it up nor does he know what to do about it.

Team notes Might wish to return home but is too forlorn to do so.
This character will actively try to kill its teammates, albeit by less than conventional or obvious methods. However, his plans will likely always be foiled.
Affiliations Verglas: His adoptive and now passed brother. He was the most important person in his life, even more so than his adoptive mother. Losing him has shattered the Snivy and left him unable to function.
Name Origin He is literally a plant. The simple and pure name holds his innocence.
He has forgotten his actual name after not hearing it for so long and goes with whatever people dub him. The most common are Shroom, Fungi or Fungus, Morelull, or Morel. He generally refers to himself Lucifer or Morel.
User Notes ❀ Father was a Roselia, unaware younger brother of Lilly the Snivy and Rush the Servine.
❀ He has several profiles but this one is his original and his most recent.
❀ His height/weight have been slightly tweaked but everything else should be the same but with some sprucing up and updates from RP.
❀ For clarity, all of his items were picked up in Pewter.
❀ Base by eeveecupcakegirl, while the original image was created by crayon-chewer.

♧ Seriously, how did this thing become my favorite Gen VII Pokemon, second only to Decidueye?
Development Notes - Learn what family means.
- Learn the pain of losing said family and having a blood bond.
- Sacrifice all he knows and lose everything that has ever mattered to him.
- Break his tiny heart and realize he how alone he is in this world.

- Fall into the deepest reaches of despair.

- Be able to speak his mind and enact his plans.  
- Question his own desires and nature.

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