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(ELITE) The MAHOGANY Team - Page 9 Empty Re: (ELITE) The MAHOGANY Team

Post by Abysswalker on Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:11 pm

(ELITE) The MAHOGANY Team - Page 9 IXmMkjp

Mahogany Town (Hideout) | Evening

Maybe it was the last scraps of her optimism speaking, but Daisy wanted to believe that Fenix’s reluctant obedience was the end of it. Most of the Pokemon used for the fight-her own included-had been recalled. The Electrode were dead, nobody had been killed. In a different world, this would be considered the best outcome for a terrible situation.

She really should have known better.

"You don't seem to understand your situation, dearie, since you keep talking to me like that," Ariana said, her voice too sweet. It was a red flag, and Daisy tensed up hearing it. What was she planning to do? "You keep shrugging off my threats, even after I literally whipped one of your fellow hostages. I guess you don't care about a bunch of strangers and that's fair, but getting line after line of nothing but lip from you... Well, I'm fucking sick of it."

Ariana was still holding the Pokeball given to her, her smile screaming danger.

"You just don't give a rat's ass about when I point this gun at you, yeah? Well. Maybe this'll push you in the right direction. Queenie, Cleo darlings, I need your help. Archer, make sure she stays there."

When the Arcanine was rereleased, there was the briefest moment of confusion upon her face before Ariana’s Pokemon struck. Daisy watched, rooted to the spot, as the canine was bound and the Nidoqueen hung its tail over her neck like some sort of makeshift guillotine. It wouldn’t be a quick execution; she remembered what Ariana carved into Max’s back. She was like a predator who played with their food first; they wouldn’t be happy until their prey suffered.

The tail came down, and the Arcanine screamed.

She screamed over and over again as that Nidoqueen kept slamming its tail down onto her neck, whimpers and horrible cracking noises blending into a sickening chorus as the attacks continued. Daisy wanted to block out the sounds, those awful shrill yelps, but her arms wouldn’t move from her sides. Nobody could do anything. Not her, not Archer, not even Fenix as she watched her Pokemon die slowly and painfully.

Even when the Arcanine’s spine snapped, her agonized screams  continued, echoing in their underground prison alongside the sharpening of the Nidoqueen‘s claws. With how bad her injuries were, Daisy knew there was no chance of this poor, tormented Pokemon surviving. She had seen countless others die; so many of them had trusted her to be able to heal them. But even if by some miracle Ariana called off her Pokemon and let Daisy try to keep her alive, there was no saving the Arcanine that’d done nothing but help them survive. Helped them survive, and died because Ariana could not handle sarcasm.

The Nidoqueen finally took her life, caving in the canine’s skull, but even though it ended the pain there was no mercy in it. Mercy would have been letting her live. Mercy would have involved Ariana being dead a long time ago. No, this was nothing less than cold-blooded murder. A life had been taken away, Fenix had lost what was clearly a close companion, all because of a whim.

She couldn’t do anything except stand there, tears pouring down her face. Her body trembled; whether from barely-contained fury or the shock of watching someone die so brutally and needlessly, Daisy had no idea. It didn’t matter either way. She hated Ariana; she hated her Pokemon, both the ones that had helped carry out the murder and the ones that had stood by and let it happen. More than anything, she hated herself for once again being unable to save someone even when they were in so much pain.

Pain. That was what Ariana deserved to feel, not them-especially not Max, nor Fenix. She despised her fake sweetness, the smug superiority with which she’d sentenced that poor Arcanine to her death. Daisy wanted to rip that gun out of her hands and see what her face would look like when she was the one at the mercy of another.

After what she’d just done, that would be too good of a fate for her.


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(ELITE) The MAHOGANY Team - Page 9 Empty Re: (ELITE) The MAHOGANY Team

Post by Starbits on Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:00 pm

(ELITE) The MAHOGANY Team - Page 9 Tumblr_nzul6bY4061s5iyovo1_500
Mahogany Town | Late Morning
30 | 30

Saturn realized (one of) Fenix's mistake the moment he saw Ariana staring at the ball in her hand with that tiny, evil little smile beginning to perk its way onto her mouth.

She gave the ball to Archer. Not Ariana. It strike him like a lightning bolt, an icy zing flashing its way up his spine. She gave the ball to Archer because she respected Archer. Not Ariana.

And that smiling response was not much better than raging.

"You don't seem to understand your situation, dearie, since you keep talking to me like that," the woman said in a calm, lulling purr. Saturn felt his heard speed up to near painful levels. "You keep shrugging off my threats, even after I literally whipped one of your fellow hostages. I guess you don't care about a bunch of strangers and that's fair, but getting line after line of nothing but lip from you... Well, I'm fucking sick of it."

Saturn didn't move. He barely dared breath. Without moving his head he glanced at Mars to find she, too, had frozen, though the look on her face was a brewing storm. He willed her to shut the fuck up.

Movement from Ariana had his eyes darting back to her, stomach twisting at the poisonous syrup in her voice, in her smile. "You just don't give a rat's ass about when I point this gun at you, yeah? Well. Maybe this'll push you in the right direction. Queenie, Cleo darlings, I need your help. Archer, make sure she stays there."

Archer, face blank, obeyed. Saturn felt himself starting to detatch from the situation, though he was faintly aware he was trembling. One hand clutched the pendant dangling from his neck that he didn't remember pulling from its hiding spot underneath his sweater. Ariana released the Arcanine and instantly a giant Arbok wrapped around the frightened and confused dog.

"So long as you have pokemon for me, Princess, I can do with them as I please," She gave a little chuckle, turning her smile to her Nidoqueen.

"Kill it."

The Nidoqueen turned and brought her tail down onto the Arcanine's neck--not her head, which might have ended this faster, her neck--without hesitation. Without flinching. Without, even, the telltale emptiness of someone who was only obeying to survive.

Mars couldn't tear her eyes away. Wouldn't tear her eyes away. Her nails tore into her palms, blood roared in her ears. There were no coherent thoughts, just churning, screaming rage.

Eyes flicked to Saturn. His face was buried in his hands and she watched as he staggered back into the wall, sliding down it when his shaking knees decided they'd had enough of this.

She looked back to the Arcanine. Her cries choked with blood and what felt like a lifetime later a snap rang out. At the sound, the Arbok released her and returned to Ariana's side.

The Nidoqueen turned so that her tail was positioned over the Arcanine much as a guillotine hung over a prisoner's neck. Without hesitation, the massive tail swung down on the fiery canine, earning a loud, shrill yelp of pain. Again, it came down, and again, and again. With each hit the cries became more strangled as blood choked the poor creature, until finally the last hit procured a sickening snap of bone, and Cleo slithered away from the limp body.

She was still screaming. No words anymore, but there was still terror and suffering and Mars wanted to vomit all over Ariana's face. The Nidoqueen began to swipe her claws against each other. Hone claws. Like a butcher preparing their knives. The Nidoqueen observed the Arcanine for a moment and then brought a glowing purple fist down on her head, caving in the skull and finally putting an end to this.

Across the room, Saturn made a tiny noise. Mars barely noticed, nor did she notice the tears on her cheeks. She couldn't look away from the victim, ever fiber of her being screaming for retribution.

I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to strangle you with my bare hands I won't need a pokemon or a weapon I swear to fuck-


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Post by Silverishness Yesterday at 10:43 am

Post 50||Both

(ELITE) The MAHOGANY Team - Page 9 ZgGyg9Z

Mahogany Town/ Hideout||Evening

The silence that hung in the air once the Arcanine was finally killed properly was oppressive, and Archer felt his stomach churn. The weight against his hands as Fenix slackened on the floor before him indicated that it might not be safe to remove them, but he wasn't sure he could afford to keep touching her without invoking some sort of wrath from the bloodlust-high Ariana. Who, as he glanced at her, was sporting a grin so wide one might think it was Christmas. His stomach churned again.

Knowing it was in everyone's better interest to let go, he didn't bother trying to offer Fenix some sort of condolence. After all, how empty it would have been for it to come from her pokemon's murderer's compatriot? With her and the other hostages as his best means away from Ariana, and that not even he could discount the loss she must feel at the moment, he knew it would be best to simply go back into the background. Archer looked to Treason and the worried Mienshao nodded, shifting so that his grip could keep Fenix at least balanced as Archer let go and walked back to Ariana's side.

His footsteps echoed in the silence, far too loud for his tastes, even as the hound's screams still sounded in their collective memory. He pulled his gaze away from Queen's disgustingly messy work, knowing that Giovanni would have found it distasteful. Clearly, the Nidoqueen had been in Ariana's care much too long. All of her pokemon had. He wasn't sure how she'd managed to find so many terribly sadistic pokemon to meld with her own personality, or if they had adapted it out of defense.

With an invigorated sigh, Ariana stepped forward, kicking the corpse a little. "Too bad the bitch is so big-- she could have made Cleo a great snack. Still, a body this big is going to stink, and there's already blood everywhere. So come on, let's fucking move before its useless blood stains my boots?" She led the way forward, tossing the ball back into Fenix's lap as she walked past. "Archer, get another one from her."

Archer's face fell a fraction, but he sighed and resumed his neutrality. It was to be expected, just... he didn't know how the blonde would react. Moreover, he needed to get a message to her and the others that he wasn't complicit in this, so when the eventual revolt happened, he wouldn't be lumped in with Ariana. Maybe they would offer a quick death instead of the long suffering crucifixion the others were likely planning, given the expressions they all wore. He gave another nod to Treason, who in turn took the opportunity of being behind Fenix to relieve her of another ball. After ensuring she wouldn't fall over, Treason took the ball to Ariana, then retreated back to his position next to his trainer.

Archer scanned the room a little, unwilling to look at the mutilated Arcanine before clearing his throat. "...Come on, everyone," he spoke softly as the pokemon stirred around him. He frowned at Bella, who hopped onto the Arcanine's middle and began to bounce and giggle. "We need to move."

"Today, hostages!" Ariana called from the hallway, tapping her foot impatiently. "Show's over, hurry up!"


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