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Post by Maximum on Sat May 27, 2017 10:39 pm

Mahogany Town |Late Morning [29]

Max didn't notice the blue haired boy's pause, and the younger redhead was quick to pick up the slack. "He's Saturn, and I'm Mars." Hmmm. The odd names tickled at a memory... However, the thoughts strayed too closely to her mother and Sara-Anne for her liking at the moment, so she tabled the issue for later. Maybe they were just named after the planets. It certainly wouldn't be the weirdest thing she had encountered.

Saturn let out a breath and agreed with his friend, "Y-yeah." He then asked, "What about yours?" Huh, didn't Ariana flaunt her name last night? Then again, she never claimed it, so maybe he was just double checking. Or just allowing her to properly introduce herself.

"Maximum Snow. Just call me Max," she answered. It had been a long time since she had used her real name, so her response was smooth. She started rubbing her Ponyta behind the ears for comfort as she added, "This is Misty." Misty leaned further into the touch, and clung to the moment of calm.

Any semblance of normalcy was ended with Ariana's voice whipping through the hall, "That's enough chit-chat." She placed her hands on her hips and ordered, "Back to work. Now." Without any complaint, she handed her bag to Saturn, and automatically started digging again. The burning in her back started up with the movement, and she could only hope that the pain meds would kick in soon.

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Post by Abysswalker on Wed May 31, 2017 1:00 pm

Mahogany Town (Hideout) | Late Morning

For the short time that follows after giving Max some much needed space, the atmosphere shifts from tense and claustrophobic to merely uneasy. Ariana's presence is impossible to escape, but at least she's not speaking or choosing to torture another person. For now, anyways. People like her can't go long without inflicting some sort of pain, whether it's physical or mental, and that renders the idea of relaxation little more than a fleeting dream. It's simply another reason why hostage labor is an awful idea. Holding threats over people's heads means they can never truly rest their bodies or minds, leaving the muscles and mind alike feeling tense, and when that tension is put to work again...

Well, it's all a question of what will snap first: their bodies, or their reluctant obedience. One glance at Fenix makes Daisy doubt the validity of the former occurring first. How long would they have to wait before their chance to break free of their invisible shackles arrives? It would be difficult to keep everyone in line with only Ariana's flimsy promises of letting them go and the concept of escape. Somebody would have to make the first move, and with the lives of both human and Pokemon at stake, that's a lot easier said than done. An image of last night's nightmare flashes in her mind's eye.

All this worrying over hypotheticals can't be healthy for her body or mind, but in this situation, what else can Daisy do?

"That's enough chit-chat." Ariana's voice fills the room, immediately chasing away whatever sense of normalcy still remaining. "Back to work. Now."

With no other choice but to comply, Daisy sets back to work with the rest of them. Legends above, she can only hope that the meager help she was able to provide Max would be enough to carry the girl through this mess. As for the others...well, there's nothing she can do now.


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Post by Starbits on Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:30 pm

Mahogany Town | Late Morning
21 | 21

"Maximum Snow. Just call me Max," she answered. Huh. That was an odd name. Though it's not as if I have much room to talk.

"This is Misty." she added, and Saturn felt a twinge of pity for how the little pony leaned into her human's hand. It was hard to judge how old she was, but she sounded younger than her human-- who looked fairly young, herself. This must be very hard on them both. Must have been hard enough even before Ariana's power trip.

He struggled not to shudder at the memory. How could something that happened yesterday feel so far away? And however I feel about it, Misty must feel a thousand times worse. Max, a million times.

"That's enough chit-chat." Mars could see Saturn's heart stop, the turn of his head more panicky than her own as they both looked towards their captor. She stood by, unimpressed, clearly, with her captives. The woman looked at them as if they were personally wasting her time, hands on her hips. God, she looks like one of those unbearable soccer moms. 'Let me see your manager weeeeehhhhhh.' Christ. Except she was a lot more demonic than an entitled suburban white mom and far more dangerous. Combined with her obnoxiousness, Mars itched for an opportunity to punch her. She wouldn't even need pokemon to beat her. I will take you on with my bare hands and I wouldn't lose; the sheer strength of my rage would propel me through.

"Back to work. Now."

Max handed her bag to Saturn, who took it with a little nod. The two sharing a look, they returned to digging, relieved that at least they were able to dig next to each other, this time.

(I changed my mind here's a proper post. WHY COULDN'T THIS HAVE COME TO ME SO EASILY MONTHS AGO.)


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