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Post by Phoenix on Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:22 pm

Pyrite Town (Dean's Hideout) | Late Night
D-68 / M-46

"Dean--!" The blonde tried to ignore his name as he continued making his way into the kitchen. He refilled the kettle and was about to set it on the stove when he heard a loud thunk against the wall followed by a grunt of pain. Worried Dean left the kettle on the stove and rushed to where Justy was already splayed out on the floor with the towel doing very little to protect him anymore.

"Oh..." The moan of pain flared Dean's nurturing instincts and all thought of the injured man being barely clothed fell immediately away as he dropped down to check Justy's head. "I just-- I'm- I'm sorry..." Dean shushed him gently and carefully brushed the other's hand away. "It's okay, that's not important right now. Let me make sure you aren't hurt..."

Dean looked over Justy patiently, fingers pushing back the surprisingly soft locks from his head to make sure there wasn't any bleeding, then moving to make sure his pupils were reacting normally before finally letting out a small sigh of relief. "You're fine, just a bump. You shouldn't run with wet feet on these wooden floors, you know. You could have given yourself a concussion and that would be an embarrassing tale for both of us." Standing up he brushed some of the dust from his pants before holding out a hand to help Justy back to his feet. "Let's just get some sleep tonight, alright? We can talk in the morning if you want. But...thank you. For apologizing, that is. I'm sorry I was such a pill too."

With a small smile he made his way back to the kitchen and poured the water back into a bottle for later, having given up on the idea of a late night cup of tea. Finally free of his ire his body was feeling pleasantly sluggish with the promise of sleep and a large yawn signaled his own time to head to bed. "Goodnight, Justy," he offered politely as he head back to his room. "Sleep well."

Pyrite Town (Wes’s Apartment) | Morning

The night went by almost peacefully, much to Michael's surprise. Though as he suspected he only had a little over three hours in the time he finally dozed off to the time he woke again he greeted the sunrise that morning with a renewed and hopeful heart as the thought of finally making progress on saving Lugia left him energized. From his new perch at the window where he had spent the last couple of hours sitting and waiting for the others to wake he noticed two figures walking up to the building. He didn't want to raise alarm just yet so he patiently waited for their visage to become clear and a smile broke out when he recognized them from the evening before. It was the blonde and Justy.

Dean and Justy were walking side by side, the animosity from the day before absent from Dean's body language. That morning they had made up properly, clothes and everything, and he no longer felt like smashing his head into a wall. Yesterday had been a tiring and eventful day for the breeder as he went from near complete isolation to a town full of people again but now that he had time to process everything he didn't feel so overwhelmed. All there was to do now was talk to everyone and decide what the plan for so many people together would be. Dean knew what he wanted just as Michael knew what he wanted so hopefully they would come together on something.

"Hey, guys," Michael called out gently, yet loudly enough for everyone to hear. "The others are back. Probably time to wake up."

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Post by Silverishness on Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:22 pm

((Rage-quitting from losing my post. Justy is just happily walking with Dean and Wes wakes to Mike's call, and answers, "'Others'? You mean he didn't kill Justin? Tsk. That's a damn shame." ))


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Post by Maximum on Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:20 pm

Pyrite Town |Late Night [28]

"I don't trust that wall," Watson said as he sniffed at the wall. "... Or that mattress."

Colm quietly replied, "I know. I don't either, but we don't have much of an option. It's not like we haven't slept on worse." He unfolded and put the mattress down near the wall so that he could have his back to something. Taking off his bag, he put it down next to the mattress before arranging the sheets a little. It wasn't fancy, but it was better than lying on the ground.

Midori took the opportunity to basically plop down on one end, and she didn't want to move. Feeling bad for the dragon, Colm let her. When he started to lay down, she shifted so that he could basically use her excess fluff as a pillow. "Thanks..." He quietly muttered to her.

"No-no problem." She responded with a yawn.

With his bag shoved between him and the wall, Colm attempted to get some rest. While he was fairly certain his companions wouldn't try anything, he couldn't help sleeping lightly. Watson was in a similar boat as his trainer. He curled up next to Colm, but his ears remained perked as if trying to listen for danger.

Pyrite Town |Morning

When someone had gotten up and moved, Watson and Colm woke up. Colm kept his eyes shut, but Watson actually got up and stretched so that he could keep an eye on whoever it was. The Raichu had watched Michael settle near the window, but chose not to say anything to the redhead. Instead, the electric mouse curled back up next to his trainer before dozing back off.

It didn't take much for them to wake again a few hours later. Michael called out, "Hey, guys. The others are back. Probably time to wake up." Not entirely feigning a yawn, Colm sat up and stretched his arms out. Watson wasn't much further behind in getting up, and he worked on waking the sleeping Altaria.

Colm went over to the window that Michael was sitting at to see what the other redhead was observing. He could make out the short blonde who had staked out the town and the purple haired man who likely had a foot-shaped mouth. At least they both seemed happier.

Wes almost sounded disappointed, "'Others'? You mean he didn't kill Justin? Tsk. That's a damn shame."

"At least Dean seems happier," Colm observed aloud. Everything down to the way the blonde moved was different from yesterday when he had left them.

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Post by Starbits on Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:16 pm

Pyrite Town | Morning | 35

The sound of people moving snapped Diantha awake instantly. Caught in the strange realm of being awake but being unable to process that she was awake, the Champion laid there in a state of floaty confusion for a moment or two as her Gardevoir, waking faster than she, sat up to look. Deeming the situation safe due to the lack of action by Maria, she laid back down next to her human, threw an arm over her, and fell back asleep. Diantha, soothed by the clear sign that all was well, was asleep moments afterwards.

"Hey, guys. The others are back. Probably time to wake up."

Waking up for real this time was disorienting and unpleasant, and Diantha had to supress a childish groan and the even more childish urge to ask for just a few more minutes. It had been a long time since she felt safe enough to maybe sleep in a little later than dawn.

Sitting up, she glanced over and could find Michael and Colm at the window; nor curious, she stood and walked over, stretching.

Oh, it was Dean. And Justy, too. Well, they seemed much happier than yesterday! She smiled as she felt Cosette lean around her to look.

"'Others'? You mean he didn't kill Justin? Tsk. That's a damn shame."

"At least Dean seems happier," Colm remarked. Diantha nodded her head as Maria joined them at the window, floating up to peek over her trainer's head.

"It's better if everyone's in a good mood, anyway."

"Why, what happened with them?"

"Purple hair, Justy, pissed the blonde one, Dean, off a little." Cosette answered her friend. "But they look pretty happy today. Like Diane said; that's lucky. Regardless what comes next, it's better if nobody's mad at each other."


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