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    Artist Alley Suggestion


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    Artist Alley Suggestion Empty Artist Alley Suggestion

    Post by Jirachi Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:03 pm

    So as I was saying in chat before Suicune told me to post this.. XD

    [16:42:14] @ Jirachi : How about there's a forum in the Artist Alley called 'Market Street' or whatever, and there members, legends, etc. Can open little shops where you can buy specific things... Lik-

    So the basic idea is a sub-forum called the 'Market Street' or something.
    Now what you can do in this are is that you can open shops. Shops with services, like pixel art, writing, etc. A lot of other forums do this and they all look pretty cool.
    They can either be free or coming with a small fee, like 5 points or something. Not the reason I actually got this idea is...
    I wanted to open a little bakery shop thing where people can ask for their Pokemon to be made into pixel donuts. However, as a Legend, I do not have my own sketchbook and it feels awkward putting things unorganized in the AA for me. XP
    So how would an individual topic look like? I'll grab an example from a different forum.

    [This one is an example of a free one. It contains examples of what their offering and has a complete form and sheet that a user fills out. Every shop should have their own set of rules for the user, so the user can avoid being requested doing something they don't like and to avoid users spamming the thread, etc.]

    [Another free example. This has a wide variety to choose from and is co-owned, meaning many people work in the shop.]

    [Now this one's not selling art, but look at how they've got navis and stuff and they've priced all the things on sale... XP]

    So yeah, what do you all think about it? :>

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    Artist Alley Suggestion Empty Re: Artist Alley Suggestion

    Post by Lugia Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:31 am

    I personally like the idea. :>


    Artist Alley Suggestion Shadowlugiasig


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    Artist Alley Suggestion Empty Re: Artist Alley Suggestion

    Post by Drago Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:03 pm

    Love the idea, and apparently someone else did too, considering it's been implemented. ;D

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    Artist Alley Suggestion Empty Re: Artist Alley Suggestion

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