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    Alto the Emolga and Fawkes the Joltik


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    Alto the Emolga and Fawkes the Joltik Empty Alto the Emolga and Fawkes the Joltik

    Post by Abysswalker Mon Aug 15, 2022 12:39 am


    Alto / Fawkes
    Text Color #F0B9B8 / #DC876C
    Item None / None
    Gender Nonbinary (He/She/They) / Cis boy (He/Him)
    Age Adult / Adolescent
    Species #587: Emolga, the Sky Squirrel Pokemon / #595: Joltik, the Attaching Pokemon
    Height 2’5” / 8”
    Weight 23 lbs / 1.5 lbs
    Pokédex Entry As Emolga flutters through the air, it crackles with electricity. This Pokemon is cute, but it can cause a lot of trouble. [Sword] / Joltik can be found clinging to other Pokemon. It’s soaking up static electricity because it can’t produce a charge on its own. [Sword]
    Level 50 / 13
    Ability Static / Compoundeyes
    Nature Rash / Sassy
    Characteristic Hates to lose / Somewhat stubborn
    Moves -Wild Charge (TM)
    -Acrobatics (Level)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    -Agility (Level)
    -Absorb (Start)
    -Electroweb (Level)
    -Bug Bite (Level)
    -Double Team (Egg Move)
    History HISTORY



    Appearance They’re a full foot taller than most Emolga, but other than that, Alto isn’t much different from others of their species. A thin, pale scar runs in an irregular pattern across the left side of their face, over their eye. Fawkes is often seen either on their shoulder or on top of their head. / He is somewhat bigger than an average Emolga, but otherwise has no differing traits. He can usually be seen clinging to Alto.
    •Though brash and having a tendency to think before speaking, Alto doesn’t act cruel or mean unless given a very good reason too. They’re actually very friendly, if a little eccentric, and love socializing; they get along well with different personalities easily

    •Fluctuating impulse control; sometimes they’re overly hesitant and particular with everything they do or say, at others they simply blurt out any thought that pops into their head
    •If angered or insulted, Alto is not afraid to get in someone’s face and tell them off. Should the argument escalate, they’re also not above throwing hands. It’s probably best to avoid commenting on many things about them, such as their size or gender

    •Battles intrusive thoughts on a daily basis, most of them revolving around violence or sudden spikes of irrational rage. They’re very good at concealing this, though it still distresses them deeply

    •In battle, they are incredibly reckless, with little thought for self-preservation or generally avoiding injuries. They’ll push themself to their limits, fighting even while wounded or still in pain/overstrained from previous battles. Having been raised and trained to see this as normal, Alto doesn’t understand being shown concern or frustration over their fighting style

    •When in a good mood, they are very talkative and giggly, almost immature in a way. They’ll say stupid jokes, including vulgar ones if there are no kids about, and generally be an overly-active presence that can endear and irritate alike

    •Has magpie tendencies, their brain basically goes “hoard the shinies!” when they see something they like. If Fawkes wants something, Alto will attempt to carry it too. Often results in amusing imagery of a small mouse attempting to hold stuff way bigger than them

    •They have an older sibling connection with Fawkes, thus they both love to tease him and would kill someone should they try to hurt him. Occasionally will take on a more parental tone with him, but it’s usually only reserved for very serious situations. An example would be Alto scolding Fawkes for putting himself in danger

    •A cheerful and sunny boy on the surface. Many people are given the impression Fawkes is not only an extrovert, but an overenthusiastic one as well; he talks a lot and appears to thrive off of attention, often to the point of it bothering others

    •Rather polite, often using preferred honorifics (sir, miss, etc) and offering to help others. Sometimes, though, Fawkes has a hard time differentiating what questions, comments, etc  are appropriate or not. For example, he’ll kindly ask Electric-types if he can feed off their power without stopping to think of how that could be insulting or uncomfortable

    •Extremely clingy, with severe abandonment trauma; he is almost never seen apart from his guardian, and if they try to go off by themself, he will be in distress. Will also become panicked and possibly have a breakdown if Alto is gone too long

    •In severe denial of past traumas, which has impacted his memories and ability to cope with mental stress. The boy is fragile, and only chipper because he has forced himself to live in a world of false optimism. He cannot bear to think of what has truly happened to his loved ones, so he stubbornly believes they are still alive

    •Like any teenager, Fawkes is trying to find his own footing in the world-and unfortunately, he has to do so in a zombie apocalypse. It’s normal for him to test the boundaries of rules, even if doing so could be dangerous, and he’s very stubborn when he puts his mind to it. In the right circumstances, it would be easy for Fawkes to lash out and say hurtful things

    •He has never lost his natural curiosity. Fawkes asks a lot of questions; it’s second-nature for him to direct them towards Alto, especially if they say something he doesn’t get. Since he‘s never had contact with humans, the boy is especially interested in things related to them. So far from what his guardian has told him, he’s gleamed that humans are really weird

    •Can get along with younger kids, but is initially reluctant to do so. Fawkes is at that stage where he doesn’t want to be seen as childish or immature, so he’ll get annoyed if he has to hang out with children who aren’t his age. It doesn’t take long for him to defrost though, and after that he’s fun to hang out with

    User Notes •Might need a Mutator bc size?? / •Revamp character, never in RP so no badge reset needed


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