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Rao the absurdly sadistic Ninetales [WIP]


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Rao the absurdly sadistic Ninetales [WIP] Empty Rao the absurdly sadistic Ninetales [WIP]

Post by Dazey Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:06 pm

Welp, we all knew it would come to this. Ōkami spoilers and crazy ideas following as I explain this lol.

Based off Ninetails from Ōkami. I chose the name Rao because I didn't want her to just be referred to as Ninetails, irony lol, and in the game she's from, she masqueraded as a priestess she killed. The priestess' name was Rao. This character may have no given name, she simply refers to herself as Rao.


History synopsis:
She and Amaterasu are half-siblings. Amaterasu is the older sister that, while mute, was very outgoing and well-liked. Rao was the polar opposite despite having the ability to communicate.
The two were abandoned by their father and taken in by a woman in Ecruteak City named Sakuya. While not excessively bitter towards Rao herself, she favored Amaterasu a lot more as Rao spent her time killing small Flying- and Bug-type Pokémon, the actions were met with great disgust from Sakuya and confusion from Ammy. Amaterasu gently tried to "fix" her sister repeatedly, but they ended up clashing many times until eventually they didn't like each other.

Years later, as grown adults and evolved, Amaterasu has given birth to Chibiterasu and they continue to live with Sakuya while Rao chose to live on her own in the city.
The Ninetales was sickly with mange or some other disease, but refused to go back to her "bitch sister" and "bitch owner." She's eventually captured, officially in a Poké Ball, by another woman - this one named Himiko. Himiko took the steps to save Rao's life and they formed some type of relationship. It was toxic though. Himiko developed a fondness for the moody Ninetales, while Rao herself detested her and used her for everything she could.

Once Rao was healthy, she decided to abandon her caretaker but found she was bound by the Poké Ball and Himiko refused to let her leave - there was a disease spreading and Himiko would not allow the Ninetales to be another victim. This was met with a taste of Rao's insanity as she brutally killed the human for little to no reason.

As luck would have it, Amaterasu found her during the commotion, along with Chibiterasu toddling with his mother.
The white Arcanine immediately assumed Rao had been a victim somehow and was checking her for injuries. A fight eventually broke out between them (I need to think about the reason for a while) and the Ninetales' brutality against her sister left Amaterasu with no time to check on her son. Rao would've killed her at any chance.

The toddler approached a Leafeon during the fight, pawing curiously at their leaves. When the purple-tinged Eeveelution latched their teeth into his leg, his scream was the incentive to bring out motherly-ferocity in Amaterasu. Ammy, with forcibly extended claws, shoved her paw into Rao's eye and swiped down, shredding the optic.

While Ammy was fighting off the Leafeon and tending to her son, Rao decided the eye was of no use without sight in it and removed it herself.
Amaterasu, while extremely livid at the time, knew her bleeding son was more important than her insane sister and fled back to Sakuya with him.

Rao wasn't finished, not by a long shot. After performing only the most necessary first aid on her face, she went to find Amaterasu again.

Rao waited around their home, but it was an entire day before the Arcanine showed any signs of being in there. But she knew her sister raced back to her master like the loyal, dependent bitch she was.
The silence was eventually broken by Amaterasu. While generally unable to speak, Ammy's voice made loud protests to something followed by loud wail.
Rao entered the house, dismissing any earlier thoughts of an ambush. Amaterasu was suffering already, and this, she needed to witness.

Chibiterasu lay unmoving, his snowy fur with faint hues of purple. Amaterasu nuzzled and pawed him for a response but the puppy was gone. Amaterasu turned to the Ninetales, void of any hatred or anger towards Rao, and whispered brokenly: "Hhhelp me..."
Rao's mouth twisted into a grin, savoring Amaterasu's desperation to save something lost.

Amaterasu had learned nothing of reanimation.

When Chibi began to move again, Amaterasu may have beamed even more than Rao had. The Ninetales, unlike Ammy, knew what happened after a purple one died.
The puppy snapped at his mother, catching a bit of her mane in his mouth but not her flesh. Ammy knew something was off, but she had no concept of zombification. She picked up the puppy by his scruff and promised they could go for a walk through the city.
And they did.

Chibi growled and twisted his body around as his hung from Ammy's gentle grip.
Rao was even more amused with her sister's dullness, going as far as, "Go show him the flowers, Amaterasu, I think they will make him feel better."

Rao's sadistic game came to an end as guns were trained on the trio, for one was undead and Rao had slain a human. The Ninetales immediately fled, leaving her sister and nephew for whatever may happen to them. It's simply a shame she would miss it.

Afterwards, she finds her mask and goes on a rampage across the region lol.

"You did not have to come all this way for me to kill you. I would have found you and done so just the same." - quote from in-game

This bitch cray. ;w; But I'm going to find reasonings for that. \o\ Now I must draw art yyyeah.
Rao is going to be a floater. Let me have permission to ruin your Team's day. Lol

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