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    Post by Abysswalker Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:07 am

    The Hunter HoundemnEJ

    The Hunter
    Theme Hunter's Dream
    The Bells of Notre Dame
    Profession Hunter of Beasts
    Time of infection Less than a week ago
    Text Color 7c2115
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Agender (they/them)
    Age Adult
    Species #???: Houndemn, the Dark Pokemon
    Height 5'5"
    Weight 183.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It's believed that if you lock eyes with this pokemon, it's said that it can see into your soul. Its eerie howls send chills through the night.
    Level 63
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Capable of taking hits
    Moves -Flamethrower (Level)
    -Dark Pulse (Level)
    -Solarbeam (TM)
    -Counter (Egg Move)
    "Seek paleblood to transcend the hunt."
    History work in progress
    -note on infection: willingly chose to ingest the blood of a newly-infected, believing it would grant them insight into the plague's mysteries
    Bulbapedia "Houndusk is a quadruped, canine Pokémon that is mainly black with a long orange snout and an orange underbelly. It has small, red eyes and a black nose. Around its neck is a white ring of bone with a skull-shaped bone between every two tooth-like bones. Each foot is covered in bone with holes above each paw, which goes up to the wrists on the forelegs and the ankles of the hind legs. It also has four ribs of bone that sow from its back. Male Houndusk have a long, bony tail with a triangular tip. On top of its head is a bony helmet that covers the top of its face and has two large horns that curve under it's jawbone."
    Appearance APPEARANCE
    Accent Does not speak.
    Religion None.
    Motivation kill beasts, gain insight, keep their shattering mind together
    Personality scattered notes lololol

    -having gone through an incredibly tough life, they have learned to cope and form a sort of armour around themselves, in order to defend the more vulnerable parts of their psyche; being mute isn't a choice, but regardless, it still helps them hide the things they do not want others to see
    -however, they are susceptible to manipulation by those who do gain their trust; this is especially true for those who have known them a long time. Can be very blind to the flaws of those they care about, even to the point of willingly accepting wrongful actions taken against them personally while rationalizing that the ones they love would never intentionally hurt them. This applies even to those who hurt them in the past that they no longer interact with; a part of them feels guilty for cutting them off
    -above can be summarized as vulnerable to cycles of abuse
    -trust issues with strangers, though whether they will be outright aggressive towards them depends mostly on the Houndemn's mood and current state of mind
    -typically, they'll just be more guarded than usual

    -communicates primarily through nonverbal means, and can be very expressive; though they understand what others are saying perfectly, they have trouble effectively communicating with people they do not know due to having a specific system made to work around being mute.
    -they have a lot of patience with people that have trouble understanding them, though those that mock their lack of speech will be greeted with considerably less amity. They absolutely loathe being the subject of humiliation or laughed at, and will not tolerate it. Has a healthy dislike of smug people, or just about anyone who acts superior to those around them. Can be really petty/vindictive when dealing with such personalities, wanting nothing more than to see them put in their place.

    -though they have come to prefer solitude after becoming infected, they still have pack instincts ingrained in them. Will be 100% loyal and ready to defend those that they have come to consider "friends", even at the cost of life and limb. However, they have no interest in being a "pack leader" and will only agree to it in the most reluctant way possible-by being convinced that their leadership is the best choice

    -extremely reckless and brutal in battle-they do not care about hurting themselves or whether their actions will end up killing them. Whether they live or die is irrelevant, and thus, they are free to fight with little regard to the consequences. The type to volunteer themselves for an incredibly dangerous task or just about any suicide mission in general.

    -however, the natural progression of the virus is slowly unhinging them and breaking through their mental barriers, causing them to become not only more violent, but also visibly desperate/panicked. Though the freezing temperatures of Snowbelle has slowed down the virus taking over their mind, their typing is still sending them down a slippery slope; for now, it's enough only to let them keep part of their sanity and interact with others without giving in to the urge to attack
    -though they willingly cast off using their own name, now their memory is foggy enough that there are times when they cannot recall it at all, nor most of their past life, leading to (often crippling) self-doubt and the fear that they are going to become the very beasts they despise
    -often disassociates entirely from their identity and their own body, "blacking out" and lashing at anything and everything in their victinity; driven to severe existential despair and suicidal thoughts, though obviously they have never been able to follow through

    -singlemindedly obsessed with their goals, both concrete (wipe out the "beasts", gain knowledge of the plague) and abstract ("transcend the hunt"); "can't see the forest for the trees" describes them perfectly
    -extremely frustrated with how little they truly know and have learned about the beastly plague itself, often mentally cursing their own "lack of insight"; clings to the increasingly fleeting hope that upon their eventual transformation, triggered by death, they will be granted a look into the disease itself, and a way to put an end to it

    -will mercilessly rip apart true undead or infected that have not yet turned, but are still violent; has no remorse or pity for any of them
    -Absolute zero tolerance for allowing sane undead, but is far softer towards sane infected like themselves, dreading the moment when they will inevitably have to kill the other
    -ironically, the more they kill the undead, the more feral and "beastly" their fighting style becomes
    -has been manipulated into believing they can conquer the primal instincts being triggered by the virus' progression, and that instead of becoming a beast themselves and succumbing to the desire to kill and devour, they will become an enlightened, advanced creature upon their eventual death. They do not understand why they have been given this important distinction, and they keep it to themselves

    -strongly in denial about the realities of their failing mind and dying body, even to the point where they will hallucinate that the purple patches beginning to form on their skin are simply not there; some part of them is aware that they are not being lifted onto a higher plane of existence, but rather spiraling into a monster, but that self-awareness is repressed and repeatedly buried.

    -sees the epidemic as a "hunt", and that they have been chosen to put down the beasts that wander the land, no matter what the cost; this is what they have done for the past four years, strongly desensitizing them to death or the threat of undead Pokemon. Accepting infected blood was merely another step to "ending the hunt", and they did so not only willingly but enthusiastically. Experiences a great amount of regret towards the decision during disassociative episodes, but they rarely recall experiencing such an emotion.

    User Notes
  • Based off of Bloodborne's protagonist (or rather, a vague idea, since everyone's protagonist in that game is different). Used the Cruel Fate origin as a starting point 'cause why not.
  • Completely mute. Their text color will be used only rarely, for personal thoughts. Also, no, I promise I did not get the quote text color wrong, it's like that for a reason.
  • When trained by a human, they had a partner Pokemon that knew Sunny Day. They're still not quite used to the added charge of a Solarbeam without powerful sunlight, and thus will rarely use it if they do not have another supporting them.
  • Houndoom father; Counter was chain-bred from a Lucario grandfather.
  • Team notes Snowbelle(?)
    Gehrman will probably be an Absin, to be perfectly honest
    Development Notes //wink wink


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