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    Gwen Wyndra the Radeon & Hreint the Leafeon [Inactive]


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    Gwen Wyndra the Radeon & Hreint the Leafeon [Inactive] Empty Gwen Wyndra the Radeon & Hreint the Leafeon [Inactive]

    Post by Dandelion Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:31 am

    Gwen Wyndra the Radeon & Hreint the Leafeon [Inactive] 1S9hLgu
    Art by Me.

    Other Images:

    Gwen Wyndra // Hreint
    The Toxic // The Pure
    Theme Love Somebody - Maroon 5
    See You Again - Wiz Khalifa
    Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift
    We Belong - Pat Benatar
    Text Color Gwen Wyndra - bda0cb // Hreint - 14afde
    Item A Toxic Orb permanently burned into her skin under her chin // Normally carries around several Pecha berries
    Biological Gender Female // Male
    Gender Identity CisFemale // CisMale
    Age Young Adult [Early twenties] // Adult [Early thirties]
    Species ♯??? Radeon, The Toxic Pokemon - Poison Type // ♯470 Leafeon, The Verdant Pokemon - Grass Type
    Height 3'03" // 3'03"
    Weight 59.5 lbs // 56.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry FakemonDex:: Its ears and tail droop as if it has lost the strength to hold them. Its fur is coated with a deadly poison. // Pokemon Platinum:: It basically does not fight. With cells similar to those of plants, it can perform photosynthesis.
    Level 29 // 52
    Ability Posion Point: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with POISON when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon. // Chlorophyll [HIDDEN]: During sunny weather, the Speed stat of Pokémon with this Ability doubles. This effect lasts until the sunny weather ends.
    Nature Docile // Adamant
    Characteristic Highly Curious // Capable of Taking Hits
    Moves - Quick Attack [Leveled Up.]
    - Sunny Day [TM.]
    - Confuse Ray [Leveled Up.]
    - Smog [Leveled Up.]

    - Synthesis [Leveled Up.]
    - Giga Drain [Leveled Up.]
    - Leaf Blade [Leveled Up.]
    - Return [TM.]
    "You'll see.. everyone always sees; if you stay by me long enough you'll see that I'm a monster."
    "Hey, you need something? Here, let me help."

    History The two Eevee were born alike in the wilds. Hreint himself was several years older when his to-be partner in crime was born, but that hardly mattered. With both living in close corners within the dense forest of the Sinnoh region, it was no surprise little Hreint look an instant shining to the neighbor's little baby girl Gwen Wyndra. With the tight knit community open to those within it, Hreint practically raised Gwen Wyndra a she grew into a happy child. Eventually the Eevee duo were inseparable, best friends despite the decade age difference. Growing into rambunctious teenagers was uneventful for the two inside of their home. Life was consistent and pretty normal, until Gwen Wyndra was about twelve. Her parents went through a fallout, the two Leafeon ended with so much anger that they flat out abandoned GW alone within the community. Able to lean on Hreint for support, she ended up being taken in by his parents.

    But this was not the end of her troubles. As Hreint trained himself, becoming a more and more formidable fighter each day, she suffered from not only the abandonment of her parents, but her friends as well. The other Eevee in the community heard of her effective abandonment and turned their backs on her, treating the depressed Eevee like she was trash. A year later, her only friend was loyal Hreint, who never left her side. he watched GW fall into a deeper and deeper depression, coming to the point of yearning for death, but not suicidal. It was not until she was seventeen and in her first abusive relationship that he realized he loved the brokenhearted girl. Soon there was a second, and a third, all the while Hreint was there to support her when they finally ended. The shoulder she turned to whenever she finally broke down to cry, he knew in his own heart that he could never abandon her.

    After a time Hreint finally evolved, finding a mossy stone in the forest while training and being able to take his new form as a strong Leafeon. But tragedy struck not days later while the two friends were on their daily walk through the forest. With no warning a man jumped out, sending his Pokemon out to fight. Without thinking, Hreint shoved Gwen Wyndra into the nearest bush, effectively hiding her, while he took the trainer head on by himself. But he underestimated the human; Hreint was easily knocked out and captured, GW left to watch in horror as the last good thing in her life was dragged away. The Leafeon was taken to a nearby PokeCenter, where he met his trainer for the first time after being healed. A very strict militia man, the trainer expected all of his Pokemon to follow his orders with no resistance. Soon falling into a harsh training regime, Hreint was forced to face reality as hours became days then eventually a week before he could see his beloved again.

    Having gone back home to tell of Hreint's loss of freedom, everyone in the community effectively found a way to blame the distraught Eevee for the loss of such a promising part of their group. As days went by, even Hreint's parents slowly turned bitter against her. But she waited. Gwen Wyndra loyally awaited the return of her best friend, and after a week.. she had her wish come true. The Leafeon found her sleeping outside, under the foliage of a the trees, and gently awoke the sleeping Eevee. She was overjoyed, going as far as tackling the male upon realizing who he was, burying her nose in his tan fur. Hreint explained that he had not been able to get away sooner; his trainer was a very strict man and would tolerate no misbehavior from his team. Though Hreint had learned how to sneak away while the human was asleep, so night time was his best bet to see her again. The two stayed together, huddling close until the moon rose high in the sky; eventually he had to leave to return to the human before he dared awake, and the goodbye was painful on both sides. As the weeks continued on, Hreint was able to keep in touch with his family and Gwen Wyndra, sending Pokemon willing to carry a message if he could not sneak away on a particular night or something similar. He was living a new life but he kept the important things close.

    Things took a bad turn around the time the Leafeon's trainer decided it was time to leave the area. Upon learning this knowledge, Hreint fought desperately to get away, to tell Gwen Wyndra and find a way to make everything be okay. How, he had no clue, but they would find one... but at the same time, there was a danger lurking within the Eeveelution community in the form of Rasen the Flareon. One of GW's past abusive boyfriends, he was growing impatient of her not following his advances with what he wanted as of recent, and devised a way to convince her otherwise.

    Rasen waited nearby to where he knew her and her precious best friend would commonly see each other. Stepping out of the shadows, he confronted her. Frightened, the Eevee was caught off guard, having been playing with a small sphere she found on the ground. Little did she know that it was a Toxic Orb dropped by a human some time ago. Rasen cornered the Eevee, even throwing the small sphere at her in a fit of anger, poisoning Gwen Wyndra. Crying out, she fled, running away blindly in order to escape her attacker, but the Flareon was not giving up so easily. Pursued, Gwen Wyndra ended up in a place of the forest she did not recognize. The air was thick with unnatural chemicals and several pools of sludgy water were displayed before her. But being chased, she had no choice but to try to run through the dangerous area. Rasen attacked, though, using Ember and causing the poisoned Eevee to fall into one of the contaminated ponds. Momentum carrying her to the very bottom of the thick pool, she smashed into an odd slab of violet stone- a Toxic Plate.

    The blinding flash of light that followed shocked no one more than herself.

    Little did she know that Hreint had made it to their usual meeting spot, but the thick scent of her fear in the air told him immediately something was horribly wrong. Following her scent, he was forced to recall the Flareon, Rasen's, scent as well, propelling his legs faster and faster towards her.

    Emerging from the pool of disgusting water, her new form taller and more awkward than she was used to, the newly evolved Radeon was easily overpowered by the Flareon. Planning his revenge since she had fled, the psycho had carried the Toxic Orb with him the entire time. "This will teach you not to disobey me again!" Rasen roared, slamming the sphere into her flesh just as he let loose a massive Fire Blast, searing the object into her skin. Gwen Wyndra's screams echoed through the forest like lightning slashing through the normal serenity.

    This was when Hreint finally caught up, however, and the Leafeon burst into the scene with a feral bellow. Slashing out with battle hardened claws, the Leafeon knocked Rasen away from the Radeon with no effort at all. One glance at her hardened his resolve. Though the species was a mystery to him, she had the same scent... and she was in unimaginable pain. The burn wounds on her throat were an eerily shiny red, her mouth gaping open as she struggled to breathe through the pain, her newly crimson eyes glazed over from shock. Screaming out, his claws lashed out again at Rasen's throat, almost killing the Fire type as he narrowly dodged. Though that did not save him from his next attack- the Leafeon's claws going for the kill, but the gargled cry from Gwen Wyndra stopped his attack... enough so that it would only knock out the Flareon instead of kill him. "Consider yourself lucky. Hurt her again and I will end you," Hreint snarled before turning his attention back to GW.

    Her wounds were horrific looking, but not fatal, the Leafeon learned upon inspection. Though there was a catch... he knew then that going back to where they both grew up was too dangerous for them both, and he couldn't stay with his trainer anymore, either, else he take the Leafeon far away from his home. But looking down at the pained Radeon... Hreint knew that all that mattered would be coming with him where ever he went. Taking his love into his care, he carried her far away from Rasen and the forest they grew up. The two stayed together for many years after that incident, learning about Gwen Wyndra's evolution and how to use it, as well as coping with her new found injuries. The Toxic Orb ended up being permanently seared into her skin, neither Eeveelution able to pry it out of her neck. With Hreint to lean on and care for her, GW was actually happy for that time. Safe with him always around, it was a wonder why it was still several years later that he gained the courage to admit his true feelings for her.

    Never thinking of that for him, Gwen Wyndra originally turned him down. The Leafeon responded graciously and honorably, but inside he was crushed. He forced himself to not act any different as he coped with the rejection... but at the same time GW thought it over and over inside of her head. It took three days until she finally realized that she had not told the truth- she really did love him back. Of course admitting this back to him took much longer due to her awkward shyness, but eventually was able to get it out and across, leading to the happiest expression she had ever seen on the Leafeon. Despite her past, her insecurities, her mistakes, and the Toxic Orb... he still made it like she was an angel from Arceus Himself. They could take on everything as long as they were together- no matter what.

    As the Epidemic hit, undead taking to the streets and forests, the duo knew they would make it out as long as they had one another.
    Bulbapedia "Radeon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokemon covered in short purple fur that can seep out poisons. It's tattered, hanging ears and tail no longer have the strength to stay supported. Radeon has a lavender arrow on its forehead that fades out, and the tip of its tail, ears, back, and feet are the same shade of lavender. It has large red eyes and a small nose. The fur of its main droops over its chest. This Pokémon's fur will not poison those it befriends. It is rarely found in the wild."

    "Leafeon is a mammalian, quadruped Pokémon. Its body is tan with dark brown paws. It several green sprouts growing all over it with the longest one on its head. Leafeon's ears and tail have a leafy appearance. This Pokémon’s cellular structure is similar to plants, which allows it to perform photosynthesis and purify the air around it by sleeping under patches of sunshine. It is a pacifistic Pokémon, preferring not to fight."
    Appearance Gwen Wyndra has completely average coloration for her species, though she has never seen another one thus she would not know this herself. Her pelt a deep, sickly shade of violet, her fur is very thin and almost patchy from her lack of keeping it up. Sickly and thin, her ribs show quite clearly through her chest. Despite this, though, her fur is actually soft as velvet to the touch, very soothing for anyone that runs their palm along it, but she is not trusting enough to let anyone near enough to touch her other than Hreint.

    Her most striking features, though, are the many scars marring her neck and throat, where the Toxic Orb is permanently burned into her skin at the hollow of her throat. The Orb itself is about one third to half way completely in her body, but she was lucky enough not to have it collide with her airways to breathe. The scars go all along her throat and neck, some snaking up the side of her face to her cheek as well. But despite this, there is a common tired smile pulling at the sides of her lips. Eyes large and hollow, scarred from past experiences, she still fights to feign optimism.

    Hreint is a very masculine representation of his species. Unlike how usually peaceful Leafeon are expected to be, he is very strong, powerful looking. With a deep chest and muscular legs, he is a great healthy representation of his species. With his obvious strength also comes how he holds himself, the Leafeon a proud creature. Legs straight when standing, tail and head up, he has very good posture. When not holding his honorable self up like so, he is known to laze around. There is always a proud smirk on his face, even when exhausted from poisoning, he never lets it show.

    The naturally green parts of his body, the vegetation, are all browning from constant poisoning. On every part of his body the green from chloroplast, is slowly being overtaken by brown. More than half of each leaf on his body is fading to become a sickly, dying brown as he visibly wilts.
    Accent N/a
    Devotion Most Legends but primarily Sinnoh.
    Motivation Hreint in general // Protect GW and allow her/them both to live happily
    Personality PROS: Caring, paternal, outrightly happy, curious, loyal
    CONS: Blunt, scared, guilty, paranoid, desperate, sickly, bitterly self loathing, deeply dependent, shy, awkward, depressed, extremely pessimistic
    OTHER: Completely in love with Hreint, pacifistic, soft spoken

    -Suffers from many mental deficiencies. Most prominent are the constant nightmares, crippling sadness and depression, her anxiety, and social awkwardness. Not as visibly affecting her include the constant worry for Hreint and his health, her fear of losing him and being alone, as well as various other things.
    -She bitterly despises herself. Without a doubt, GW believes herself to be a monster, nothing but a curse to the world. With her consistent poisoning, and slowing killing, of her love, she holds unimaginable guilt from it and takes all of those feelings out on herself. In these fits of depression, Hreint calms her down and talks to her, but it does nothing to help the innate ill feeling she has inside.
    -She is often very tired. Despite her typing, the Toxic Orb in her neck still leaves her exhausted and physically weak from it's constant touching her blood stream.
    -Gwen Wyndra can be very childish in her actions, sometimes awed by  something she has never seen before or curious about a new Pokemon. When having the energy, she loves to run around and play or just have fun.
    -She is very anti battling. She only fights when forced to and, honestly, is not very good at it. Hreint is her protector; she depends greatly on him for her safety.
    -She does not know she is immune to the virus simply because she is too scared to take any sort of risk, like eating rotted flesh, drinking tainted water, or being injured by an undead.
    -Despite being so useless in a fight, Gwen Wyndra is fiercely protective of Hreint. She would throw her life on the line in an instant if it would save him.  
    -She is very empathetic, tending to pick up negative feelings much easier through the air, similar to her Jolteon relative.
    -Also suffers from PTSD due to the attack from when she evolved.
    -Prone to self destructive tendencies when depression becomes too much.
    -Obsessed with how Hreint sees her and is desperate to always keep his respect in her eyes.
    -She has pretty horrible insecurities-- despite being in a relationship with Hreint for several years, as well as happily in love, she still believes him to leave her soon as he 'comes to his senses' and realizes how horrible she truly is, that she is a 'monster'.

    PROS: Deeply caring, loyal, brave, naturally respectful, strong, leaderly, respected, disciplined , a guardian, protective
    CONS: Stubborn, secretive, blunt, can come off as harsh, worried, desperate, stressed, dependent
    OTHER: Completely in love with Gwen Wyndra

    -He is very friendly and respectful when shown the same, but will not hesitate to be an asshole back to anyone that starts it.
    -Hreint is extremely over protective of GW. He will not tolerate any sort of even seemingly inconsiderate action towards her and is constantly at her side.
    -He also suffers from nightmares and social anxiety, but is able to cover it up easily enough s that Gwen Wyndra does not notice unless he openly confesses to her.
    -Despite how valiant and tough he seems like on the outside, Hreint is vitally connected to Gwen Wyndra. He needs her, to protect her and make her happy, to a point where he is completely fine with his own declining health as long as she is okay. He would not think twice of sacrificing himself for her safety, and plans to should the moment call for it.
    -Due to how harshly he was raised, and how strict his trainer way, he always stands up straight, his legs in a specific position, head up high, and will nod or signal with his tail.
    -Hreint is adamant, almost to the point of desperate, to keep GW away from humans and any trainer that may with to catch and train her. It is much easier now that they have mostly died out, but he would rather die than ever have her forced to fight against her will simply for a human. Extremely distrustful of them, he keeps her away from them much as possible.
    Birthplace Sinnoh Wilds
    Name Origin Welsh (Gwynwyndra) for toxicity. // Icelandic for clean.
    Team Notes If the team happens to have humans on it Hreint will constantly be on edge. He will think them threatening and evil regardless of their actions and innocence.
    User Notes ღ The two are a very close couple, having to constantly be touching or rubbing against each other, much like a pair of cats, but due to this Hreint very consistently bumps into Gwen Wyndra's Toxic Orb. Due to his weak typing, the Leafeon is poisoned every single time. He carries around Pecha berries, but it is not enough, and the constant poison in his system is very effectively killing him.
    ღ Hreint's Return was taught while having a trainer, but its strength now comes from his love for Gwen Wyndra. It is fairly powerful due to this.
    ღ Adopted back from Renegade, original profile. Second profile, most recent profile. Post count at eight. Made a few small tweaks; proper labels on moves, updated profile format, and added a couple clarification words. All else is the same.
    ღ GW's TM was taught to her by Hreint as he knows how they work. The pair found it while in a city and, after using it, he has instructed her to use it anytime they are in a bad fight so he can be more able to protect her.
    Development Notes Following the original plans o/

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