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    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]]


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    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] Empty Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]]

    Post by Silverishness Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:49 pm

    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] Black_2_White_2_Benga

    Benga Banjirou
    Text Color #FF8000
    Theme(s) Die Young
    Item Canvas, large bakcpack, sticks for a makeshift shelter, small amount of cookware and various dried foods, tools made of bones, pokeball necklace.
    Weapons His teeth,  two hunting knives, hatchet
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/Him/His
    Birthdate 08/06
    Age 19
    Species Human
    Weight 156.3 lbs
    Height 5'8"
    Region of origin Unova
    Occupation Rogue
    Party While he enjoyed training dragons, his love for the Volcarona that was his first pokemon caused him to branch out to look for more bug pokemon. He quickly fell in love with the type as well as the search for more, different kinds. Also, "bugs are cool."
    Pkm 1
    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] Spr_6x_637
    Name/Gender- Sol [M]
    Text colour- #E09952
    Species- Volcarona
    Level- 75
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Quiver Dance (Learned)
    -Fiery Dance (Learned)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    -Bug Buzz (Learned)
    **Benga's first pokemon, given to him as a gift from Alder.
    Carries Big Root.
    Pkm 2
    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] 9pzPbSh
    Name/Gender- Jeeper "Jeeps" [M]
    Text colour- #B5D926
    Species- Arachneon
    Level- 65
    Ability- Compoundeyes
    Attack list-
    -Super Fang (Tutor)
    -X-Scissor (Learned)
    -Heal Bell (Tutor)
    -Retaliate (TM)
    **Sometimes carries Choice Band
    Pkm 3
    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] Spr_6x_212_f
    Name/Gender- Glaive [F]
    Text colour- #CC3333
    Species- Scizor
    Level- 70
    Ability- Technician
    Attack list-
    -Bug Bite (Tutor)
    -Swords Dance (TM)
    -Aerial Ace (TM)
    -Bullet Punch (Learned)
    **Carries Life Orb
    Pkm 4
    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] Spr_6x_213
    Name/Gender- Brick [M]
    Text colour- #FFEB33
    Species- Shuckle
    Level- 68
    Ability- Contrary
    Attack list-
    -Stealth Rock (Tutor)
    -Sticky Web (Learned)
    -Toxic (TM)
    -Protect (TM)
    **Carries Leftovers
    Pkm 5
    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] Spr_6x_545
    Name/Gender- Horns [M]
    Text colour- #D194D1
    Species- Scolipede
    Level- 72
    Ability- Speed Boost
    Attack list-
    -Protect (TM)
    -Poison Jab (Learned)
    -Swords Dance (TM)
    -Megahorn (Learned)
    **Carries Focus Sash
    Pkm 6
    Benga the Mountain Man [[WIP]] Spr_6x_596_s
    Name/Gender- Legs [F]
    Text colour- #706699
    Species- Galvantula
    Level- 73
    Ability- Compound Eyes
    Attack list-
    -Thunder Wave (Learned)
    -Thunder (TM)
    -Sticky Web (Learned)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    **Carries Focus Sash
    Quote "So exciting! You and your Pokémon's combination! Amazing teamwork! Places where humans can't go alone. Places where Pokémon don't think to go. You can go anywhere with teamwork. Between Trainers and Pokémon! Like you and me!
    History Living in Alder's shadow kinda sucked for a while. Benga's father and mother were tragically killed in a car accident early in Benga's life, so he was raised mostly by his famous grandfather. Which in the most part wasn't terrible. Benga learned early on how to interact and even train pokemon, which he took to like a duck to water. However, people soon began to swarm him, asking him when he was going to go on his own journey, when he was going to beat the gym leaders and become one himself or even fight for his grandfather's old throne.

    Well fuck that.

    Benga soon found that he really didn't care what others thought. Even as a child, he did what he wanted, when he wanted. Fiercely independent, he left his home in the White Forest to pursue his own goals, whatever those were. The unknown didn't scare him, though-- he was far too excited to learn and grow up.

    Even though he first fully intended on at least battling a couple of Gym Leaders, Benga quickly discovered that his real calling was simply living in the wilds. He loved every moment of it and frankly, didn't see a need to venture out beyond what he fancied. For years he lived out in the wilds of Unova, occasionally traveling to the different ecosystems of his region to see what his beautiful country truly had to offer. He fell in love with the life outdoors and completely planned on staying there for a long time.

    It would be years later when something changed. There was a difference in the air, a heaviness. A sickness. The colors of his world dimmed as a shadow slowly clamped its jaws on the life around him and from that abyssal maw came the zombies. Disgusting grotequeries that shuddered back to life with red eyes and dripping fangs. Benga didn't need more than a second look to know that these things were trouble and so did everything in his power to avoid them. Unfortunately, he soon found that they were simply everywhere.

    Luck was on his side, despite the grim outlook. Taking his pokemon and keeping his nomadic habits close to his heart, he managed to avoid swarm after swarm of infected by reading the signs of the world around him. Now, he simply keeps playing this dangerous game of hide-and-seek, somehow avoiding danger and death.
    Accent American
    Appearance Benga is a mess, but then again, he's always been a mess. With his life taking place almost always outdoors, he's given little thought to hygiene and visage, prefering nature taking care of that for him. Though one would think being filthy and dirty all the time would cause him to be sick more often, his immune system is extremely viable, making him a very healthy young man. The Epidemic merely put another obstacle in his way, as he already  dealt with living outdoors with hostile pokemon. Wild-looking with tattered, mismatched clothes, Benga looks almost feral. He has elongated canines, giving him even more of an animalistic look.
    Religion Unaware. He was not taught anything as a child, and is not around enough people long enough to learn any while passing through. What he does know is very little from his own pokemon and even then, it's not truly a belief.
    Personality +Upbeat+
     -Though Benga is aware of how awful life can be, he follows a strict code of "Onwards and Upwards". Allowing himself to be drowned in the sadness around him will only mean death for him and those he loves.
     -Disgustingly optimistic. When he's not, he usually is still bright about grim outcomes.
     -Has a very wide and varied sense of humor.
     -Happy with his life.
     -Benga went through a long road of self-discovery even before the Epidemic, finding his identity and embracing it. While he still has some issues because of his very famous grandfather, he knows he has, at least, gotten out of the man's shadow.
     -Is not afraid of death. He's lived in the wild for too long and has accepted that death is an eventual and inevitable outcome.
     -Oddly mature.
     -Doesn't tend to cling to social formalities.
     -Though he hasn't had much in the way of social interaction, he does still enjoy meeting new people and learning new things.
     -Often generous and very willing to accept company. Lonliness does strike him.
     -Will go out of his way for a stranger.
     -Unafraid to cooperate with others toward a goal.
    +Fiercely Loyal+
     -Very protective of those he's accepted into his life
     -The idea of betrayal is almost out of his capability of understanding
     -Since he's spent most of his life strictly in wilderness, much of the technology that ruled the region escapes him. Hell, he's barely literate.
     -Functioning medicine, like potions and ethers, more often than not escape him. He prefers the use of berries, juices, roots and herbs for anything.
     -Because he seems to have an extraordinary amount of energy, this comes out in spades as he uses it for impromptu dance parties or games or anything else that adults would likely find exhausting.
     -see humor comment.
     -Can be mischevious, but never malicious.
     -Eager to learn new things and new skills, Benga is never one to shy away from a challenge.
     -This shouldn't be mistaken for recklessness, as Benga has learned caution from his many years of wilderness living.
     -Wears his emotions on his sleeve.
     -Doesn't tend to lie.
     -While it would normally go against his casual nature, his attention to detail goes with his routine, as well as foraging for food and water. He does not skip steps when it comes to the important parts of his day.
     -Even if starving, he will still go over his normal steps in food preparation. One false move may mean death.
     -Not wasteful in the least.
    Affiliations AFFILIATE
    User Notes -Can spot infection on a pokemon very easily
    -Knows extensively which kinds of vegetation can be eaten.
    -Has expansive knowledge of the Unova wilds, as well as skills such as shelter-building, foraging and cleaning water.


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