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Palaise the Minun | wip


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Palaise the Minun | wip Empty Palaise the Minun | wip

Post by Dandelion Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:57 pm

Palaise the Minun | wip 312

Palaise the Minun
Theme Jumper - Third Eye Blind
Savior - Rise Against
Text Color afdede
Item None
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #312 Minun, The Cheering Pokemon - Electric Type
Height 1'04" / 0.4m
Weight 9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg
Pokédex Entry Pokemon X:: Exposure to electricity from Minun and Plusle promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles.
Pokemon Y:: It cheers on friends. If its friends are losing, its body lets off more and more sparks.
Level 31
Ability Minus
Nature Docile
Characteristic Good Perseverance
Moves - Quick Attack (Level Up)
- Electro Ball (Level Up)
- Swift (Level Up)
- Thunder Wave/Discharge (Level Up)
Quote "Never give up because there is always something better out there if you keep trying."

"My mother was the gentlest soul - all tender smiles and wise words. I have such fond memories of her stroking my fur, and murmuring, "sow compassion wherever you wander, and ever will kindness bloom in your wake." Even now, we can not give into our fears and primal terror. We must be kind."
Bulbapedia "Minun is cream-colored bipedal Pokémon with blue markings. It has a dot-like nose, and a cream-colored minus sign in the middle of its circular blue cheeks. It has long, flat ears that are mostly blue. Its limbs are stubby and digitless, and it has blue front paws. Its short tail is tipped with a blue minus sign. "
Appearance Normal Minun, no defining features.
Accent N/a
Religion N/a
Motivation Survive and enjoy his days

Team notes Permanent.
Affiliations U Mois -
Name Origin Palais, French for 'Palace', with an E tacked on.
User Notes - what
Development Notes Dunno

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