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    Pavo the piebald Chatot (WIP)


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    Pavo the piebald Chatot (WIP) Empty Pavo the piebald Chatot (WIP)

    Post by Kaze Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:56 am

    Image pending

    Text Color Peacock #33A1C9
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #441, Chatot, the Music Note Pokémon
    Height 1’08”
    Weight 4.2lbs.
    Pokédex Entry "It mimics the cries of other Pokémon to trick them into thinking it's one of them. This way they won't attack it."-Pokemon Soulsilver
    Level 40
    Ability Keen Eye- Prevents accuracy being lowered
    Nature Quirky
    Characteristic Somewhat vain.
    Moves - Chatter (Start)
    - Boomburst (Bred)
    - Sing (Level)
    - Mimic (Level)
    History The Chatot egg was acquired by one of the social elite families of Kalos for the 8th birthday of their firstborn son. The flying type was chosen for its pretty feathers and more easily tamable nature than the endemic Hawlucha. From the moment he received it the young boy was taught how to warm the egg and carry it with him until the tiny flying type hatched. The Chatot had been purchased for the Noivern Blood that allowed it a rare and powerful technique. The uneven discoloration of its feathers was not expected but the skin of the flying type was mottled like the skin of a Spinda but with many white patches. The young boy loved it. The regular mutation in the genes that produced colors merely changed the hue of the feathers but this mutation producing uneven albinism was even rarer.

    The pair were inseparable since then. Chatot, as an intelligent Pokémon with a talent for mimicry, quickly learnt not only how to fight but how to mimic his trainer’s voice and other sounds. The boy would spend lots of time watching television or singing songs while his Pokémon danced and sung along. When the boy was old enough he left with his oldest partner to travel the region. Pavo battled at the Battle Chateau and they even won a few gym badges before taking a year in Sinnoh to enter Pokémon contests. Once his trainer’s wanderlust died down he moved back to Kalos, finished his education and used the part of the family fortune his parents gave him to open a Boutique. The human loved bright colors and unique patterns and taught his Chatot too all about clothing and fashion. A lot of humans came to visit the store, most were just customers but some were young men like his trainer, cruising through life on their parent’s trust funds looking for luxuries to entertain themselves with. Pavo’s trainer would invite them to the upper part of the boutique that he called his studio and they would talk over coffee and discuss fashion trends. When they left they would spend more money than anyone else in the store combined. His trainer would tell him off for being rude to them so Pavo would say nice things to mimic him. Sometimes he’d just invite one boy or girl up and they would talk together. That was when his trainer had taught him about ‘flirting’ and ‘pickup lines’. They made humans happy, just like compliments and making humans happy was fun. He would sulk though, when the time came to return him to his Pokéball and he’d miss out on most of the fun. He managed to pick up a few choice phrases though, enough to irritate and embarrass his master when repeated.

    One day the pretty people came to see them again but this time they all had pretty suits of bright red. They were part of an organization that was going to make the word beautiful. Pavo liked that idea and so did his trainer. They already made beautiful clothes that bought out the charm in everyone who wore them, making things beautiful was a noble cause. Sometimes his trainer closed the shop early, sometimes he invited his group of friends away instead of going upstairs and they’d all drink strong coffee out of tiny cups. It was fun, even if he didn’t understand what they were saying most of the time. He was complimented on his stylish feathers and fed bits of expensive cakes. Sometimes he would tell jokes and his trainer’s new friends would laugh. This was a state of affairs Pavo was quite happy to live in, even after his trainer was given a new Pokémon by them, a purple furred cat. The chatot would tease the dark type by mimicking his trainer’s voice and watching the big cat leap to obey while he chuckled on his perch out of reach of its claws. He had been scolded for that and taught how he should admire the Liepard’s sleek coat with its purple and yellow markings, that there was beauty all around him. Pavo had apologized and only done it once or twice more, when it was really funny.

    Then the day came when they had went to the café and something had gone wrong. There had been noises of fighting and police sirens and a huge explosion was on the television. His trainer released him and threw him out of the café window. Unsure what to do Pavo had flown home to the Boutique and waited perched on the sign over the door for his trainer to return, unaware that he was now a free Pokémon. The police came and broke down the locked down while Pavo flapped around and swore at them. They took things from inside and then they left. Pavo took the brightest scraps of cloth to weave into a nest, something bright and beautiful he could have until his trainer came back.

    The man never did. Pavo even flew the exhausting distance to the mansion where the boy was born and couldn’t find him. As the years passed he flew all around the region in search of his human, ignoring the barricades and rumors that spread until they made themselves known with force and he had to flee them. His desperate search grew in desperation. His trainer, a safe place, an explanation. He needed all three and couldn't even find one. His eagerness to find someone nearly killed him; he was ambushed by a red-eyed Pokemon that meant to make a meal of him and the scyther cleanly cut open his eye, scarring the skin deeply and half-blinding him. He managed to escape by throwing his voice and tricking the bug type into thinking something big was coming to steal it's meal. He managed to wash the wound before he could lose too much blood but the sight in that eye was completely gone. Surviving half-blind and surrounded by predators was hard for such a small bird. He befriended anyone healthy he could, to be safer as part of the group and honed his vocal skills over his battle ones. Still, whenever he could he would try and find his trainer and when he returned his friends were usually strewn over the landscape.
    Appearance "Chatot is an avian Pokémon similar to a parakeet. Its head is black and resembles an eighth note, while its black tail resembles a metronome. It plumage is brightly colored with blue wings, a yellow chest and feet, a green stomach, and a pink, hooked beak and eyelids. Additionally, there is a ruff of white feathers around its neck."-Bulbapedia
    Pavo is a piebald Chatot, his feathers marked with splotches and freckles of pure white where his feathers have not developed color pigment. His eyelids have a flare of jade green coloring along the upper lid, resembling winged eyeliner. His right eye has a large slash running through it, the scar clearly visible against his feathers. The injury has blinded him in this eye and rendered the entire eye white. Despite this injury he is a cheerful and optimistic Chatot with a habit of fluttering his wings when he speaks and a love for melodramatic entrances.
    Personality "This Pokémon’s tongue is similar to a human's, allowing it to imitate human speech. Chatot is also able to mimic the cries of other Pokémon, and uses this ability as a defence mechanism. Chatot uses the sounds it has learned and arranges them into its own melody, and flicks its tail to keep rhythm. Chatot is the only known Pokémon that learns Chatter."
    Flamboyant and often overly friendly Pavo presents himself as a real renaissance ‘mon. He has talent in many creative areas and is always seeking to hone his skills and learn new things. He will flirt with and compliment everyone he meets but never gets upset over a rejection; a friendship is as fulfilling as a romance to him and his compliments are always genuinely what he thinks. He often makes tries making friends with those with low self-esteem. One of his many hobbies is make overs, both serious and for fun. He tends to coddle others and serves as a motherly figure. When woken up too early he gets snarky, irritable and sarcastic. Despite his cheerful demeanor he has a dark sense of humor and is prone to sadism when fighting against an opponent he dislikes. While he tries to see the beauty in everything those he finds distasteful (such as the undead) he will remove, even his former friends. He is fond of mimicking his former owner’s saying “All that exists in this world has beauty…When something loses its beauty it should no longer exist in this world.”
    Pavo can speak a little English from mimicking his trainer and has a decent vocabulary. While he recognizes key phrases he will mostly spout poetic gibberish. He will hum and whistle along to singing and manage a few lyrics himself. He often replaces words with homonyms and mixes tenses or overpronounces. This Chatot will also mimic sound effects and also enjoys teasing others by mimicking text alert sounds and ringtones. He is attracted to things with bright colors. He is capable of throwing his voice, although this tires him, and mimicking the cries of other Pokémon. Very talkative he will chatter to himself a lot. He will also assign everyone he meets a nickname because he thinks it’s cute, using a real name means someone is going to get a talking to. While more eloquent in Pokémon than in English he can be rather blunt in both. He seeks out his trainer with desperation.
    User Notes
    - Named after the genus name of the peacock.
    - Formerly owned by a member of Team Flare, who released him after the weapon was destroyed. The man was since arrested and imprisoned for his involvement but Pavo still searches for him.
    -Pavo is very fond of humans and will always approach them, even if he can tell they are not his trainer.
    -Likes: Bright colors, soft fabrics, cute accessories such as flower hairpins, everyone and anyone, flirting, cuddling, giving nicknames/pet names, Singing, Dancing (to Salsa, Chacha and Tango music and mimicking sounds.
    -Dislikes: Seeing others fight, pettiness, early mornings, stupidity, people who think too highly of themselves and put down others (people with ‘ugly hearts’), the color grey.
    - His Boomburst is the increasingly loud alarm clock noise from Don’t hug me I’m scared two.
    - Recently he has started adding the word ‘hashtag’ to the start of some of his sentences.

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