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    Kaiden the Massive Arcanine and Mastema the Sexy Zoroark ((WIP))


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    Kaiden the Massive Arcanine and Mastema the Sexy Zoroark ((WIP)) Empty Kaiden the Massive Arcanine and Mastema the Sexy Zoroark ((WIP))

    Post by Phoenix Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:55 pm

    (Dual image pending)

    Kaiden the Massive Arcanine and Mastema the Sexy Zoroark ((WIP)) FfCKjaJ

    Item Fire Stone (unused and active/earring on his left ear)
    Gender Male
    Age 24
    Species (#059/Arcanine/Legendary Pokemon)
    Height 6'10 (VERY large)
    Weight 391.4lbs
    Pokédex Entry Arcanine is known for its high speed. It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power.
    Level 53
    Ability Intimidate
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Somewhat Stubborn
    Moves - Snarl (TM)
    - Crunch (Growlithe)
    - Flamethrower (Growlithe)
    - Agility (Growlithe)
    History He was hatched to a loving trainer named Kione. He was a kind, loving, middle-aged man who had no family left, only his Pokemon, his wife and children having been taken in a horrible fire that consumed their home. He was the only son of a powerful Arcanine mother and an Absol father, they were both the eldest of the man's Pokemon. However, soon after his hatching, Kaiden's mother grew ill and perished.

    Kaiden trained very hard with his father and Kione, wanting to be as strong as his mother, and when the two felt it was right used a Fire Stone to evolve him. Kaiden, for the most part, was a loner. Even to his own family he didn't show very much emotion. He loved them, yes, but his personality tended to be a little stoic. But there was one who held a very special place in his heart.

    After a while Kaiden's father took a new mate, a lovely Glaceon that had joined their team, and little Eevee was born. At first sight Kaiden adored his little sister, and vowed to always keep her safe. The little Eevee, Adara, was a bundle of mischief, but her cute and affectionate nature got her into trouble almost as often as her antics. She was a quick target to those with bad intentions and although his sister had no idea, Kaiden spent a lot of time chasing them off from her. After a while he taught her how to fight, and soon together they were an almost unstoppable Double-Battle team. He figured it would help if Adara could fight for herself once in a while.

    When he found out that Adara wanted to be a Fire-type like him, to evolve into a Flareon, Kaiden was so proud of her. Though he figured she would want to be a Dark type like their father, she kept constantly refusing her day and night evolutions until finally she was given an Everstone earring. Kaiden was given the matching earring, this one holding an active Fire stone, so that when the he decided Adara was ready she could evolve. The days passed happily for their family until the infection.

    Panic descended on their little home, in the form of a swarm of decaying birds, and their family perished in the attempt to protect their trainer. Kione ordered Kaiden and Adara to flee, so that they might be spared the nightmare that was threatening their family. Kaiden did. Grabbing his sister by the scruff he took off, vowing to continue alone to always look out for her in this world. For months they traveled together, until a strange energy ripped Adara and Kaiden apart, with no idea what happened or where the other was.

    It took months but eventually he found her near Lake Acuity where they took shelter for a while, bonding with a small group of survivors. But right as Mastema appeared, Kaiden’s former lover, a large undead bird snatched his sister from him leaving the Arcanine roaring after them. He and Mastema have since lost Adara again and still wander the wilderness, avoiding whatever deadly creature tries to stop them in their mission. Kaiden has vowed to find a way back to his sister and nothing and no one is going to stop him.
    Appearance -Is very large. Much, much larger than a normal Arcanine
    -His eyes are electric blue, and usually hold a piercing gaze
    -The earring he carries around is still active and was supposed to be for his little sister Adara, so she could evolve into a Flareon. Since the separation he doesn’t know she is now an Aiveon
    Personality -A little sensitive about his height, he doesn't like towering over other Pokemon
    -He doesn't speak much, preferring actions to words
    -Is in love with Mastema but doesn’t want the Zoroark to know it until the other male can prove to be faithful
    -Hardly ever shows his emotions, and is very hard to anger, but if you mention his little sister in any bad sort of way you will unleash the fury of hell ^_^
    User Notes -Adara the Eevee's older brother, by only a few months (half/same father)
    -the energy that ripped them apart is a reference back to the Mewtwo tirade, tee hee!

    Kaiden the Massive Arcanine and Mastema the Sexy Zoroark ((WIP)) ROEHK7X

    Text Color #00CD00
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #571/Zoroark/ Illusion Fox Pokémon
    Height 5'00
    Weight 153.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.
    Level 37
    Ability Illusion
    Nature Sassy
    Characteristic Likes to fight
    Moves - Extrasensory (breed)
    - Foul Play (learned)
    - Night Slash (learned)
    - Attract (TM)
    History Mastema was very young when his world turned upside-down. Born the son of a regal Ninetales who led a communal tribe of Pokemon all of various species, he was initially groomed to succeed him. They all lived on a private reserve owned by a wealthy lover of Pokemon but the reserve, despite diversity, had three distinctly separate groups of Pokemon. Mastema's father ruled over only one of them. A second group did support his father through trades and shared resources but a third acted out violently. They hated his father and wanted his land for themselves. When Mastema was only three the group had gathered enough support that they declared open war on the other tribes and set about destroying any who opposed them. Including the Ninetales.

    With his death came great confusion and anarchy within their tribe leading to an inner revolt despite the outside intruders causing the chaos. Mastema was snuck away by an old friend of his father's and led away from the bitter rivalry and death that surrounded him. The male, named  Rafa, was a Mienshao but with fur as dark as Mastema's own, and he had a small group of his own that lived outside of the reservation. He was actually a rogue, a bandit living among humans and Pokemon alike. He moved as he pleased, his group following him loyally, taking what he wanted though often giving out some of his take to poorer Pokemon he came across. It was this slightly more noble side that made him take in the young kit of his old friend and try to raise him as his own.

    Try being the key word.

    As Mastema aged he became more and more untamed, earning him the nickname the Wild Prince from the rest of the crew. He pulled vicious pranks, stole and damaged property for fun, purposely put the crew in danger time and time again with his illusions, was selfish, rude and arrogant, and would sleep with anything willing to lay with him. Or even unwilling. Mastema had no restraint and it didn't bother him one bit, living for years this way until the day he met them. Evolution only made him more devious and cunning rather than having the calming and mature effect Rafa had hoped for. And as it holds true for any child, the one thing Mastema wanted was the one thing he couldn't have. A massive Arcanine named Kaiden.

    He had met the siblings as they journeyed with their owner, a human they considered a father to them, and at once the pair intrigued him. Adara was such a tiny little thing but burned like a spitfire, amusing the dark fox to no end but her brother Kaiden, oh he was a treat. The male was so quiet and mysterious, keeping only to his sister who was more than willing to share all the secrets in the world unless he stopped her. And Mastema took full advantage. He got Adara to tell him everything about her brother during one of their visits and soon had all he needed to go after the massive fire dog. But Kaiden refused him. Alarmed and a bit confused Mastema couldn't quite see how anyone wouldn't want to be with him and pursued Kaiden even more aggressively. For months he went after the Arcanine but each time they came by the small clan Mastema was refused, and it soon started to drive the fox mad.

    One night Mastema refused to take no for an answer and after a large fight finally had the canine for himself. Kaiden resigned himself to Mastema's long list of lovers and while he wasn't happy he knew that he had lost fair and square. As expected Mastema soon gave up his ruthless pursuit of Kaiden and began chasing tail in other cities leaving the large canine on his own. He had gotten what he wanted but for some reason still expected Kaiden to be there for him when he got home. The Arcanine grew tired of it and left without a word, returning home with his sister and their father vowed he would never see the dark fox again. Upon coming home to find his fire dog gone Mastema felt something strange in his chest before falling into a deep depression. He couldn't understand why he felt that way but neither did he know why his Kaiden had left.

    Rafa tried for days to get Mastema to tell him what was wrong but the Zoroark didn't want to talk about it. Honestly the answer was he didn't know but he didn't want to tell Rafa that. The male was like a father to him. But finally after much arguing and dedication the elder Mienshao finally got it out of the Wild Prince just what was the matter. After listening to the long story of pursuit and devastation Rafa gave Mastema a sad smile and stroked his long mane of hair until he settled down. He told Mastema that the reason he felt so badly was because his heart was broken, that he in fact loved Kaiden. Love was such a foreign thing to the dark type, always just taking what he wanted and moving on like Rafa had always done. But Rafa explained to him that material possession were one thing but one was to never be so casual with matters of the heart. The heart was the most precious treasure in the world. Looking up to his mentor with unshed tears he tried to let it sink in just what he meant by that.

    That night, while he still wasn't completely sure of Rafa's words, Mastema knew he had to do one thing. He had to go get Kaiden. Unfortunately along the way strange creatures began to crop up around the country and soon the land was overrun with rotting and decayed monsters that tried to eat anything with a pulse. By the time he reached Kaiden and Adara's home Mastema was horrified to find it destroyed, but there was no sign of the siblings. Confidant that his beloved Arcanine was still safe somewhere he set out to go find them, all the while fighting off anyone or anything that tried to get in his way. He knew Rafa and the others would be safe without him, the clan had been through tough times before. But he needed his Kaiden. The rough journey didn't stop him from enjoying the occasional romp with a living male or female that happened to catch his eye but his heart he kept for the Arcanine alone. He had to keep it close so that when he saw the male again he could finally give it to him, like Kaiden had wanted.

    Now that he had found him all they had to do was get Adara back and everything would go back to normal. Right?
    Appearance Mastema is slightly smaller than the normal for his species and his colors are distinctly different. Moss green hair cascades down his back while golden accents highlight his darker than usual fur. Cobalt eyes glitter with mischief and his silver claws gleam as menacingly as his smile. He prides himself in his appearance and does what he can to keep himself immaculate and sexy as hell.
    Personality The very picture of deviance Mastema is often called the Wild Prince, and for a reason. He thrives in chaos and often uses his illusions to cause trouble for those around him just to see things go into a panic. He is a shameless slut and flirts with anything with a pulse, egg groups be damned, but his heart is saved only for Kaiden. The only love in competition with the one for his Arcanine lover is that of battle. Mastema loves to fight and fresh blood or an injury to his body tends to put him in a state of battle lust, causing him to pick fights with anyone around just to see a little action.

    He is devious, often cruel just for fun, and very spiteful. He will hold grudges forever unless talked out of it (nearly impossible to do however) or he gets even. Mastema is also very possessive of Kaiden and doesn't like it when others get to close to him other than Adara since she is his sister. Even though he struggles to express his feelings he does love Kaiden and does anything he can to try and prove it to him.
    User Notes -Father was a Ninetales
    -Openly pansexual, and often sleeps with anyone willing to bed with him
    -has no idea his sexual deviance is why Kaiden refused to stay with him
    -Sexy as hell and he knows it

    This has been updated to WIP until I can get new images for them lol. The image I used to use for Mastema is no longer free to use on DA and Kaiden needs a separate image from his sister

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